The Lifeguard Part 1: First Time


I felt uncomfortable about being alone with the guy. He was very muscular and about six two, about the same height as me. I guessed that he was about twenty five, though I had never seen him before. But I forced myself to take a shower in the open stalls that we had. He began to undress for the shower with his back toward me. I couldn’t help but glance over at his figure as he removed his trunks. His large limp dick could be seen as he bent over. He turned to his locker. I watched his beef stick flap back and forth as he forcefully got his locker open. I felt uncomfortable even more because now my dick began to pulse and harden. I turned to face the opposite direction to hide it from him. He walked over to the showerhead right next to me and began to rub soap all over his hard body not even a foot away.
His hands moved down his chest to his dick. He spent what seemed to be a minute on this area, rubbing it as if knowing it was turning me on. The butterflies in my stomach were driving me crazy. I began to rub my boner as he scrubbed his huge piece of beef, still limp, but pulsating now.

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            He turned over to me, with his dick in plain sight and asked me a question, “How long have you been a life guard?” I didn’t want to be rude so I turned ninety degrees toward him so I appeared sideways to him. I could tell that he took a glance at my boner. I began to turn red. I then answered the question, “About two years. ”
            “Do guys stay late often?” I just shook my head. After that he asked another question, “Do you have a girlfriend?” I shook my head again. Each question I felt more and more awkward. I knew he was trying to get me to do it with him. I knew I wanted it. I had never really thought that I was going to have sex with a man. But the more the conversation went on, the more I realized that I wanted him right now.
            After the last question, I felt something on my hardened rod. I looked down and found his strong hand gently pressing on my cock. I looked over and saw his nine inch snake sticking straight up, advancing toward me. It then began to rub against the side of my hip.

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   I then turned my eyes up to his. He opened his mouth and put it over mine and stuck his tongue through my lips forcing my mouth to open. His tongue began to move around in my mouth, I began to do as he did. Meanwhile I had turned to face him. He continued to rub his hand up and down my seven inch rod. I began to breathe hard as his dick began to rub up against mine. I had never felt anything so pleasurable before.
            He moved his other hand up and down my back then grabbed my ass. I at first was afraid to touch him but soon gave in, wrapping my hand around the bottom of his stalk, and my other hand on his face as he continued to lick the top of my mouth. He forced me back to the wall. The cool tile wall felt good against my bare skin. My slim ass was pressed against it hard as he started to lick my ear and move his tongue down along the side of my neck. It then began to travel down my chest, past my abs, then to my throbbing dick. He shoved it all the way into his mouth. I could feel his tongue moving along the bottom of my penis then to the head.

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   I began to moan and grabbed his head and shoved it farther, having my cock ramming to his throat over and over again. “Yes! Yes! Ahh yeah!” I involuntarily yelled in my ecstasy.
He pulled my dick out then back to suck on my balls, moving further back giving my a rim job, all while rubbing his hand up and down my pounding manhood. I was about to explode all over his face. My moaning reached a roar as sperm burst out of my penis. The semen splashed onto his tongue, nose and eyes, seeping down slowly onto his chest along the crevasses of his muscles until it plopped onto his own hard stick. He grabbed his own dick and began to use my cum as lubricant.
I looked down and wanted to just suck his cock so bad I shoved him to the ground then lied down on top of him. I flipped around so we were in a sixty nine position. I shoved my cum covered boner into his mouth, hoping for another orgasm as I sucked his penis as best I could. I moved my tongue up along his stalk then along the hole where I hoped he would release his man juice into my mouth. He moaned uncontrollably, ceasing to suck my dick. I still starved for pleasure for my penis, so I rubbed it against his face as he yelled and moaned.
Then I felt a couple pulses of his cock on my tongue, and then I tasted the sweet and salty cream running down my throat. But it wouldn’t stop.

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   It flooded my mouth with such force, I had to open my mouth to breathe. White stuff was all over my mouth, dripping onto his messy dick in a heap of nothing but white goop. His dick became limp once again and I began to play with it, rubbing his own sperm all over it, then I licked it and swallowed some of his delicious substance. He started to suck me again. My testicles were still filled with sperm and I continued to shove my dick up and down as a lapped up more of the cream pie.
I then tried to hold the surfacing ejaculation, but it overcame me and I erupted again all over his face. I flipped back around, mirroring him. I then began to lick my cum off his face. He turned me over onto my back then tried to shove his dick into my butt hole. My penis now was limp and flapped up and down, bouncing off my stomach as he shoved his boner in and out of me. It hurt slightly at first, but soon it became the best feeling in the world. Both of us moaned as he ass fucked me vigorously for five minutes. He then came again, this time all over my ribs. I wanted to cum one more time so I got up and led him to a bench. He then bent over it and I began to doggy fuck him in his rock hard ass.


   I rammed him so hard; I began to grow tired as I tried to get just one more orgasm. He was rubbing his dick as I rocked my whole body trying to come. Finally I felt the sperm rising through my staff. I then just let it all go all over him and the floor. He came at the sound of my orgasm, thus causing a huge puddle of sperm to build up on the floor. I felt so relieved that I decided to quit.
He did as well and I went back over to the shower to where it started. I then began to clean myself off. As we showered together, he asked a question, “So what’s your name?” “Jack,” I replied. He responded, “My name’s Dick. So I’ll be here every Thursday. If you work we could do it again. ” “Alright,” I said. I there after had late night shifts every Thursday.

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