Phils House


I went over to phils house, we were going to have a weekend full of gaming and junk food. Or at least that was the original plan. When I arrived in my car, I went up the driveway and into the front yard, Phils dog, Bowser, was waiting outside on his leash as always, wagging his tail. I went into the front door, I saw phils dad , howard,
drinking whiskey and watching television "hey is phil around?" I asked. "Yeah, he is upstairs, AND HOGGING UP THE DAMN PHONELINE!" he screamed towards the ceiling. I went upstairs to phils room and slowly creaked open the door, I could see the flouescent glow of his computer screen, I new he was probably wanking it to porn, I yelled "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" Phil turned off his computer moniter and whipped around "asshole, you scared the shit out of me". I asked him what he was up to he claimed he was just checking his email, (couldnt he just admit it was porn?).
"did you get doom yet?" I hoped for a solid yes "no, but we could rent it from Mobile" . . oh well, I figured we could play his stack of games until then. Later that night we drove up to Mobile (yes it is a gas station, but the big ones have all kinds of shit) we loaded up on as much junk food as we could carry. We rented a few action movies and some Xbox games. When we got back I grabbed the Sunchips and ran up to his room "all mine, sucka!" he grabbed the two liter of Dew and chased up after me. I sat down in his computer chair, and pulled the quarter bag out of my baggy khaki's. I began rolling a joint as Phil locked the door, I Lightly twisted the end and padded my pockets down "oh shit, Phil, you got a light?" He reached over to his computer drawer an pulled out a lighter with smileys and tye-dye colors "oh, trippy dude" I said as I lit up the end of the joint I puffed lightly as I opened up the bag of chips, I set down the chips and passed the spliff to him. After getting thoroughly baked I ate half the bag of Sunchips and started playing Doom.

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   Phil simply sat and watched, I guess he was really fried.
At about two in the morning Phil passed out, being the insomniac I am, I stayed up and fragged my way through the game. after getting solidly fucked on a level I turned the game off and hopped onto phils computer. I opened his recent document list. I noticed a . txt from "sexstorynetwork. com" named The Journey, I opened the file and started reading, It seemed to be about a hitchhiker guy, as I read further, I began scrolling through and as the main charactor was being assfucked by a guy who gave him a ride, I was getting a hard on. Phil suddenly spoke up "Yeah, I thought that was a hot one too". I jumped back into the chair, "oh, how long have you been up?" phil spoke to me with a certain lash of wit "long enough to see you stroke your sack" I got closer to him "oh really?", I unzipped his pants and fondled his cock. Phil stepped back and dropped his pants and boxers to his ankles and stepped out of them, his hard cock sprang up. it must have been about eight inches long. Two inches past my own, I began to feel a little jealous but just as turned on.
"so you want to suck it or what?" I took his invitation and got on my knees before his wonderful member. I took his cock into my mouth and began lightly swirling my tongue around his head "oh, damn" he moaned. I really knew nothing about giving a blowjob, but apparently I wasn't doing that bad.

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   I started to take him deeper into my mouth, until it reached the back of my throat, I gagged slightly. he grabbed the back of my head and pushed in, I choked a bit "relax your throat" I tried to do so, but it was difficult, his cockhead suddenly popped into my throat as he moaned "ooh, yeah". I stroked my cock as I gave him deepthroat, I felt his penis throb in my mouth and pulled back, he shot a squirt of cum into my mouth, the second splattered onto my face, as well as a third and fourth. I swallowed what was in my mouth and licked some off of my lips. I grabbed a shirt from his hamper and wiped off my face. I stood up and dropped my pants I stared into his eyes and spoke to him "your turn" , he looked at me with lustful eyes as he stuck his hand into the waistband of my boxers.

    He rubbed my cock while pulling my boxers to the floor, he took my member into his mouth and greedily sucked on it like some kind of pornstar. "fuck man, done this before?" he grinned with my cock in his mouth, and began swallowing it deep into his throat. I shuddered and opened my mouth "damn you're good". he began bobbing his head up and down, I felt myself about to come, he continued to suck. I splurted one shot after another, he swallowed every bit. I fell back into his bed. he spoke with authority in his voice "well now Im hard again, get on your hands and knees" I wasnt entirely sure I was ready for his cock up my ass, but I did so anyways. he went over to his dresser and got out a tube of KY, he rubbed it on his cock, then he squirted some onto his index finger. he grabbed my cheek with his other hand and spread my buttocks wide open, suddenly he shoved his finger in my ass and started to move it in and out.

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       it hurt alittle having his finger spread my virgin hole. he moved his hand and popped a second finger in, I moaned. he then stopped and stood up, rubbing his shaft in between my lubed up buttcheeks.
    He shifted his hips back and forth, getting the lube all over his cock and scrotum. I felt his head pressing against my anus, with one mighty thrust his shoved his whole cock into me and let it sit, it hurt, my ass ached, for a minute it felt as if he had ripped something. the pain subsided, he started gradually sliding in and out of my ass
    "fuck yes, faster" I heard the words slip out of my mouth, but I didnt believe that it came from me. Thrusting faster and faster, I began to feel waves of pleasure as precum dripped out of my urethra. Phil began slamming into my hips, making a slight thumping noise every time his pelvis collided with my own. Slamming harder and harder he bagan grunting. I moaned, enjoying the feeling of his hard shlong in my tight rectum. I felt him banging quicker and quicker into my ass. it felt better than I could have imagined. once again his cock throbbed and he squirted his load deep into me. Finished and satisfied he rolled over onto his bed. "oh god that was great" I said between heavy breaths.

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       we were both half naked and feeling spent, I laid on his chest and fell asleep.
    (this is my first post, and first Erotic story,I purposely did not include a description of the charactors so it could be more of an imaginative experience. . . also if this story recieves high ratings I may make a part two. any feedback is appreciated [zom_b_dude@yahoo. com]. . thanks for reading. . I hope that you enjoyed it)