The Lad from the Sea


By Jason Fuller
Maybe it was because I was a complete stranger that he felt able to tell me his secret. At least I thought so at the time. I figured out later that he had started talking to me because I had a broad, hairy chest, a beard and was older than him. It was all part of his secret.
He told me he was eighteen. Actually he said he was eighteen and four months so I didn’t argue. Then he said he had a secret and was bursting to tell someone. I told him that he was welcome to tell me his secret and that my name was…
He stopped me dead. ‘No name,’ he said. ‘It doesn’t work if there’s a name. ’
‘What doesn’t work?’ I asked.
‘Just listen, don’t interrupt, and when I’ve finished you decide what happens next. ’
His puppy-dog eyes were begging me already, hopeful that I would agree to his strange request.
What would you do if a smooth, slim lad in lycra swim trunks came up to you and asked if he could tell you his secret?
‘Go ahead,’ I said and checked around me to make sure no other people on the beach were in ear shot. We were safe.
He told me his secret.

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As he spoke he looked at my chest and one time I caught him licking his lips. Occasionally he smiled, paused and then indicated that he had more to say. I listened. And as I did so my own eyes wandered from his dark blonde head, his hair almost cropped on the sides but longer and bleached by the sun on top, down over his youthful face, tinted red by the warm day, and towards his flat, hairless chest. Smooth is always a turn on for me. Opposites attract. Hairy, older, top attracts smoother, younger, bottom.
I started wondering about his bottom, I couldn’t see it, hadn’t seen it when he walked over to me. He’d arrived so out of the blue that I’d not even had time to check out the front of his trunks. I did that while he told me what he wanted. They were tight, white and revealing. They were also wet and clinging to him, I could make out the outline of a small cock and a pair of youthful balls. He must have come from the sea.
By the time he finished talking to me I was having trouble keeping my seven inches hidden in my own swim shorts. I wanted him to notice the hard-on that had started but there were still other people on the beach and I didn’t want us to attract attention.

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   If he was to get his way then what happened next had to be secret. That was his whole point. He was looking at my groin and waiting for me to react.
But I could say nothing. He had made that quite clear. His closing statement had been: ‘that is my secret. Say nothing. If you turn away then I will move on and I’m sorry I troubled you, sir. But if you like what you heard then you will know what to do. ’
I had liked what I’d heard and I knew what I had to do. He had told me in detail what his secret was and all I had to do now was act it out for him.
You see his secret was actually his fantasy. And his fantasy was what happened next:
Without saying a word I slipped a couple of things into the pocket of my shorts, covered my pile of clothes with my towel where they would be safe for a while and stood up. I didn’t look at his face, I was not allowed to, but I could almost hear a sigh of relief from him as he watched me. By the time I was ready he was already making his way down to the water’s edge.

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   I followed, my stare fixed on the tight buns and slim hips. My mind concentrated on what I was expected to do. I had no problem with it at all. I had to do was remember what he had asked and make sure I made his dream come true.
I followed him into the sea and started swimming. The bay we had been in was only small and it was not long before we were around the headland and out of site of the other sun seekers. I’m a strong swimmer. I’ve always swum and used a gym, so the five minute journey was nothing for me. He was lean and fit too and by the time we reached the secluded place, neither of us seemed affected by the exercise. If anything it helped prime me for my task.
I trod water a little way off while I watched him wade up onto the shore. An even smaller bay, no people, just a few feet of sand and a cave, just as he said there would be. He walked into the cave and was lost from sight. I waited the right length of time, my heart rate steadying until it was time for me to follow.
I walked into the cool dimness of the cave and let my eyes adjust.

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   The sand was cold under my bare feet and the sea water dripped from me. Everything was silent, not as cold as I’d thought it would be. I was entering a magic grotto where we would both find our wish come true.
And there it was, lying on its back over a smooth round boulder. A picture of innocence waiting to be explored. Mine for the taking. The white trunks discarded, the naked body waiting to be used.
The boy was pretending to be asleep, one arm draped over his face, the other above his head so the body stretched out showing the rib cage, pulling the puppy fat of his stomach taught. I stood before him watching, looking at the slightly parted lips, the stubble less chin, the perfect, hairless chest. Further down to the slim hips, smooth strong legs, also slightly parted. His cock lay flaccid to one side, the foreskin drawn back a little as it waited there, semi erect in anticipation. Two perfectly round balls rested beneath, and under them a barely perceptible covering of hair was matted together with salt water.
I stood close, heard his breathing, knew he was pretending and breathed in the scent of the willing youth; the wanting youth. Yes, I would give him his fantasy.
I stood between his legs and gently parted them further with my own.

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   I placed a hand either side of the submissive body and lent forward, my lips only millimetres away from his. I could smell him more then, a hint of salt and sweat. I arched my back so that nothing touched his body, I did not want to disturb his semi-sleeping cock just yet, and I put my lips to the warm, springy flesh of his neck. I licked the salt from his skin as my mouth explored lower, tiny kisses across his neck, open to me, willing to be bitten like a vampire’s seduced victim. Lower I kissed, the hard skin of his chest, the strong, brown nipples erect yet pliable under my warm tongue. I inched down with my mouth and buried my nose into his belly button as my teeth nibbled gently below it. I crouched to better reach his thigh and the stubble of my chin scraped carefully across his legs as my face found its way further into the warmth between his legs. Still nothing touched his cock. I could sense it there, lengthening slightly as I moved below his ball sack and kissed his inner thigh. I moved to his other leg and drew his flesh in with my lips, my moustache tickling his skin as I worked my way under his balls until I could feel them light and soft against my forehead.
And then I pushed my face in further, his legs either side of my head, his balls sliding down the bridge of my nose until my tongue connected with the downy, soft, almost invisible hair beneath his balls. I heard a slight moan as I connected with him there and another louder one as I gently took one delicate ball into my warm mouth. I tasted the salt of the sea and the boy sweat as I manipulated the sensitive orb with my tongue, then the other, always treating both with equal amounts of pleasure. I let them go and licked them both, my strong tongue playing with them, bouncing them as I worked back up and felt for his youthful cock.
I clamped my lips around the base, holding it as I flicked the shaft within my mouth, working my way up the now stiff cock a little.

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   He was not huge, but he was hard, and hairless and hot. My moth reached the tip and I could smell the salty expectancy of precum leaking from his tip. The foreskin pulled right back against the straining cock, revealing a shiny pink head. Very slowly, to tantalise and arouse him more I closed my mouth over the swollen head and played with it. I licked it, let him feel my teeth, let him know how vulnerable he was.
And then gently I slipped it in, against the top of my mouth, to the top of my throat and then finally down until my nose was nestled into the slight, featherweight public hair. And there I sucked in, swallowing the youthful meat as far as it would go before releasing my throat muscles and drawing up, letting his young tool slip back until my lips caught around its head and my tongue played more with the underside. And then back again, more quickly and deeper, the cock grew longer with the added force and his balls tightened up against the hair on my chin. Then I slowly released him again until just the most sensitive tip was at the mercy of my teeth, where I waited before sucking him down again.
His breathing was deeper, slower, in rhythm with each dive of his shaft into my throat until I feared he would lose himself and end his fantasy too soon. I knew it was time to move on.
For the first time my large hands touched the delicate skin of his thighs as I stood back, turned him over and parted his legs a little further. His back was pitted with tiny indents from the rock, the perfectly smooth mounds of his boy butt pink in places where the rough rock had pressed. He rolled onto his front with only the slightest prompting from me. He knew what he wanted.

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   And so did I, he had told me. I stood and watched him beneath me as I stripped my shorts. My tool was gorged now, swollen with anticipation and ready for some hard, deep work. It stuck out from my mound of bushy hair, drawing my low hanging balls up to it as far as they would go, but leaving them hanging free in the cool air of our secret cave. I rolled the rubber on in readiness as I dropped to my knees.
Roughly, and without warning, I changed my approach. I was no longer the gentle, stroking partner I had been before. Now I was the stronger, older man in charge of the suppliant youth beneath me. He was prone, he was winding me up with the sight of his young, virgin ass and he was there to be had. Had hard and deep until he cried out for me to stop. Even then I wouldn’t, even when he’d had enough and could take no more man meat pounding into his boy ass he would get more. But first my tongue had more work to do.
I dived straight in. Grabbing both soft mounds of his ass and drawing them apart with my big hands. The cool air hit his virgin pink ring and it contracted against the sensation.

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   It did not have long to recover before my tongue was against it, pushing in, forcing it open, wetting it, lubing it up in readiness for the rigid tool that was now aching to get in there. I felt his body move as if in protest, I knew it wasn’t, but I’d almost forgotten the game now. I was running this. I sniffed in the scent of his cool, soft arse cheeks as I tongued his hole. I slid my chin up between his legs, letting the roughness of my beard scrape along his flesh, over his hole and up through the soft buns. My tongue attacked him again, followed by my chin, and again until all around his anus was red and raw from my feasting and my stubble. All the time he moaned and squirmed beneath me, pretending to try and get away. But I had him pinned down against the rock with my hands. I was stronger than him, bigger than him and I was going to get exactly what I wanted.
My cock could wait no longer. I stood up and pulled the boy from the rock, backed up against the wall of the cave and pulled him back onto me. My shaft slipped up over the crack of his ass and I heard him gasp as he felt its length reach the small of his back. My balls hung down beneath his butt and he must have realised what he was going to get. Maybe he thought for a second that he’d bitten off more than he could chew but by then it was too late. My strong right arm pushed at the back of his neck and bent him forward.

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   Without any more vanilla messing I pulled back my hips and centred the head of my shaft against his tightening, moist pink ring. I put one arm around his waist, the other around his small chest, and pulled him back upright.
Before he knew what had happened, my cock had punched into his tight hole and my hairy balls were rubbing up against his own. He didn’t scream, but the sound he made suggested that he didn’t expect this. It was the sound he’d told me he’d make and it only made me grasp him tighter. He was impaled on me, forced back against me and me against the rock as I felt his weight push back, wanting me in deeper.
I thrust forward, slapping my thighs against his little ass cheeks and shoved him forward. My cock slipped back until I felt his ring grasp at my head, not wanting to let me out. Then back in again with a harder thrust, knocking another moan from him. The rhythm grew. I grabbed his arms and wrapped them across his chest with my own, my face close to the side of his, my beard scratching at his smooth cheeks. I could smell his breath, taste his sweat. I held both his arms with one of my hands and let the other slide down to grab his cock. It fitted in my palm and I fisted it, squeezed it and held it as I pounded back into his hot young tunnel. Our balls swung against each other.

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   Mine low and heavy, his small and hardening and before long I felt him getting close.
I ground my hips, shoved in, held him, squeezed his cock, rubbed my balls against him, covered his back with the hair of my stomach and then pulled back out again. I gave him no time to recover as I shoved in again this time even harder. The force lifted his feet from the sandy floor a second as his whole body was impaled on my thick, solid shaft. His head strained around to try and kiss me but he was helpless, lost in his fantasy, his gasps erratic as he tried to give sounds of pleasure, confused by moans of helplessness.
The sound of our flesh slapping, thigh on ass cheek, filled the cave and drowned out the sound of the sea. I wrapped him tighter in my arms, gripped his cock with the vice of my fist and felt him start to shudder. I knew he was cuming. I entwined my legs around his. He was totally caught, totally helpless. He could do nothing but let my meat pound his insides, bringing him to orgasm. I let go his cock and felt him try and reach it with his hand, but I had them held fast. He was going to come without anything touching his cock. I was going to make this boy come just by fucking his precocious little lad-butt and he was going to get what he wanted.
I was ready, my balls had tightened, filled.


   My cock had thickened as it slid out to the tip and then pounded back into the hot depths of the groaning, helpless lad before me. His head thrashed and then shot ridged back against my chest as I thumped swollen and harder into him. His moaning turned to helpless whimpering as if he didn’t want this to happen. But by then it was too late. He was cuming.
His whole body trembled in my grip and my hold on him tightened, forcing his boy juice out of him with the last, deepest thrust of my tool. I heard the splatter of his jism against the rock as my balls erupted and my cock spewed out and into him. I jerked with each eruption and heard his ecstasy as he felt the force of my cumming fill the rubber that filled his arse.
I let go his arms and grabbed his hips. I slammed him back into me as he shot his last spit of cum in front of himself. He grabbed for his cock, desperate to drain more as I spurted one more thrust inside him.
And I held him there as he recovered, still with my gorged shaft buried deep within him, still with our empty balls sliding together with sweat and salt water. My wide hairy chest covered his back protectively and my muscled arms wrapped the young body safely and stroked the hairless chest as his heart slowed down and his breath was recovered.
I let my hand stray to his already softening cock, and I let the warm piece of flesh rest in my palm. The last dribble of boy juice leaked onto my fingers and I lifted them to his mouth.

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   He took my fingers in gently and sucked on them before resting his head back on my shoulder and letting out one last, fulfilled sigh.
According to his wishes, nothing was said. I let him break away from me, my cock slipping out of the small ass and hanging, the rubber filled so much it was nearly pulled off with the weight. He put on his shorts and walked, a little shakily I thought, from the cave and back into the sea.
By the time I made it back to my place on the beach there was no sign of him. But something told me that I’d come across him again before long. I was in this place for two more weeks. It was a small island and there weren’t many places the lad could hide. And next time… next time we’d play out my fantasy.  
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