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   My wish was granted in short order when a big cock appeared in the haze in front of me. I grabbed it with my hand and directed it towards my mouth. the owner did not hesitate one bit. I started with just the tip, popping it in and out of my mouth. But I couldn't control myself for long. I like to shove big dicks right down my throat until I gag. So down it went. And he liked it. He grabbed the back of my head, and used my mouth as his fuck hole. He thrusted hard, all the way in, until his balls bounced on my chin. His cock was just long enough that I could get the whole thing in my mouth without too much of a struggle, but when he held in in there and moved it around, I would gag. And he liked it deep, so I obliged, and gagged and coughed a bit. Pretty soon we were attracting attention from some of the others in the hot and steamy room. A horny jock with a hard cock jammed down his throat always finds new friends at a time like this.  One guy started beating his cock against the side of my head, and then onto my cheek.

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   I knew what to do next. I grabbed his hot, hard stick, and shoved it into my mouth, right beside the other horny fuck rod. Now I was doing 2 cocks at once, and strocking my own cock at the same time. These were a couple of filthy horny boys fucking my greedy face, and we were quickly becoming the main attraction in the steam room. Guys were beating their meat, urging me on, calling me a cock whore, a man slut. I kept going, with sweat dripping all over the place, I gagged on the 2 cocks while guys were all around me watching and jerking off. Pretty soon, one guy suddenly shoved his cock right beside my cheek, rubbing up agaist one of the cocks in my mouth. He was the first to cum, shooting all over my face.  It startled me at first, but his hot load got the other guys going, and they all wanted their turn to shoot cum on me. One after another, they came close, and shot their loads. Pretty soon my face was a mess of spent come. I stopped sucking the 2 cocks, and allowed them to shoot on me too. Before I knew it, the scene was over, and I sat on the floor of the steam room, my head and face covered with slimy goop. I shot my own cum on the floor. One by one the guys left, leaving me, the cock slut all alone.

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