The Doctor’s Office


“Jake,” the nurse called, “Dr. Williams will see you now,” as she led me and my mom into an examination room. Dr. Williams was a tall man about 6’2” and 200 pounds but was in shape and appeared muscular even though he was dawning the traditional whit lab coat. “Boy Jake you sure have grown up fast. Let’s see the chart says your twelve year old now, how about that, ” Dr. Williams said. “My little baby,” my mother added with a smile. “Well I let you two get down to then,” she said walking back to the waiting room leaving me alone with Dr. Williams. This was the first check up I would have to have where Dr. Williams would have to examine me down there. And it wasn’t that I didn’t love my mother but I just wasn’t comfortable being naked in front of her anymore, especially since I had just grown in my public hair. So I had asked her leave us to it. “Ha-choo,” sneezed Dr. Williams.

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   “God bless you,” I told him. “Oh sorry it’s this damn cold going around better give you and extra through check up today to make sure you don’t have it. ” “Ok Jake first thing let’s weigh you, so take off your clothes and step up on the scale here,” instructed Dr. Williams. As I started to disrobe I thought it was a little weird that Dr. Williams would have me take off all my clothes just to weigh me, but I figured that I would have to be naked when he checked my genitals so I did as he said. “Whoa!” exclaimed Dr. Williams looking at the scale, “only ninety pounds we need to get some meat on your bones son. ” I was quite scrawny for a kid my age but I just seemed unable to gain weight. “Alright let’s get started. First I’ll need to take your blood pressure, so if you’ll just stand up for me and look straight ahead,” said Dr. Williams. But instead of reaching for the armband on and rubber bulb on the wall behind me he reached for my shrived penis. “Don’t you need that thing,” I said, “pointing over my shoulder,” as he grabbed for my crotch. “No that’s broken so its low tech instruments for the day.

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   I assure Jake this is the most accurate way to measure your blood pressure just stand still and could you part you legs a bit more, that a boy,” he said, as I parted my legs, allowing my sac swing freely below my penis. Dr. Williams took my penis in his hand and began to rub it. It soon began to harden in his hand growing to 5 inches and poking out the other side of the fist he made around it. My dick was throbbing form having Dr. Williams fondling me and apparently that was what he wanted because he said: “You sure do have a strong pulse. Here look Jake. See that big vein that runs down the length of your penis. I can feel your heart beat through that. ” This was making so horney and ashamed at the same time. I loved looking down on my man hood and having it be given such attention but this was a full grown man who I had known since I was a baby who was handling my cock. “But you know what Jake,” he said, “I don’t think I’m getting an accurate reading because your penis is so big. See how it sticks out of the end of my hand. ” Did this man just compliment me on the size of my cock? It sure sounded like it. I mean I was flattered but I expected to hear that sort of thing from a girl some day down the road.

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   “I need to measure your blood pressure orally to get a good reading,” continued Dr. Williams as he proceeded to put my five-inch dick all the way in his mouth. Once I was in his mouth any shock I might have felt at what he had just done was overcum by the please it brought me. Though he was not sucking my cock I still enjoyed the warmth and moisture of his mouth. “I ‘ust eed to ‘old your ‘ock in my ‘outh for a ‘inute,” Dr. Williams chocked out with my dick in his mouth. Though it was muffed, that was the first time Dr. Williams had used the very unprofessional word “cock” instead of the medical penis and it just gave a feeling that he was enjoying this a little too much and was no longer just examining me. And he did hold my cock in his mouth for a full minute and then five more but the pleasure I was feeling kept me hard and throbbing the whole time. “Good 180 over 60,” he said finally coming up for air. “Now I must check that your ball sac is delivering cum to your dick. ” Again his slang words stuck me oddly and again the pleasure drove those thoughts from my mind. Dr. Williams knelt down on the floor in front of me, grabbled hold of my cock with one hand and cradled my balls in the other. He began squeezing my nut sac and kneading my balls together sending waves of pleasure to my dick, which was at full extension as Dr.

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   Williams stroked it furiously. I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and just took it all in: Dr, Williams the grown up I had known all my life was servicing my cock and balls. “Now Jake, watch with me for you to cum and release seamen,” instructed Dr. Williams, “if a white fluid comes out you’re in good shape. ” I watched as he began performing long precise strokes on my dick, bringing his first from the tip down past my throbbing head, down the twitching shaft and pushing into my pelvis. “Watch carefully now here it cums,” he old me. Dr. Williams looked mesmerized as he watched the spouts of sperm erupt from my erection and then did what I had been secretly wishing he would do. “Now I need to taste a little of your seamen to see if it is healthy,” he said as he put his adult lips on my twelve year old cock and suck as hard as he could. He had just the tip of my dick in up to the sensitive head with his lips just over the mushroom shaped top. But I had gone soft without yielding the cum he needed so he was forced to take he length of my cock into his throat and I felt him fighting his gag reflex as he grabbed my ass with both hands to push my dick further down his throat. I exploded in his mouth. My twelve-year-old dick erupted down the throat of a man three times my age: I was in heaven. “Very good sample” said Dr. Williams as he pulled away from my crotch, wiping a cum dribble of his chin and licking his lips.

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   “Well it’s on to take your temperature. We don’t want you catching that cold. ” But instead of rummaging though a drawer for a thermometer, Dr. Williams prepared the examination table with a new protective paper sheet. “Now just hop up on the table and lay your head back,” instructed Dr. Willaims. “Where’s the thermometer?” I inquired perplexed. “Like I said no modern technology today. Not until the new shipment of instruments comes in, so up you get. ” He positioned my head in a strange position: hanging off the edge of the table so that I hade an upside down view of the room. Then Dr. William did some thing very odd and unsettling: he took his clothes off. I watched him with my head in its upside down position and noticed his dick was hard, sticking straight out from his toned abdomen. It was a full nine inches and looked so that even his big hands would not fit all the way around it. “Just lay back and close you eyes Jake and breath, that is important,” he instructed.

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   I was horrified. I was OK when my dick was getting all the attention but if was about to do what I thought he was I was going to scream. He approached the head of the table and stood for a moment but I could not see his face form my angle. All I could see was his monstrous cock protruding like a ship’s mast towards my face. “Open wide,” he said as he moved forward. Before I knew what I was doing I had opened my mouth, more out of shock than anything, and felt him sliding his nine inches down my throat. And this position gave him a clear channel right to my throat. He pushed right past my gag reflex and took my breath away literally, even though now I wanted to scream I couldn’t with his huge member blocking my air supply. The only thing I could do was stare at his sac, which was jangling in the air, smacking me in the eyes as it swung. But my eyes started to water form lack of air and being a doctor, Dr. Williams sensed it and slid his massive dick back up my though and out though my mouth. I gasped for breath and sat up panting. “Sorry I guess I’m just a little too big to perform that test on you, though it worked fine on you mother last week,” he said casually, “oh well I guess we’ll have to get your temperature the old fashioned way. ” My mind was racing, did my doctor just shove his junk in my mouth and then tell me he had done the same to my mother the week before. I jumped for the door but he was too quick: he got there first locked it and grabbed with his muscular arms.

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   I was kicking and screaming but at ninety pounds I was no match for this nine-inch behemoth. I heard a nurse pounding on the door asking what was going on but Dr. Williams wasn’t fazed. He wrestled my up against the examination table, getting a hold of my arms and pulling them tightly behind my back. “Sorry it has to be this way Jake. You were always such a good boy,” he said malevolently. He took me by my wrists behind my back and swung me away from the examination table, leaving nothing holding me from falling face first onto the linoleum but his hands behind my back. I was stuck in a position half like falling forward and half bent over. Dr. Williams took full advantage of my predicament. While holding onto my writs he managed to position his mammoth cock at the entrance to my back door and preceded to push his way in. I had never been penetrated analiy before and with no lube-other than the saliva left over from when his cock had been in my mouth only a moment ago- it was extremely painful. He trusted in and out with my in total submission. I had no way to fight back, no way to overcome his strength. He began bucking so forcefully I was nearly lifted off the ground and then as he climaxed I did leave the ground.

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   There I was a ninety-pound weakling, impaled on a nine-inch dick that was so muscular it supported my weight as Dr. Williams hoisted me into the air by the wrists and dick. I was like piece of meat on a shish cabob: his human condom. After he came inside me I slid off his dick and feel to the floor naked total dominated as the nurse and now my mother pounded at the door. I’ve never had such a through exam since then but this fall I will start med-school, where I hope to learn how to exam my patients in just the same way.
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