Should I Submit To James Part 4


When I awoke the next morning, I was laying on my side, James laying behind me, his body pressed against mine. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing into the small of my back. His hand was resting on my upper thigh right below my ass and just inches from my own raging hard-on. I could tell by James’ steady breathing that he was still sound asleep.
I thought of our love making the previous evening and my cock involuntarily twitched. My mind was reeling with mixed emotions. Until recently, I was a normal, healthy heterosexual male confident in my manhood. Now, lying here next to James, I felt warm, cozy, and inexplicably feminine. I no longer pondered my next conquest, but rather lie here wondering, and hoping, James would take me again when he woke up.
An overwhelming urge to urinate disrupted my thoughts and I gently worked my way out of bed so as not to awaken him. After I relieved myself, I stood before the bathroom mirror and took stock of my body. My small, thin frame was certainly more womanish than it was he-man, and the fact that I worked out made my pecs look like the chest of a teenage girl just starting to blossom. With my thin waist, tiny ass, and long legs, my naked body could be mistaken for that of a prepubescent girl if it weren’t for the penis dangling between my legs and the sparse chest hair.
I brought my hands to my chest and massaged my breasts causing my nipples to spring to attention. My thumbs caressed their erectness for a couple of seconds and then followed my hands as they traced the soft womanly curves down the sides of my body to my upper thighs. I looked down at my stomach and admired the small taut surface with the slight trace of a six pack.

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Suddenly I felt two hands on my hips and jumped, startled from my self inspection. James kissed me on the neck from behind.
“Good morning! Admiring yourself?” He asked jokingly as he moved to the toilet bowl.
“Just curious what it is about me that turns you on. ” I replied over my shoulder as I made my way back to bed and crawled under the covers.
“Everything so far. ” He replied, appearing in the bathroom doorway with a huge smile on his face.
I noticed that his erection didn’t disappear with his morning piss and he glanced down at it for a second and then looked back at me with a mischievous grin.
“How about a little something to start the day? he asked, and without waiting for a reply he took two long quick strides and launched himself onto the bed from about ten feet away. He landed on his knees on the edge of the bed, bounced, and in one fluid motion landed on top of me, straddling me at the waist. While I was laughing at this playful side I hadn’t seen before, he grabbed my wrists and pinned my arms to the bed above my head. Holding both of my wrists with one hand, he raised his ass and, reaching behind his back, tore the blanket out from between us. He settled his ass lightly on my midsection and looked down at me. Grinning up at him with what I hoped was a seductive look I asked, “So what do you have in mind?”
James’ face suddenly became serious. No, not serious, passionate! He stared into my eyes and I into his for what seemed like any eternity.

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   Then he slowly bent his head and covered my mouth with his.
The first time he tried to kiss me I turned my head away. Last night, in the throes of passion (or so I had convinced myself), I had kissed him. Was I ready to ignore my inhibitions and return the passion? These thoughts all ran through my mind in a split second as I parted my lips and let his hungry tongue probe mine. He kissed me long and passionately. He released my wrists and cupped the sides of my face in both hands while continuing to probe my mouth. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and pulled him tighter to me. His hands ran up the side of my face, his fingers running through my hair. He gently kissed my forehead, my eyes, and the tip of my nose. He nibbled and sucked on my earlobe before probing my ear with his tongue.
I was in total ecstasy. My body was tingling from head to toe. Our cocks were pressed together and I could feel them both throbbing, wanting more. He worked his way down to my neck both sucking and nibbling in just the right places. I massaged his shoulders and then worked my way down to the small of his back lightly scratching and rubbing it before doing the same to his buttocks.

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   He moaned with pleasure and turned his body sideways to give me access to his cock and balls. As he sucked on my nipples, raising goose bumps on my entire body, I alternated stroking his throbbing member and massaging his balls in the palm of my hands.
He worked his way down my stomach and took my blood engorged penis in his mouth and down his throat. He slowly sucked the length from base to tip causing my body to spasm and my hips to buck, wanting an orgasm. He grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed it causing the sensation to subside. He then took the sensitive tip of my cock in his mouth and worked it with his tongue bringing me back to the brink of orgasm before again backing off.
I was begging him to let me cum when he got up off the bed. He grabbed my ankles and dragged me to the edge of the bed. Holding my ankles up in the air with one hand, he lubed my asshole with something on the nightstand and slowly entered me. My whole body was on a hair trigger and the sensation of his throbbing cock deep inside my ass almost sent me over the edge. I grabbed my legs behind the knees and held them up in the air as he slammed his meat to me, his balls making an audible noise as they slapped against my ass. He had lubed his hand and reached around and started masturbating my cock as his strokes picked up speed. It didn’t take long before my body stiffened and convulsed as I had the most powerful orgasm of my life.
As gob after gob of my cum shot back over my shoulder, James let out a grunt like moan and I felt his throbbing cock filling me with his hot steamy love juice. Feeling both orgasms simultaneously was incredible and I realized that James had planned it that way.

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James pulled his cock out of my ass and I used my elbows to get my whole body back on the bed. James climbed back into bed and lay on top of me. I spread my legs so he could lay between them. He was resting on his elbows and looking at me with a smile on his face. He bent his head to kiss me and I put my hand on the back of his neck pulling him toward me and reciprocated.
James raised his head and smiled. “I have a proposition for you. ” he said. Let’s go get some breakfast and talk about it.
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