Sex in the Park


Topic: Sex in the ParkI want to start by saying that this has been a fetish of mine for a while.   I consider myself bisexual, but mainly am attracted to women.   I have thought about being with guys, but more in the nonconsensual way.     The following story is fictional, but maybe one day it will come true.   The material is homosexual in nature; just wanted to let you know ahead of time.    A little bit about myself…I’m about 5’9, 150 lbs,  blond hair, blue eyes; basically a toothpick with a big dick.   Enjoy the story!
Recently I had decided to move into a small apartment up in the higher end part of town.   My apartment was fairly nice and the complex sat next to a small lake with a paved path that encircled it.   I have always had a “naked in nature” type of fetish in which I liked to get naked in public areas and play.   While walking around one night, I followed the path to a small park located on the south end of the lake.   It was a small park with a baseball field, tennis courts, and a small community center.   While walking up to the baseball field, the lights on the tennis court switched off, scaring the shit out of me.   The time was about 11:00, dark, and nobody around.   I looked around and decided to get naked; I had brought with me a blanket and a few other play toys just in case I got horny.   I slowly pulled my clothes off, sitting them about a 100 yards away from me; this excited me due to the fact that if I got caught, I knew that my clothes were so far away.   I put my blanket out on the ground, sat down completely naked, and started to play a little.

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    I decided to get up and walk around a little; as I walked up to the fence surrounding the baseball field, I realized that there was someone about 200 feet away from me on the baseball field on the other side of the fence.   The moon was bright so I was lit up enough to make out my entire body, every inch of it.   I could tell it was a man, about 6’6, 350lbs, and was looking me up and down.   He started to walk towards the fence.   He got about 25 feet away from me and stopped.   I was panicking…I have never been caught before.   Questions started to flood into my head; did he call the cops  Does he have a gun  Is he dangerous  Panic took over, so I turned around and grabbed my cloths and ran.   I had found an exit through the woods if I was ever caught.  I got back to my apartment and sat there for a while trying to fathom what had just happened.  
The next night, I decided to go back out there thinking that all should be clear, but at the same time hoping for the same kind of excitement.   I found my same spot in the trees next to the baseball field and stripped down.   This time I placed my cloths on the baseball field where I could not get to them if I was caught again.   Not sure why I did this…just feeding my excitement making me hornier.   About 45 minutes later a car pulls into the park and drives around coming into the upper parking lot near my hiding place.   The lights from the vehicles would light up the woods and light me up as well.

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     I knew that I could see them, but they could not see me.   The car drove around, made a U-turn and parked directly in front of me, turning his high beams on, really exposing me.   I had decided to lay down just in case.     I do not think he saw me; I think he was just scanning the area to see if he actually had seen something.    The adrenalin started to flow and about that time he turned his car off and turned off the lights.   The street light lit up the car and I could see very clearly a very large black guy getting out of the car.   He was huge, at least 6’6; could this be the same guy as last night  No way!  I watched him walk up the  sidewalk, through the fence, and onto the baseball field.   It was still a full moon so the area was lit up pretty good.   He saw my cloths sitting on the ground next to the fence and started to look around.   It didn’t take long for him to spot me sitting on the edge of moon light and the darkness of the woods behind me.   He walked up to the fence with my cloths in his hand and told me to come to the fence.   The adrenaline was really flowing now, but I decided to do what he said this time.   As I approached the fence a very bright flash blinded me.   He said “ I just took your picture and will call the police if you run”.   I conceded and asked him what he wanted.

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   He told me to come onto the baseball field.   I started to walk around, slowly, rounding the fence opening and started to approach him.   He was huge, towering over me.   He was at least a foot taller than me.   He was muscular with large hands.   As I got up close to him he grabbed me around my hips with his hands and whipped me around.   He pulled my bare ass into his crotch, rubbing me up and down grabbing my balls, stroking my dick, putting his hands on my throat.   He pushed me over arching my back, grabbing my hips with his hands, and started to dry fuck me smashing me into his fully clothed body.   This excited the hell out of me and I unknowingly started to moan.   He spinned me around and pushed me to the ground.   He said that I was to suck his dick now.   I got up on my knees and pulled his shorts off, leaving just his underwear.   I stood up and removed his shirt kissing his chest as I pulled it off.   He grabbed my ass pulling me up and straddling him in the air.   He then started to pull me up and down on his large ever-growing bulge in his underwear.

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    He had both hands on my ass holding me in the air over his bulge when I felt one of his fingers start playing with my asshole.   He started to push in and out, seeing how tight my hole was.   I started to struggle a little, making some loud noises; this pissed him off so he dropped me to the ground.   He grabbed my hair pulling me up to where my face was sitting on his bulge.   He told me to suck his dick or I would pay.   I reached up and grabbed his underwear pulling it down freeing his bulge, which promptly fell onto my forehead.   It was at least 12 inches and at least 2 inches in diameter.   It was huge.   I put it at the opening of my mouth looking up at him.   I opened my mouth and he started to face fuck me for a few minutes.   I sucked, pulling as much cum out of his dick as I could.   I closed my mouth tight, making sure I didn’t use my teeth at all.   I started to vigorously bob back and forth until I felt him start to tense up.    He then pushed his dick as far as he could in my mouth, practically down my throat.   He started to cum, grabbing my head holding his cock in my mouth.

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    I could feel his juices flow down my throat.  
I was amazed how much he had cummed, but didn’t have time to stew over it for long.   He was hard as a rock again and grabbed me putting me in a doggie style position.   I could feel his cock as he rubbed it up and down my ass.   He had brought with him several items in a bag, one of them being a small thing of Vaseline.   He coated my ass with Vaseline and started to rub his cock again over my ass.   I started to plead with him not to do it, which basically excited him and started to thrust in.   My body tensed up with pain and he pushed in about half way and pulled out.   I screamed on his thrust back in about half way and pulled out again. He then reached in his bag again and pulled out a roll of duct tape.   He grabbed his underwear shoving them in my mouth and wrapping my mouth with duct tape.   The only thing I could muster was a weak muffle now.    He smacked me on my ass as hard as he could, lined his cock up with my ass again, and thrusted as hard as he could into my ass burying his entire cock.   I screamed as loud as I could, but only a muffle came out.   He then started to pump in and out of me at full speed, grabbing my shoulders with his hands.


    He wrapped his arm around me putting me into a chokehold position pulling me up and further on his dick.   He was fucking me so hard that I did not notice the cop car driving around in the parking lot.   As he drove by, his intensity increased, fucking me so hard that he had a hard time keeping me from flying to far forward and allowing his dick to fall out.   Everytime this happened, he would slap my ass and pull me violently back on him.   Tears were now starting to flow a little since the pain grew with each thrust.   He pulled out, stood up and told me to stand up.   He then grabbed me by the ass, making me straddle him in the air again, lifting me above his cock.   Once he was lined up with my ass, he let me drop down on his dick.   He started to fuck me straddling him, pushing me up against the fence.   He fucked me vigorously until the fence started ripping into my skin.   He walked me over to the streetlight in the parking lot, still straddling him.   He laid down In the middle of the parking lot with me still on him, straddling him with me on top.   We started to fuck again , grabbing my ass and push me up and then slamming me down on his dick.   He started to go faster and faster until I started to scream again.    He told me to get off and lean against his car. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

    As I started to get up, he grabbed me and threw me on the hood of his car, ass out, my dick against his hood.   He shoved his dick in me as hard as he could, fucking me so hard that I actually slid up and down on his hood with every thrust.    He had brought his belt with him and started whipping me with every stroke in and out.   His intensity increased, grabbing my hips with his hands.   He started to slam his dick in me vigorously, holding my ass up and pushing his forearm into my back driving me into the hood of his car.   I could feel him tensing up, thrusting faster and faster, until I felt his cum start to fill up my ass.   He then pulls his cock out half way through his cum putting the rest of it on my ass and back.    He then took his hand and rubbed in all over my ass and back, and spanking me for one last time.   I laid there completely worn out.   He grabbed me putting me over his shoulder walking me back to the baseball field.    He threw me down next to my cloths and said that if he caught me out here again, I would pay with a gangbang from him and his friends.   He left, taking my underwear with him.   I could not believe this had just happened.   I started to think how much this whole thing had excited me and how much a gangbang intrigued me! 

Let me know what you think.   I have lots of fetishes, just let me know what I need to write about next.

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