Weekend Fun


This happened about a decade ago…. . when I was in about to get out of school
Arik was the hottest dude in school. All the ladies loved him. His looks, his intellegence. . . and best of all, his package. That's what I liked about him. He and I were best pals For a year now, Arik hadn't even known I felt a thing for him. Everyday at school when Arik met me to chat about girls (which I didn't enjoy very much), Iwould always take a quick glance down at Arik's crotch when he wasn't watching. I loved that bulge. That special pocket where the sex tool was held. I wanted to grab it and hold it in my hands. To squeeze it. Ohhh how I wanted it badly.

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   But I couldn't dare try it. I knew I liked Arik more than a friend, but did Arik like me the same way? I’d soon find out.
One Saturday, when my parents told they would be going out to a distant relatives place over the weekend, I was ecstatic. This would be the night that I would express my feelings toward Arik and show him I wanted him so much. As soon as my parents left, I phoned Arik and asked him if he wanted to come over. Arik said "Sure, alright. Want me to get some girls too?" I frowned and hesitated. "Um. . . yeah, we can do that. " I hung up and thought for a moment. Maybe this isn't a good idea. I had to atleast try it. 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang and I ran to answer it.

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   It was Arik looking hot as fuck in his T-shirt and jeans. That awesome bulge was just waiting to be opened.
We sat on the couch and watched some TV. There was a porno on Cable. I got turned on. Arik grinned at the television stupidly as he turned up the volume. I could feel my dick rising in my pants. My cock was ready for action. I wanted Arik so fucking badly, I couldn't contain. I quickly reached for Arik's pants and unzipped them. He sat there shocked with my sudden move. We just stared at each other for a minute, then Arik said, "Go ahead. Let's do it. I'm horny as fuck. Go on.

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  . . take it out. "
I smiled and reached inside his pants and grabbed his cock. I took his cock in my hands and massaged it. "Ohhh, it feels SO fucking GOOD! Oh man!" moaned Arik. I put it in my mouth and sucked on the juicy cock until it was red. I sucked all of Arik's cum out and felt Arik jerk as he had an orgasm. I was delighted. Arik gestured me to come closer. I crawled onto Arik's lap and unzipped my own pants. I slid his cock out and swung it on Arik's face. He licked it and put it in his mouth. I moved my ass back and fourth as Arik sucked the cock up and down. The slurping sounds made me moan and I cummed all over Arik's pretty face.

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Arik moved down and put his belly on the couch with his ass in the air. I pulled his jeans all the way off and stuck my finger in his asshole. I licked it for a while moving my tongue around and around the hole and he nearly screamed. Then I put my cock into the hole and thrust back and fourth. "Oh shit, that feels so good. Ohhhh, yeah. I want your cock again, gimme your dick, Ishaan!"
I sat down on the couch legs spread again as Arik seated himself on the floor ready to give another blowjob. "Suck me off so hard, Arik. I love it when you do that. ” He continued to suck the fuck out of me and we went on with it for another hour.
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