The Soccer Night Ill Never Forget (Boy on Boy on Boy)


When I was 16 I was really into soccer and I still am. But ill never forget the day my soccer experience got a whole lot more exciting. After training I went into the clubrooms as usual. About 6 O’clock or so. The Simpson’s cartoon was on so I decided to quietly wait till my parents came to take me home usually about 7 O’clock. The club rooms where warm and a rather quite place to relax. A fireplace on the side wall and a bar at the north To the south of the rooms was the windows facing the soccer pitch. Most of the parents inside talked for hours on the tables next to the windows. I however sat closer the television and bar to the north. The room was about 30 Meters squared but in the middle was a divider where the empty side was very dark and led to the toilets. The exit and entrance were far from here so it was rather hard to see anyone who went in or out of these toilets. I knew the barman fairly well so I decided to have a few beers. I was really weak when it came to alcohol and a few beers usually got me wild. But I remained quite watching television. Ten minutes had past and every now and then I peeked around the side divider to see what the laughing was all about in the dark part of the club rooms. The boys would play there so their parents couldn’t see what they were up to.

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   They were tackling each other, the boys were so cute. I knew Ryan the coaches son, he was 9, while the other Santiago the little Brazilian was 10. There was one more boy also a coaches son but he was leaving. Ryan was wearing a glowing soccer uniform, he has blond hair fairly short light skinned. Santiago was a bit smaller but tanned skin and dark hair. His eyes were beautiful and very curios. I have often fantasized about some of the boys in lower grades in my school at the time but never made any attempt for a sexual activity with any of them. I was still pretty much a virgin. I often thought of how smooth those boys really would be. Every now and then I caught Santiago eye to eye. I began to realize he liked me. I sure liked him. After watching them wrestle for a few minutes I became very horny. I needed to take a breath of fresh air. I went outside, it was dark.

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   The parking lot was empty so I just stared at the stars. Then I heard Ryan run outside. He came up to me, I said hi. He said Santiago wants you to play our game with him. I replied Ok sure but I’m a bit tired. Ryan said follow me, we ran around to the back entrance and ran into the toilet. I was scared someone would see me but the toilets were empty. Most people use the newer toilets inside the rooms. I followed Ryan into the cubical. There was Santiago with his pants to his knees. He said violently fuck me. I wiped my pants down, Ryan watched eagerly. I pulled my cock out and stroked it. It was already large from just thinking of the game we were going to play. Ryan began to play with his 2 inch cock also.

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       Santiago’s legs were so soft I rubbed up and down and he began to buckle with pleasure. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I must be drunk. That dark chest of his was so soothing to touch and his cock was gentile in my right hand. I push my cock against Santiago’s closed but cheeks. Ryan made a slight noise as he was tugging his dick faster. I slowly stretched his cheeks apart and stuck my dick in as far as it could go. ………. Ah-Ah-Ahhh Santiago’s voice was soft and sexy. A Little push and it went all the way. ………. Ahhhh……. AHHHHHH…. Santiago’s knees buckled again. Every time my dick came out Santiago's butt closed shut.

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       I pulled on his tiny dick and it opened up again. ahhhHHHH. . . . . . It started to slide faster and harder. AHhhhh Ohh Ohh. . . . . More. .

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      . . . It felt tight but so good. I Pulled his legs apart and started to fuck harder. Faster, my cock slammed against his skinny butt. His legs moved every time I slammed my cock in him. …. Oh. . Oh…Oh…Ohh… I pulled my cock out turned him over onto the toilet seat. Spread his legs wide and put my dick back in. It felt alot better. Ohhhhh ohhhhh, Santiago's dick was rubbing on my chest as i penetrated his small crack. Ahhh.

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      . AHhh I love you . . . . Ahhh Further Please. . . . Then i started to get agressive. . . Ahhhhh Ouch. . .

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      . I grabbed his legs and pulled him into me as i slammed my dick inside of him. . . AHhhh AHhh. . . STop. . . Ahhhhh It must of hurt because Santiago pushed me away. Ryan said, Its my turn now. Ryan pulled down his little soccer shorts and bent over against the toilet seat. His hands rested on top of the toilet as Santiago now began to watch. Ryan was soo much tighter.

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       I couldent get it in. Santiago put his lips around my cock to make it wet. He licked all around my 5 inch dick until it was soo hard a precum leaked from the top. He pulled his mouth away. I slid my dick into Ryan. It was much easier now…. Ahhhhhhhh Ryan screamed. Fuckkkkk Meee……. My god he was just 9 years old. I love this he cried. I slammed him into the toilet seat. He could hardly stand up. Ahhhh. . Ahhhhh.

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      Ahhhhhhhhh Santiago started to rub his small dick against my butt. It felt so smooth. I didn’t let him stick it all the way in but he was making my fuck harder. Ryan started to cry with joy. Fuck Meeeeeee…. Hard. . ahhh…. Harderrrrrr…… I started to lift him with my arms around his waste as i fucked him hard. He smiled. We kissed passionatly tongue on tongue. It was so tastey. I couldn’t hold on any more. Ahhhhhhhhh I screamed as well. Ahhhhhh… Ryan’s voice soo cute, Ahhhhhh Please More …… I slammed it in one more time until I could feel the pain myself.

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       AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. ahHHHHhhh. . Ahhhhhh …… Cum filled Ryan’s hole. It dripped from the back. I pulled my dick out. I was done. Ryan said thankyou for playing. He wiped his arse and ran back outside with Santiago. Now every Thursday night after training we play that game What a life. .
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