My Week at the Beach


My family were going to go to the beach. Some place called Dromana. I had never been there but I didn’t really want to go. Seeing as I had just turned 16 the week before, my parents gave me the choice whether to stay home or go to the beach with them. I decided to go with them for one main reason: I could perv some hot Aussie surfer boys shirtless at the beach.
      We finally got there the next day. We didn’t go straight to the beach, we went to the house we rented first. It was pretty big. It was three stories, and quite new. We chose bedrooms and luckily I had a room to myself. All my other cousins and brothers had to share but I got my own room. My Aunt told us to get changed to go down to the beach. I was instantly excited. My first chance to see some hot guys for ages. I was sick of Melbourne boys. I had seen them all so I was excited to see the guys at Dromana.

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      When we got to the beach we opened to boat shed and took out all the chairs and the beach lounges. Then I looked at the ocean. Two major things disappointed me that day. The first one was that there weren’t any waves. Not a single one. I realised it was the beach of a bay. Fuck I was pissed off! The second one I will leave until later because it will spoil my hot story. After I went for a swim in the waveless ocean, I decided to go for a walk up and down the beach in search of a hot guy. As I was walking I found fat guys, way too skinny guys, ugly guys, old guys, bald guys, hairy guys. I found every sort of guy except a hot guy. Not a single even half-decent guy! I was in hell. I kept walking but no guys came. I was so pissed off! No waves so no surfing and no hot guys. This was going to be the worst week of my life! I decided to go for one more swim before going home to jack off.
      When I got out I realised that the family that owned the boatshed next to ours (number 181) had just arrived.

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   They were all shaking hands and talking. There were three guys and an older man. The youngest one was probably 16 or 17 then there were two others who were older. They went back into their boatshed, obviously to get changed. I so wanted to go in there and watch them all change but I resisted. I went back up to the boatshed and asked who they were. The youngest guy was 18. His name was Anthony. The next guy was 20, he was Jonathan and the oldest guy was 23, his name was Mark. The youngest guy suddenly ran out of his boatshed in only Speedos. He had a nice bubble butt which was bouncing with every step. He ran into the ocean and started to swim. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I set up my towel and started to “sunbake”.
      When he came out of the water, I watched him.

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   He was FUCKING hot! His body wasn’t all that great. . . a little bit chubby but it wasn’t bad. I was transfixed. His Speedos were red and very tight. His hair was lengthy – about a few inches long, curly and brown. I think he was probably of Italian origin. He was fairly tanned and when I looked down at his bulge – my eyes widened. The bulge in his Speedos was HUGE! His cock must have been gigantic. I was so fucking excited! He walked back up the beach to the boathouse. He got a chair and moved near me. I watched him all day while I was sunbaking. I listened to snippets of conversation all day. I heard him telling his father that he’d be coming back to the beach at about 11:00 for a swim by himself when the beach was empty.

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   I thought it was the perfect time to make my move on him.
      I went to bed at about 10:30. Everyone was in bed pretty soon after that. I snuck out of the house at about 10:45. Thank God nobody noticed. I suppose this is probably a good time to describe myself. I’m blonde, brown eyes, fairly tanned and nicely muscled. My only downside is my ass. It’s flat. But other than that I’d say I’m fairly hot. All I wore down to the beach was my board shorts. When I finally got to the beach it was about 11:10. There were street lights on which illuminated the beach well enough. I lay on the beach, looking for Anthony. I saw him swimming and started to watch him.

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   After about ten minutes, he started to come out of the water. Shit! As he was walking out I realised he was totally naked. I looked around for his towel. I found it and lay on it, like I was sunbaking. I watched his cock as he was walking up the beach. His cock was gigantic! It was like 6” and he’d been swimming so you gotta add in the shrinkage factor! This guy also had giant balls. I got hard watching his cock and balls swing between his legs as he walked.
“Um. . . ” he stuttered as he realised I was watching him.
“Hey, I’m Chris,” I said. “I’m Jason’s cousin. ”
“Oh. .

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  . well you’re on my towel,” he said.
“Really? Sorry I didn’t notice,” I replied.
“Well you are. ”
      I looked at his giant cock. It was stiffening.
“You have a huge cock,” I said.
“Yeah. . . can you just get off my towel?”
      It was now that I realised I had a toughy on my hands. He was straight but I’d dealt with worse before.
“Can you please get off my towel?” He was starting to get annoyed and embarrassed but he was as hard as a rock. His cock was uncut but his foreskin went but when his cock hardened. It had to be 11” or 12”! I decided that talking wouldn’t help, only actions.

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      I knelt up and moved over to his cock and put it in my mouth. I deep-throated his cock but couldn’t get it all the way in because it was so big.
“What the fuck are you doing!?” Anthony yelled but it didn’t make any difference to me.
      I started sucking and bobbing my head up and down. Anthony started groaning whether he liked it or not.
“Oh God that’s good!” Anthony was now yelling pleasure. He was loving it.
      I kept sucking his big cock and started playing with his giant balls. They were slightly hairy and awesome! I then lifted up his cock and started to suck on his balls. I jerked off his cock while I sucked on his balls and my finger made its way to his ass. I started fingering his hole with two fingers.
      “Ohhhh God! That feels so fucking awesome! Aaaaaah. . . oooh.

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  . . keep doing that! Yes! Yes! Keeping doing that! Oh God that’s soooo goood! Mmmm! Holy shit this is so good! Suck my cock now, my cock!”
      I licked his cock from the base to the tip. I started to lick and kiss his head. This was obviously too much for him as he put his hands on the back of my head and started groaning really loudly. Then he started to push my head onto his cock and he started to fuck my face. I was in heaven! The hottest guy ever was fucking my face.
“Aargh! I’m gunna cuuuuuuum!” He screamed as I felt his hot, sticky load cum down the back of my throat. I swallowed the first two spurts but was unable to swallow the ones after and just let them go into my mouth. He cummed about seven times in total.
      He lay down beside me but I still sat up.
“That was fucking great,” he said.
“We’re not finished yet,” I said. “You think I did all that without anything in return?”
      “So what do you want me to do?” he asked. “Oh my God I don’t believe I’m asking you this! I didn’t think that I was gay.

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   I still don’t think I’m gay but that was fucking awesome!”
      “Yeah, well I have that effect on people,” I replied. “I wanna fuck you. You can fuck me when I’m finished but I wanna fuck you so bad!”
“Does it hurt?”
      “Fuck yes,” I replied jokingly before laughing. I laughed at the look on his face. He was completely shocked. “No of course it doesn’t. It feels so fucking hot that a guy is sliding in and out of you and you feel really hot coz you know he’s getting off on your ass!”
“Okay. . . but do you have anything that will make it easier?”
      “Nah, I didn’t bring my lube with me. Do you have condoms in your boatshed coz they’re lubed up. ”
      “Um. . . ” he thought about it for a sec.

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   “Yeah I think so. . . I’ll check. I put some in there a while ago because me and my girlfriend fucked last year in this same spot at night like we are. But my dad might have taken them out or something.
      He went over to his boatshed with the keys which were next to his towel. He opened it and rummaged through one of the drawers. Sure enough he pulled out a twelve-pack of condoms. He brought them out and threw them on the sand. I looked through the packet but there were only two condoms in there.
      “Jeez, you and your girlfriend were busy that night,” I said.
      “Yeah, well. . .


  ,” he replied. “They’re extra-large, obviously so they might not fit you. . . I’m not sure. ”
      I smiled and winked at him, “You’re so cute,” I said patronisingly.
      I slipped off my board shorts revealing my semi-erect 6” cock. I jerked it off a little to get fully hard. When it was totally erect it was 9”. Anthony laughed.
      “Okay, you qualify,” he said.
      Then he looked a little worried.
      “Are you going to shove all of that up my ass?” he asked.
      I laughed, “Of course, don’t worry it feels awesome!”
      I rolled the condom over my cock and got a tiny bit of the lube and smeared it on his ass and fingered it a little to get him used to the feeling. He was moaning in pleasure so he obviously liked it.

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      “Kneel over,” I commanded. He obeyed.
      I positioned my cock near his tight virgin asshole. I rubbed my cock up and down his crack for a little bit which got him really excited.
      “Fuck me you hot cunt!” He screamed in passion. “Fuck my tight virgin asshole! You know you can’t get enough of this ass!”
      His dirty talk sent me over the edge in sexual passion and I rammed my cock right up his virgin asshole.
      “Aaargh!” he yelled. I couldn’t tell whether it was in pain or pleasure but I didn’t care I was all fired up and it was his fault!
      I started to slowly fuck his ass to get him used to it but soon I got sick of that and started thrusting my hips hard into his butt. My hips went “Thwack, thwack, thwack” against his hot, hot butt cheeks.
      “Your hot bubble butt is turning me on, stud!” I screamed in fiery passion.
      I kept fucking his sweet, innocent ass. I started to spank him while I fucked him. I reached under him and started jerking off his rock hard cock. My stomach and chest was now lying on his back. We started to kiss.

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   His head reached behind him as we made out while I was fucking him and jerking him off. It would have been a very hot sight for anybody walking past, not that anybody would. I was so close to cumming when I felt his hot, sticky man-juices flow out into my hand as he cried out. I kept rubbing his knob when I finally sat up and took my cock out of his ass, quickly ripped my condom off and went around to the front of him. I started to jerk off. He realised what I was doing and opened his mouth. I couldn’t believe it! This hot straight guy was going to swallow my cum. Then he took hold of my cock and started jerking me off before also sucking on my cock. This just sent me over the edge and I spoofed in his mouth. I spurted nine times! The most I’d ever spurted before in my life.
      We both collapsed on the sand, naked, hard and drenched in cum. We were both panting heaps.
      “That was great,” Anthony said in between panting breaths.
      “Yeah. .

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  . ” I said. “You were fucking fabulous. ”
      “Haha,” Anthony laughed. “You really are gay!”
      “Shuttup,” I laughed.
      “Well I’d better get home. . . It’s almost midnight,” said Anthony.
      “Okay,” I said.
      “I’ll see you on the beach tomorrow, yeah?” asked Anthony.
      “Of course. . . I wouldn’t miss you for the world!”
      He got up, put his red Speedo back on and got his towel and got into his car and went home.

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   On the way home I reminisced the night’s fun I’d just shared with a hopefully converted straight guy but I still had the rest of the week ahead of me. I hoped Anthony would be staying for the whole week. He’d at least be there tomorrow. . .