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That night when Andy came home, I couldn't help but look at him differently, though I didn't lead on that anything was amiss. After a night of catching up with the family I went out and met some friends from high school at a local bar. We didn't go nuts but I was pretty drunk by the time I got home, around midnight. As I came into the kitchen, I saw a note on the board by the phone. It was from Andy to my parents, explaining that he was going to stay over his friend Jeff's house that night. I smiled and made a beeline for my cousin’s room, getting the box from it's hiding place as fast as I could. I picked out two videos and quietly snuck back downstairs to the living room. After nervously double-checking to make sure nobody was awake, I slipped one of the tapes into the VCR. I had never seen a gay porno before; I'd looked at lots of stuff on the Internet and a couple magazines but never actually seen a movie. The first scene was two guys in a weight room. After about two sentences of incredibly lame dialogue, the bigger guy sat down on a bench and began to blow his buddy's huge cock. I sat back and began to stroke my own, more modest shaft, as my eyes remained glued to the image of the guy's cock disappearing and reappearing from the other's mouth. I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was in my hand as I watched and fantasized about sucking another man’s dick. I held off my orgasm multiple times as eventually the skinnier guy bent his friend over one of the benches and began to fuck him slowly from behind. My heart pounded as I watched the guy’s thick shaft rhythmically piston in and out of the other dude’s tight asshole, gradually picking up speed as he went. A short while later he was fucking his friend pretty hard and the guy was groaning and gasping as his muscular body recoiled after each powerful thrust.

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   My breathing increased as I continued to tease my sensitive prick, bringing myself to the brink of orgasm over and over as I fondled and tugged on my soft balls. The actor then flipped the other guy over on his back and rested his ankles on his shoulders as he resumed fucking him a little bit harder than before. I gasped as he then took his lover’s hard-on in his hand and began to jerk him off smoothly while continuing to pump his ass hard. The guy who was getting fucked began to moan and whine loudly as his buddy drilled him with every inch of his impressive cock. I panted and manipulated my aching prick as I watched closely. Then the one guy yelled out as his cock exploded in orgasm. The other guy kept jerking and fucking as his friend’s body spasmed and he came all over his heaving chest and belly. I let out a hiss and watched as the other guy pulled his cock out of his friend and began to stroke it furiously for a moment before erupting in a massive orgasm. Spurt after spurt rocketed out of his engorged tip, the first few making it all the way to the other actor’s face, as he unloaded the contents of his balls all over his lover. The sight of his incredible orgasm was more than my tired cock could handle and I finally let loose with a muffled whimper as my own climax hit like a freight train. I made a total mess of myself as I panted and came powerfully all over my hand and crotch. I sat there totally still for a moment as the last waves of ecstasy left my quivering body and my cock reluctantly began to soften in my still clenching grip. My moment of relaxation was short lived however, as I was suddenly shaken from my trance by a horrifying sound. Someone was putting a key in the front door. I stayed frozen for a few more seconds, too terrified to move until I snapped out of it and jumped up in a panic.

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   I clumsily buttoned my pants as I grabbed the two videos, hearing the door open and shut as I did so, and raced back to my spot on the couch. I plopped back down just as Andy, followed closely by his best friend Jeff, entered the living room. I spastically hit the remote and tried to act natural as I said “hello” breathily. Andy looked at me oddly, he could tell something was up, he would have had to have been a moron not to. He half smiled and asked me what was going on. I answered in as casual a tone as possible “just watching a little TV. ” He chuckled again and paused before looking at the TV and saying “didn’t know you were a big QVC fan. ” I slowly looked over at the screen and to my embarrassment there were two gaudy hags hawking costume jewelry for $19. 95. The lump that was the videotapes beneath my ass seemed to swell as Andy and Jeff headed upstairs chuckling. I was going to explain I had just turned the TV on but I decided to cut my losses. After all, I was already worried about Andy discovering his missing porn so I was just thankful I’d escaped from this episode relatively unscathed. I took the throw pillow off my lap and saw that it had paid a price for hiding my messy pants from view. I then quietly snuck up to my room and hid the videos before going to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I figured I was in the clear at least until the next day, I mean Andy wasn’t about to whip out a bunch of gay porn while Jeff was over.

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   “Hey dude, ever a see a guy fuck another guy in the ass?” I chuckled to myself as the thought passed lightly, reveling in the excitement of almost being caught as I finished in the bathroom. I was still incredibly horny when I got back to my room so I hopped into bed and pulled out the magazine from beneath me. My cock was instantly hard as I began to flip through it slowly. I took my time jerking off, going nearly thirty-five minutes before having another bone rattling orgasm, this time much more conveniently finishing in a towel by the bed. I lay there for a little while flipping through the channels in vain before getting up and going downstairs for a glass of iced tea. On the way by Andy’s room I noticed his door was slightly open and the light and TV were on. I didn’t think anything of it until I was going back upstairs. As I quietly climbed the stairs I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. Through the small crack in the door, only about ten feet away stood my younger cousin, totally naked. Jeff was standing right behind him, also presumably naked, with his arms wrapped around Andy. As my shocked gaze slowly trailed downward it was met with the sight of my cousin’s huge cock, fully erect, being gently manipulated by his friend’s right hand. Jeff’s left hand was massaging Andy’s big, beautiful balls as the two of them slightly swayed in unison. I was in total shock as I stared at Andy’s incredible phallus; it was at least eight inches long and proportionately thick, Jeff’s hand could barely fit around it as he stroked it smoothly. My mouth went instantly dry and my cock began to thump mightily in my boxers, not to mention my heart going crazy as my eyes remained locked on the unthinkable scene before me. My excitement grew as Andy’s gyrations increased along with his light, breathy moans.

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   I stood there totally motionless and just stared as I watched every move of they made unblinkingly. After about two minutes I glanced up and horror seized me for a moment as I thought Jeff saw me but he continued stroking my cousin’s massive cock rhythmically. That fear sort of jolted me back to reality and after stealing a few more awed glances at Andy’s hard dick I hurried into my room. I lay back down in bed in a state of shock with the most raging hard-on of my life. I couldn’t get the image of Jeff and Andy out of my head as I tried to figure out how Jeff hadn’t seen me. I felt strange being so turned on, seeing as how it was my cousin that I’d just watched and was now visualizing, but I just couldn’t help it. Andy’s cock was incredible and I had never been more turned on in my life. I slowly resigned to jerking off when again I was jolted by a light knock on my door. My heart, which had just slowed down, began to pound madly again as the door opened and Andy came in. By the light of the TV, I could see he was only in his boxers but I did my best to pretend I was asleep. He came over and knelt by the bed and shook me gently “get up, dude, I think someone’s downstairs. ” I didn’t move, I was way too scared but he persisted; “come on man, I just heard a noise downstairs, we gotta go check it out” he whispered as he gave me a good shove. I had no choice but to “wake up” and I tried to sound annoyed “what man, what do you want?” He repeated “I think someone’s downstairs, you asshole, we have to go see!” The urgency in his voice alarmed me and I got out of bed and followed him closely down the stairs. At the bottom, he whispered, “you go around the kitchen, I’ll go this way, yell if anything happens, otherwise I’ll meet you in the living room. ” The plan sounded strange but I went along with it and we crept away in opposite directions.

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   I cautiously snuck around my route and headed back to the living room without incident. I entered the living room alone and was only in there a second when I heard Andy behind me “turn around, I got him”. I quickly turned around and was shocked to see Andy and Jeff both standing there naked, holding their giant hard-ons. I stared at them stunned and tried to say something but Andy cut me off “shut up, Brian, we know you like to watch”. He sneered as they both approached me confidently and stopped about two feet away. “Sit down” my younger cousin ordered. I complied wordlessly, unable to fully process what was happening and unable to take my eyes off their big, hard cocks. Andy then stepped to me, stopping with his huge cock just inches from my face as Jeff got behind him and began to stroke him with both hands, the same as he had up in the room. I stared, mesmerized, at my cousin’s beautiful cock as his friend stroked him and rolled his giant balls around gently. After a minute or so, I traced my eyes up Andy’s six-pack until I got to his face. He was staring down at me lustily and asked, “Is this a better view?” I could only stare up at him helplessly as he added, “you know you want to look at my cock”. He then grabbed my head forcefully by the back of my hair and tugged downward forcing my face up as Jeff lifted his cock up and held it against his tight stomach, exposing my cousin’s big hairless balls completely. Andy held my head firmly in place as he ever so lightly brushed his balls across the tip of my nose while hissing “yeah, you want to suck my balls don’t you?” He gave my head a firm yank as Jeff’s hand continued slowly gliding up and down his shaft and snapped, “I asked you a question!” I shivered and whispered, “yes” to which he quickly responded “yes, what?” I answered immediately “yes, I want to suck your balls”. “Do you want to touch them first?” he asked teasingly. I nodded and slowly brought my hand up towards my cousin’s big sack.

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   Just as my trembling hand was about to make contact Andy reached down with his free hand and snatched my wrist. “Wait a minute, I just realized you haven’t shown us your cock yet. ” My head ached in anticipation, wanting so desperately to touch him all over. “Take off your shorts” he snapped. I quickly stood up and dropped my boxers, exposing my throbbing five-inch hard-on and standing naked before them as Jeff stepped out from behind Andy. I stared at Jeff’s big cock, it was a little shorter than Andy’s but just as thick, as Andy sat me down on the footrest again. “Spread your legs and stroke your cock for me. ” Andy ordered in a gentler tone. I couldn’t believe what was transpiring but I was willing to do whatever they said and I instantly spread my legs wide and began to slowly pump my aching shaft. “Lean back, I want to see your asshole,” he said matter-of-factly and I did so immediately. I was completely at their bidding and I watched them as they watched me and jerked themselves off. Jeff then knelt down between my legs as Andy stood back up by my flushed face. My cousin took my head in his hand again as Jeff took my hand off my throbbing shaft and held both my hands down by my side. I stared up at Andy wordlessly and pleaded desperately with my eyes as he waved his giant hard-on directly over my face. “Tell me what you want,” he hissed as he stared down at me.

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   I groaned as I went to speak, interrupted by Jeff just barely tracing his fingers over my swollen balls. “Say you want to suck on my balls… say you want to suck on your cousin’s balls,” he said evenly. I hesitated only a second before responding breathlessly “I want to suck on my cousin’s balls. ” With that he lifted his shaft, as Jeff had before, and ordered me to close my mouth. As I did he gently dropped his big balls onto my lips. I continued to stare up at him with my mouth closed as he slowly began to grind his hot nuts on my lips. After a long moment he pulled his sack off my face and said thinly “suck my balls, Brian”. I opened my mouth and nearly came as I gently took one of Andy’s nuts into my eager mouth. The taste was deliciously salty and I soon had both his balls filling my mouth, staring up at him the whole time as he smiled and sighed deeply. A few minutes went by when I noticed Jeff was flanking the other side of my face, offering me his swollen balls. Andy nodded toward his friend and I released his sack gently and took Jeff’s into my burning mouth. I was lost in ecstasy as I alternated sucking on their soft balls for a few minutes. Andy then said softly “tell me what else you want”. I didn’t even hesitate “I want to suck my cousin’s cock” I answered hotly. He smiled broadly and then straddled me, positioning his pole right in front of my mouth.

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   I eagerly reached up and grasped the monster at its base as I lightly kissed his pulsating head. He was so big and hard in my hand as I gently closed my mouth around his mushroom tip. I moaned into his cock as my dick exploded in my hand. I pumped my spewing cock and marveled at the sensation of Andy’s hard shaft as it slowly slid between my lips. I continued to whimper into his meat as my orgasm subsided and I slowly began to take more and more of him down my willing throat. It wasn’t long until I was sucking his beautiful prick passionately, kissing and licking his red-hot shaft before swallowing him as deeply as I could. My cousin then grabbed my head again and yanked my face off his cock roughly, but not mean. I was then met by Jeff’s fat cock poking eagerly against my lips. I quickly took his luscious dick into my mouth and groaned as Andy began to rub his glistening rod all over my dazed face. I was never hotter in my life as I traded off sucking and licking the two younger guys’ awesome cocks and balls for a good ten minutes. Andy then stood me up in the middle of the living room and stepped close to me as he grasped my ceaseless hard-on tightly. I almost came again as he wordlessly began to stroke my aching prick while Jeff simultaneously started powerfully squeezing my ass cheeks. I gasped as my cousin softly kissed my neck and chest until he reached one of my hard nipples. He teased me by kissing all around it first before taking into his hot mouth. The sensation was incredible as his tongue flicked and teased my super sensitive nipple while Jeff slowly kissed his way down my back.

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   A few moments later they were kneeling on either side of me. Jeff was gently licking and biting my firm ass cheeks as Andy softly took my engorged balls into his experienced mouth. My knees buckled a little as Jeff’s tongue found my virgin asshole while Andy began to suck my stiff cock slowly. My eyes rolled back in my head and I struggled to stand they both picked up the pace. I looked down at Andy dazedly and he stared back up at me as he sucked my cock better than any girl ever had. Jeff’s tongue was amazing as well; powerfully digging into my tight asshole, causing more pleasure than I thought was possible. My cousin’s blowjob was incredible; he seemed to know exactly when to slow down to keep me from coming and did so to perfection. After what seemed like days, they both stood up and Andy led me over to the dining room where he sat me down on the edge of the table. He then leaned in and kissed me deeply as he laid me back and put my feet up on the table, effectively spreading my untouched ass wide open to him. I shivered then as my cousin teasingly began to grind his mighty cock and balls into mine. Jeff stood just to the right of me and watched closely as he stroked his big prick slowly. “Now tell me what you want, Brian” he hissed as he ground himself into me a little harder. I too a deep breath and answered, “I want you to fuck me, Andy. ” The words were barely out of my mouth when he responded, “Oh I’m going to fuck you, and Brian, I’m going to fuck you hard. ” He then handed me a condom he had stowed away on one of the chairs and told me to open it and put it on him.

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   My hands fumbled as I tore the wrapper open clumsily. My heart thumped madly against my chest, Andy’s words echoing deep in my ears, as I rolled the rubber down his huge shaft while he watched me closely. Once I had it on he picked my trembling legs up by the ankles and spread them wide. His eyes never left mine as he gently poked his fat head against my clenching asshole. With each passing moment he put a little more pressure on my tight hole, only to relent before entering. A few moments later I moaned out as my cousin pushed his giant cock head just into my ass. Andy paused for a moment, before slowly but steadily sinking about half his length into me. I gasped and tried to muffle my moans as I stared up at him incredulously. I again moaned out loudly as Andy slowly began to pump me with half of his perfect cock rhythmically. The mixture of pain and pleasure was incredible, with the pain lessening and the pleasure growing with each steady thrust. I became aware of my loud moaning only when Jeff covered my mouth as Andy’s thrusts started to delve deeper inside me. My eyes remained locked on Andy’s thin muscular form as he soon had about six inches pumping in and out of me. I couldn’t believe how completely his amazing cock filled me. It was so much harder and hotter than I ever imagined and I only wanted more. Jeff’s hand stayed firmly over my mouth as I moaned and squealed uncontrollably in response to Andy’s powerful thrusting.


   After a little while, I have no idea how long, my cousin slid me down the table a little as he climbed up and hooked my jellied legs up over his shoulders. In an instant he rammed his full length into me and paused with his big balls resting on my prone ass cheeks, his burning cock buried to the hilt as I screamed into his friend’s hand. His stare burned into my eyes as he began to pound me savagely. I stared back as I screamed and gasped for breath, my body shaking violently as Andy fucked me senseless there on the dining room table. The speed and force with which he fucked me was incredible, so much so that my cock suddenly erupted on it’s own, shooting come all over my neck and chest as his relentless pounding continued unabated. My younger cousin fucked me this way for a long while before pulling out and deftly pouncing on my chest, straddling me as he slipped the rubber off in one smooth motion. Before I even knew what was happening he picked my head up and started to fuck my gasping mouth forcefully. I held onto his thrusting hips for dear life as he pumped my mouth fast and hard before tensing up and stopping with his hot tool in my mouth. He then groaned primordially as I felt a hot burst hit the back of my throat. Andy grunted as blast after blast of his hot seed filled my mouth as I struggled to swallow his salty offering. I hungrily slurped down my cousin’s huge load as his beautiful cock reluctantly began to soften in my mouth. He then let out a deep sigh as he slid off me and lay down on the table exhaustedly. I wasn’t quite ready to let his sweet cock get away just yet so I turned over on all fours and continued lapping and milking his spent prick dry. The next thing I knew Jeff had climbed up on the table and positioned himself behind me. I groaned out lowly as he slid his fat cock easily into my aching asshole.

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   He grabbed a firm hold of my hips and before long he was fucking me pretty hard. Andy slipped his balls into my mouth to hush my loud moans as he began to jerk his renewed hard-on feverishly. I held Andy’s hot nuts gently in my mouth and moaned non-stop as Jeff pounded me from behind. Andy stared down at me as he jerked his mighty shaft furiously and said “you’re gonna swallow his load too, bitch. ” I shuddered in ecstatic pleasure as Jeff suddenly pulled out of my ass and jammed his thick cock in my face. As I opened my mouth to take him in and he spurted wildly, hitting my cheek before I got him in and eagerly swallowed his big hot load. Andy then suddenly pulled my head off Jeff’s crotch and slid my mouth back onto his rod as he unloaded again, sending another huge load of come down my tired throat. My eyes bulged as I swallowed all of Andy’s second offering before returning to milk Jeff’s softening cock dry. I dazedly slurped on both of their spent cocks as they caught their breath and chuckled to themselves. I was thoroughly exhausted but had never been so satisfied in my life. "The Next Day" coming soon. . . .
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