The Trucker in me!


I had been out of work for almost a month now and unemployment was not enough to pay my bills so I went to a truck loading dock to get a temp job unloading or loading semi-trucks. I got hired by this trucker who was a long hauler and he was to tired to load his own truck so he told me he would pay me $100. 00 to do so. Damn I was happy to get the work so I started right away. The forklift would drive up to the back of the truck with full pallets of merchandise and I would unload the pallets and put them on empty pallets in the truck but I had to stack it in a certain way as shown on the box’s. It seemed like a waste of time because I would have just pulled the pallets in to the trailer just as the were dropped off but that was not what the driver wanted so I did what he said. He told me he was tired and was going to lay down in his truck and to let him know when I was done. It took me about 3 hours to do the work and then I did as he said I knocked on the door of the cab and he came out. I fallowed him to the back of the trailer to look at my work. He was happy and gave me the money. As I was counting it he went and pulled the door down on the trailer and I was shocked. I asked him what was up? He told me it had been a long trip and he wanted some release and he would pay me more if I would do so. He was a big man, not fat but stocky. He stood about 6'4" about 50 and his brown hair was messy from him sleeping. I told him I did not know what he was talking about and that is when he started to get upset at me. He told me the only way I was making it out of this truck was to suck some cock and I better drop to my knees now! His voice was load and deep and intimidating.

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   I did as he said and he walked over to me and grabbed my hair and pushed my face to his crotch. He told me to unzip his pants and get to work. I did as he said with my shaky hands. I was so scared but turned on as well. When I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock it was fucking huge. I had never seen one so big other then on the porn flicks. It was at least 9 to 10 inches but as thick as a beer can. How was I to get this big ass cock in my mouth? I tried and I could barely get past his head but he wanted more out of me. He grabbed my hair with both big hands of his and he would not allow me to move, all I could do was take what he was going to give me. He was all the way into my mouth now and he was trying to get past my throat but it was hard to do but he kept trying. He kept telling me to relax and take it like the bitch that I am or he would be tougher on me. I finally relaxed enough to allow him in and I was trying not to gag but it was hard not to. I had tears streaming out of my eyes and spit dripping off my chin. I finally felt his pubes on my chin and he was starting to moan loudly. I could feel his bell shaped head sliding past my tonsils and I would have a hard time breathing but he did not care.

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   Finally he pulled out and said he wanted more from me, I looked up at him and asked him to please let me go. I knew I could not take that cock in my ass. He just looked down at me with his brown eyes and said I better strip down or he was going to fuck the shit out of me and I would not walk for a week. I believed him too but the problem was that I had on my wife’s panties and I did not want anyone to know. I like to wear her stuff it turns me on and she likes it to because she knows she will get a good fuck from me. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down and he seen my wife’s pink silk panties on me and it hardly covered me up. He told me he knew I had them on because he seen them when I was bending down picking up a box earlier that day and he was having a hard time sleeping thinking of me. H told me to leave them on and to get down on all fours, I was starting to get turned on now and the fear started to leave me but I was still scared of his mammoth cock! I felt him feeling me up with his strong hands and I felt him pull my panties to the side and he spit on his hand and he rubbed it into my ass. I felt his big finger go in, it was the size of my cock. He started to fuck me with one finger and I was getting into this. I could hear the warehouse guys working just outside the trailer and I knew they could pull up the trailer door at any time but it added to the fun. I felt him spit some more on my ass crack and he inserted another finger and it hurt and I cried out. The driver loved it for he just laughed and said you are tight and that I was really going to cry when he fucked me. I started to shake and I knew it was only a matter of time before he was going to rip me wide open. He finally pulled out his fingers and he told me to relax.

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   Yeah when ever he said that it was not a good thing. I tried to relax the best I could and when I felt his cock head touch my hole I jumped. He grabbed me by the waste with his big strong hands and pulled me to him and he sank his head into me. He was right I screamed out very loud. Luckily there was a forklift running just outside so no one could hear me. He stopped for a little bit then he started working his cock farther into me and I was crying in pain. When I felt his pubes on my ass I knew he was all the way in and he stopped and started to rub my cock threw my panties. It started to feel good and I was getting hard. Finally his cock was not hurting as much and the pleasure from the huge cock was more then the pain. He was pumping in and out in a slow motion and I could feel his huge cock head moving back and fourth inside of me. I was now moaning and pointing my ass straight up for him. I was dripping wet, I had precummed panties and I could feel it. I was loving this fuck now and I wanted to fuck him for all it was worth. He was now pumping faster and he was slapping up against me and it was driving me crazy. I kept thinking this must be what it is like to be fucked in a porn flick and I was melting right there.

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   He grabbed me by my waste and lifted me off my knees and was fucking me even harder. My chest was down on the trailer floor and my ass was held up by this man of all men. He just kept fucking me. I told him to fuck me harder, I told him I was his fuck toy. He started to moan loudly and I could feel this huge cock growing harder in me. I knew he was close and I wanted his cum in my ass. I told him to fill my ass up full. He moaned louder and started to shake and I could feel the pulsating cock in me and the hot sperm gushing deep into me like a jet from a shower head. He finally let go of me and he fell on top of me and we laid there for what seemed like forever and the whole time his cock was still deep in me. I started to cum in my panties and he moaned some more because my ass was in a spasm around his rod. He finally got the strength to get up and out came his cock from my fucked ass. It felt so empty and I could feel cum oozing out of my man pussy. He stood up and he grabbed me by my panties and he ripped them off of me and said he was keeping these for a souvenir. He told me I better get dressed and I did. Before he opened the trailer door he gave me my money for a job well done.

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   When I got home I wanted to tell my wife but I knew she would not understand so this secret is my own.