I reside in a condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The twin towers are connected by a common lobby. Not more than 50' separated the two structures.
One evening about a year ago as I was preparing to retire. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a young gentleman in the condo directly across from mine. He to appeared readying himself to take a shower. Quickly I turned off my lights so that I could better observe him disrobing. At the time I had no idea how old he was, but it appeared he was in his early teens. He had a very trim body and the most beautiful surfer blonde hair. The towers were constructed in such a manor with the balconies and dividers so that you could only see one sliding glass door in the neighboring building. How could I be so fortunate to have had this particular window to view?
As I witnessed him, he let his jeans fall to the floor. The scene sent vibrations throughout my body and a warmth to my lower extremities. He walked around slowly for a few minutes grabbing his crotch from time to time. Next he removed his navy blue tee shirt exposing his smooth hairless chest. My pulse was increasing.
He was then only wearing a pair of low rise white briefs and I could plainly see a bulge.

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   The thought of what might lay beneath gave rise to myself. I moved closer to the window and reached for a pair of binoculars setting on a nightstand.
In a move as if he was preforming a strip tease he slowly lower the waist band. By now I was reaching through the fly of my night shorts. With one hand my tightly affixed to the binoculars I used the other to stroke my now very erect cock. As he continued to lower his briefs I could plainly see that he was a true blonde as his golden pubes came in view.
With an almost choreographed move he let his briefs drop to the floor. Turning at about a 45 degree angle I gazed at his firm abdomen and hard cock. It did not appear to be all that large, but nevertheless it was most delectably appealing. He seemed to have no modesty and I could not believe my good fortune to witness such a performance.
As he stroked his penis, in unison I did the same. I was so aroused I was finding it difficult to keep from shooting my load. I didn’t have to wait long as I saw creamy white fluid spew from his cock. With that I exploded and pumped my seminal fluid on the carpet beneath my feet.
There after I watched every night in wishful anticipation that I might receive an encore.

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   As fait would have it, I was able to take advantage of many opportunities. I was not into panties, but many times he would be donning a have a pair of sexy panties. Some were lacy and others see through.
Occasionally I would deliberately leave my light on as I disrobed for bed. Eventually it became obvious that we entertaining each other. Our exhibitions developed into a mutual admiration.
I wanted to see where things might lead, but was concerned about the age difference. Hell, I was old enough to be this kids dad or perhaps even grandfather. Nevertheless, the nightly panoramas became more regular as time went on. So often were the voyeuristic masturbation sessions, that my carpet had to be cleaned.
Occasionally I would see this young gentleman I the lobby and in passing we would grant each other a smile. Most often he was in the company of his mother so I dared not make my interest known.
One afternoon I was startled when I heard, "Hi there Mr. Darquest. "
He must have been doing some detective work as I could not understand how he knew my name.

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"Well yes, good afternoon to you too," I replied and continued with, "How did you know my name. "
"Aw man, I been askin round and the doorman told me. "
"Now that you know my name, what is yours?"
"My name is Timothy Smith, but you can just call me Tim," he said.
"Tim do you have a few minutes? Perhaps I can buy you a soda at the pool bar and we can chat a bit. "
"Sure I don’t have nothing else to do. "
We proceeded to the verandah and pool area. I ordered an iced tea for Tim and a Heineken for myself. Although we had never previously met we were by no means strangers. We got right to the point and discussed our voyeuristic activities.
"So Tim have you ever been with an older man before?"
"Yeah, but if I tell you, will you promise not to tell anyone?"
"Hey buddy, my lips are sealed. I don’t know who I will tell anyway. "
"Well ya see, before mom got a divorce, me and my step dad used to have fun together. He caught me and my friend sucking each other when I was 13. Several days later he asked me if I knew how to do it really well. So we had this talk and one thing lead to another.

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   I loved it and we messed around a couple times a week up until about a year ago when he and mom split. "
"Wow! That is certainly interesting. So has it been a long time for you now?"
"Naw, There is this guy down on the 3rd floor. He’s like my age and every once I a while we do each other. "
Jokingly, I said,"Maybe you could introduce me to him sometime?"
With a cute smile on his face, he retorted, "Hey dude, ya never know. I’ll bet the three of us could have a lot of fun. "
Inquisitively I asked,"So are you a top or bottom?"
"I guess you would probably say a top, but I really prefer oral"
As a tease I said,"You could always be a top for a 69. "
Our dialog really aroused me. Sitting at a table in one of the pool side cabanas I could not help myself and gently placed my hand on his leg. To my surprise Tim reciprocated by placing his had between my legs and gently rubbed. My penis was throbbing and I could feel the excretion of my pre cum. This good looking young thing certainly turned me on, but flashing in my head were thoughts he could only be 15 or perhaps 16.
He must have read my mind as he grinned and said, "Don’t worry I am legal I turned 18 several weeks ago. "
I returned the smile and asked, "Would you like to go up and see my place?"
"Sure thing man. "
I rarely ever would I leave a half empty bottle of beer, but at the moment a little brew was the least of my thought.

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   Without further ado we headed for the elevator. My hands were shaking as I fumbled for the 6 button. My stimulated pulse was racing.
Off on the sixth floor I turned to the right and headed down the corridor to my condo. I had a hard time getting the key in the lock I was so excited. I hadn’t felt like that since I was a teen.
"Oh dude. How cool is that?" He exclaimed.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked.
"Your unit number. It is 69. "
We proceeded in side and I gave him a tour. I assumed that my place was similarly laid out to his. To my surprise he pointed out many differences. Once inside my bedroom he asked to use the bathroom.

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"Sure it is right over there. "
When he returned I was sitting on the side of the bed and boldly asked, "So Tim would you like a little action?"
Without saying a word he kicked his tennis shoes off, pealed off his tee shirt, unzipped his shorts and let them drop to the floor. Oh my God what a beautiful site. There he was with a perfectly tanned body, strikingly blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, standing in nothing but his white socks and a pair of chatoyant pink panties with lacy at the top. As indicated before I had never been into guys in panties, but this presentation throughly changed my thought process. The site was so sexy as I could see his cock beneath the sheer fabric. I felt my cock pushing against the zipper of my shorts.
He then walked to the side of the bed where I was sitting. He stood within inches of my face. I reached my hands around his buttocks and pulled him closer. His cock was bulging from within his sexy under attire. I slowly pulled his little pink panties down first observing his golden blonde pubic hair. Then I slipped his undies further down and his beautiful circumcised penis shot forward as if it had been spring loaded. It was so inviting I immediately drew it into my mouth. Oh, it was so heavenly and this angel was enjoying my advances.

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"Oh my God, that feels so good," he moaned and continued with,"Please let me have your cock. I want it so bad. "
I momentarily withdrew and turned my body on the bed. As I attempted to undo my belt buckle Tim was already pulling down my zipper. From that point on for all practical purposes he took control, removing my shoes, shorts and briefs.
"Oh Dude, your cock is awesome. I got to have it," he exclaimed.
He started to take his panties off, but I halted him saying, "Buddy, leave them on. They really turn me on. "
I slid myself further up in the bed as he pull his panties back up. Proceeding he threw one leg over me in the 69 position. I gently fondled his testicles and penis for a few moments while I surveyed his panty enclothe genitals.
I felt his warm lips and tongue encompass my waiting cock. It had been a while since I had an opportunity such as this and it was like the old adage; good things come when waiting. No pun intended.

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I reached in the leg band of his lovely pink panties and slowly removed his cock and balls. His balls had been shaved perfectly smooth. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked in unison to his gestures with mine.
The feeling was so sensational I wanted it to last forever. I sensed he was becoming more aroused and withdrew from his cock as I wanted the sensation to extend for a while. I gazed at his cock and balls in absolute excitation. I gently and slowly pumped him in a milking rhythm.
The vivid site and feel of his young cock was more than I could have dreamt. As difficult it was, I tried to hold back my orgasm, but the exhilaration overcame me.
Cum burst from my throbbing cock as he sucked. My warm milk must have cause unrestrained arousal as I felt the contraction of his pulsating shaft. His cream sprue from his cock at that moment. Witnessing his ejaculation was an ecstacy beyond description. We continued until the afterglow subsided.
Our first and mutually gratifying encounter was not to be our last.

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