Who picked up whom?


Who picked up whom?
Frivolous young guys are cute. On a play ground recreating park This lad of 15 met me for the first time under a basketball goal and made jokes about me being an old man but seemed capacitated by the awareness my eye contact and my roving eye undressing of his body as my lust for his youth transpired between us.   He openly desired attention. His aware but innocence virgin frivolous body language displayed tingling sensations of knowing I wanted to posses his youth. He daringly followed me into the john and made no discreetness that he wanted to view my peter during my urinating.   I openly turned so he could get a full view as I shake off the last drips from it and it became semi erect with a lurch and his luminous astonished eyes were riveted intent upon me. I softly suggested that he touch me. He seemed under my spell and timidly fondled me to a full firm erectness. He met my eye contact with a flushed domicile glazed sexual atonement. I reached out and drew his body close with a hug and he huffily responded with heated grinding thrust against my groins. I leaned devouring against his neck and kissed and tongued the hollow spot where everyone enjoys having a hicky planted.
I slowly twisted his torso around so my hard hot peter could press against his buns covered by his slinky cool satin shorts. I palmed my hand down his tummy into his shorts front to his groins and fondled his thrusting hard on. I slid his clothing down gently so my dicks blunt head now oozing sex juice could slip into the satin crevice up against his clinching bung hole. The forbidden tawny opening was already slimy from the leaking of residue that the body loses from lubing colon fluids.
He moaned and lay back in total submission against me as I started thrusting  against this forbidden non resisting virgin area.

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The opening became flaccid and stretched open about two inches and I knew he was not receiving any stretch shock by my persistent gently six inch intrusion unto him.
I was slowly massaging his erection and he pressed back compliant upon my peter and I tried to prolong the pending erupting climax without any control and I gasped in his ear that I loved him and gave myself to his youthful sensations in climax and I felt his dick erupt and explode in my hand in jerky submission wetting my hand with warm semen. We got weak in the knees and squatted to the floor for a few seconds as we then quickly rose up to dress and become presentable.
Without a word we left the john and went back out but both knowing we were now lovers. We now had to become acquainted and learn each others name, address and phone number etc

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