3 INTO 1 Conclusion pt.1


Topic: 3 INTO 1 Conclusion pt. 1 Jackie my wife gets her way with my bum.  - Follow on from other 3 in 1 pts.
 I get the revelation to my shocked I'd left the last 3 in 1 in wonderment. What had Den asked from my wife and how long and often had he requested whatever it was he wanted to see or do to her; and as far as her reference that I'd find out the answer to my pestering she claimed I'd applied to her. I wracked my brain trying to work the pester bit out and drew a blank. Further to that up until I'd just witnessed Den and Chuck enjoying a bit of kinky sex, - cucumbers and stuff - I'd only known them go for straight 1 to 1 screwing. Then again,perhaps they hadn't been as lucky as I am at having an adventurous promicuous wife in Jackie.
 Then my wife started to torment me with a 'you guess it game' bitch! 'here's a clue'  she said. 'You ask it after I've just been fucked to an orgasm' ??? I just don't know?  'You say you'd like to feel it'??? Feel what? I feel all you have to feel! 'FEEL IT'! I give up. 'Feel my orgasm,remember?you're always on about me describing what its like,well its a lot like when you fucked my ass,so if you do,you'll find out what its like and if his cock hits that nerve I made you cum with you'll know exactly how intense it feels,look how it made you collapse. What you had missing was the feel of a cock'
 She had me on that one. Yes it was exquisitely intense,yes it needed the cock I guess and yes I would like to experience the orgasmic feeling she experiences. But,this was the big BUT! How the hell could my virgin ass take a man size cock. She got me again. 'The same way as you bummed me,get your trousers down,I've got the iced lolly and cucumber here ready' then in a flash she'd gone and returned from our kitchen holding the very items.

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   Her sadistic side was in full flow, 'I'm going to love this you bastard,you never said you were going to bum me in front the others,now its your turn,come on get your ass out and lay on the settee.
 Fuck,that lolly was so cold it made the muscles in my ass cheeks ache. Then in a flash,she had it out and the cucumber on its way in. O-OW! Stop,stop pushing its just to damn big,I'll never take it,I must admit it was about the size of my and Den's cocks. 'We must persevere' she done a strange move then,making me get up and kneel into the settee,she sort of sat across my ass with a leg on the floor and one on the settee and over my ass,then pressed hard down against my asshole squelched up and down quickly. Lifting up and off she fingered my ass then rammed the cu' up her cunt. 'There you are,more than enough of my cunt juice on it now' then she went back to getting the vegetable up me. I yelp and try to ease away,'Stay still coward,its on its way' Fuck I knew that already,although my crinkly was stretching,I knew it wasn't going to stretch much more without splitting.
 The intensity in her eyes in concentration and fierceness of her voice told me split or not,my ass was going to have to take it. Feeling her ease off the pressure,I said there you are,I knew it wouldn't. Bad mistake that,the pressure came back on with a vengeance,it was going,I could feel it forcing my sphincter open. Ferociously then, a thrust. 'Get up there you bastard,split his ass if you must but he's going to have that cock even if you do split him' She's talking to this cucumber as though its Den's cock.
 I get a feeling of foreboding,once Den hits my ass,there's going to be no going back till she's satified her lust. If I cry off,that's the end to any further fun and games for me and in fairness,I do get her to do new things all the time.

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   As this passes through my mind,there's a breakthrough,With me helping by relaxing my sphincter muscles,my bum ring suddenly excepts the pressure and up it goes. Once the initial stretch took place all became easy although the pulling back out created a most sensitive feeling in my insides. Fuck,you must have split my ring! 'No,there's no blood on it and if there had been,I'd still intended to get you ready for the real cock'
 Anyway,the spongy head on a cock will be easier going in and if you had split,it would have healed by the time we do it' So,what about the thing you've agreed to show or do for Den. 'Oh,don't worry about that,I know you'll agree when you see what it is because you started me off doing it' That buggered it,I'd started her off on so many kinks I had no chance of working it out and I knew by her tone I'd have to wait and see on the day. I thought then, What a cunning little wife,she has worked out by not letting me know,I'll hurry the event forward in haste. She really had a thing about seeing me getting bummed.
 Den was no help either because it was obviously clear he wanted it to happen as soon as possible as well,purely I hoped for his desired treat not my ass. I knew I was trapped by my original cunning, But one glimmer of a clue did present itself when we visited Den's place. His wife Ginny asked Jackie if she could take Jake in for a couple of days as she had to be away to a distant relative of her's and he that is Jake was a bit untrustworthy to leave alone for any long spell like all day when Den was working. 'Yeah,that's not a problem,Den can pop him up whenever and he can come home when you return' Because of the distraction I missed the clue though.  I didn't relate Den's grin to his desire,I just thought it was because he was in a perfect position to see up my wife's legs and I knew she was naked under her dress.
 Before we left,I had reason for a half hardon difficult to disguise as we got up to go. Jake had,on hearing his name gone to my wife and put his head in her lap. My wife knowing she was naked was doing her best to unobtrusively keep his nose out of her business but he insisted on pushing under rather than over the hem of her dress and taking long loud intakes of breath. Ginny, 'You alright with that Jackie,ever the man that one,he's forever checking people out' 'Yeah,they all do it' Then we were gone.

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 About Jake; he was of course a hound,not any old hound,but a Basset hound. For anyone that doesn't know,they have short bent legs,a heavy boned long body,about 55lb.  with large head and long ears. When on to a scent they're most persistent as my wife found out a little while ago at Ginny's and Den's party. (I'll digress in a minute) But this particular hounds asset was a standing giggle in the winter as,as he walked across virgin snow two grooves were created by his short legs with a third middle groove by his huge and I mean huge cock. God only know's what it felt like being iced for a month on end but he had a hairy sheath to keep it warm I suppose.
 When soft it was about an inch from the ground,but clear for all to see it pointed forward with about a length of seven inches and a thickness about two & a half inchs. When a chance arose Jackie said she wanted to wank him to see just how big he was hard. She had told me once that she'd asked Den if he'd seen him with a hardon and he grinned and said nothing. This had pissed her off because he'd just deposited his (Den's) spunk up her at a lustful opportune moment. She had at the party I afore mentioned,been trapped in an outside lavatory while taking a pee,where Jake having scented a trail wouldn't let her out till she offered her pussy up for a full licking. He done a very quick,too quick she said afterwards,job of bringing her to orgasm and she hoped his stay in her would be longer if he fucked her one day. She saw a part of his cock poking out and it was thick but its length remained a mystery.
 Recent to this but un-associated,me and my wife had found a new experience that we enjoyed. This was douching,with warm water flushed up our orifice till feeling a suitable swelling we cleared ourselves for whatever we felt like doing,pleasant and healthy.

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   So as a matter of course we were always prepared for an unplanned insertion. - Back to our tale.
 This said,on our way home,I reminded Jackie of her desire to wank Jake and my desire to watch. 'No chance,not because I wont do or let you see me do it,but because if you noticed,Den's grin,he was where he intended to get. On our way out he whispered, "I'll bring him up and we can go straight for your part of the bargain" how could I duck that one'? And? 'The bargain I told you you'd find out on the day. It will let us see how big Jake is though' so make sure you're ready,take some time off monday and tuesday because if I like your ass being opened I may demand an oncore the next day' Oh no,this is a one off. 'Hold on,what if it takes more than one day for me to meet my part of the bargain'
 Bitch,is this a red herring or is it so phenominal,she may not do it first go,perhaps its sucking Jake off and she's not sure if her mouth will go round it. Needless to say I got my time off arranged. Den also got to me aside and said, 'This up the ass stuff,I'm no homo' but are you really okay with it,its the only way I'm going to get what I asked and she's now told me that you are into it,you dirty lucky bastard; mind its up the ass not lovey dovey stuff what blokes do,just a straight spunking in there' Fuck that's a relief,I had reservations about necking a bloke,although my wife seemed set on just watching a cock going in and out and spunking.
 Then it dawned on me,like Jackie had wondered how to start,I now pondered how we would get the show on the road. Putting this thought to my wife,she answered,'Well unlike your answer to me,I can't say,like they got you the first time,because this is the first time isn't it'? With a look of doubt. Course it is! 'And the last even if you like it,unless I say again to you dirty ass fucking slouches' Oi! Less of the dirty,ok! I laugh. - Came the day. -
 Everything clean and ready for my ass virginity removal as my wife put it. Den arrived with Jake who was excited to see us but let out to the garden to steady up for a while.

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   With all our past experiences together,we were comfortable and sat and had a coffee. It was clear Den was eager to get started and suggested we bring Jake in to start. 'No!No!No! that's not how its being played' says Jackie. 'with all the times you two bastards have told me what you seek from me and I've always complied, its my turn today to call the shots, I want you in his ass so get your kit off and start hardening and lubricating and here's a tempting morsel to get you horny'
 Up until now I'd not thought about what she had on and me and Den had started to take our kit off when she unhooked the dress she had on letting the overlarge chinese type arms allow it to fall completely off her body. Immediately raising a leg to one arm of the settee she pulled her cunt lips apart revealing a tiny bit of green,then pushing towards our faces she tensed her pussy and a very large cucumber started to appear from her slit. I got up to bend over Den and reach this cu' with the intension of fucking her with it. Not thinking as I reached across Den's legs,my half hard cock flopped on his thigh and my ass was right in front of his hands and face.
 In a flash,Jackie said, 'Grab his ass Den,pull his cheeks apart and see what a lovely tight little button your hot hard cock is going to go into. I'd truly been placed,hesitatingly I felt Den hold my ass cheeks and start to open them and I knew he was looking at my crinkly super tight sphincter. 'Drop some spit on it to help your finger' he didn't instead I felt him oh so gently touch my wrinkles,it mattered not who was touching my hole the tickle was driving my ring mad making me try to squeeze my cheeks closed and thus pressing my cock harder against Den's leg. But with both our sensations I realised his and my now hard cocks were pressing at each other by his groin.
 I also noted that the cucumber had slipped right out of my wife's cunt and she was super dripping juice in strands just as her fingers passed through her slit collecting a lot on them. I knew what she intended to do with it as well. Immediately I felt her hand rubbing it into my asshole. Two were inside and she started to vee them away from each other.

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   'Go on let that spit drop in his hole and again' I felt first one then another hot spittal glob drop in me. 'Where your cocks? see if they're sticky so yours will slip up him' She was now feeling between us for our cocks, 'Fuck its like a glue pot down there,your love juices are all over both of you,you must be as randy as hell'
 Den said, 'reach in my trouser pocket and get the johnny (Condom)in there' 'Like fuck I will,I want spunk up him all the way,his asshole's as clean as a whistle' Den left this as my wife straddled over the top of us, 'get my juice and push it up his ass I must be soaking now,how are you going to have him,against the wall? on the floor? or doggy'? 'Which ever will give you the best view' All three then,start against the wall like you got me the first time Rich' caught us but with his ass towards you,then I'll tell you when to lay him on his belly,alright with that Rich'? You carry on it seems you've got it all worked out for me.
 As I lifted off of Den there was a noise of our skin separating at the sticky part.  I must admit the amount of precum surprised me,both our knobs were dripping with it. 'If only your cock was long enough to reach your ass Rich' we could give you a double whamy and you could self lubricate,I wonder if there are men with that length of dick'? 'Must be' answered Den. My wife guided me to the wall and I noticed she had a stool near by,she really was into seeing my poor little ring get stretched and pulled. Then coming close she gave me a peck on the cheek, 'You'll be alright,you'll see,it'll go up you as sweet as a nut'
 Then I felt Den at my back,His cock prancing around and hard as though he was taking Jackie. It was Just as I had seen it thwacking around Jackie's belly the first time. I involentarily clenched my buttocks exactly like she'd tried to fend off being fucked and she now gasped exactly like I had done when I thought they'd hear me. A distant almost hoarse female voice now, 'Get him Den,fuck his ass,go on force his cheeks open bust his ring if you got to just get up the bastard before I cum' I glanced and already her eyes were opening and closing as her fingers were doing frantic circles at her clit. She was gasping and it was obviously affecting Den as he pressed at my cheeks.
 I could feel his slipperyness allowing his cock to slip into my ass crack through my cheeks with his cock high on my hole then low and all the time I was unintentionally shifting just to make him miss. I was moving exactly as I'd seen my wife and other women do when trying avoid an insertion. Den's deeper voice cut in. 'Hold still you fucker while I fuck you' 'That's right,rape the bastard,get that spunk up him fill him good,the fucking virgin bastard' Jackie was really flying high on my virgin ass.

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   As Den had commanded me to allow a fucking he had hit me right on the hole and he knew it,because up till that push he had pushed and pulled back and pushed again,but he held and pressed now. He hissed to Jackie, 'Got him,fuck he's a tight little fucker,Jack get below me and pull his cheeks apart if you want to see me break him in'
 He's talking as though he has a virgin on his cock,I was but not in the true sense and I must admit i was near to cumming myself. Crazy,but I was. I felt my bum cheeks opening, 'Yes I can see it,get him,get him' I could feel the not so spongy head pressing and I must admit it felt better than the cucumber. Although my sphincter was resisting the sensation of having it forced open hurt but it also was making my cock soften which surprised me. But then again it gave Den more room for his cock. Again the earnest strain of my wife, 'Your knobs gone up him,and your foreskins still outside,NO,its getting dragged inside now' 'I know and its hurting he's so tight,that's eased it my knobs past his ring' 'yeah,its sliding easy now'
 It was,I'd been broke in so to speak,I felt my bowel now being spread ever wider as he pushed up and up. 'Your balls are hitting each other you've got it right up,is it nice Rich'? Big. 'How about you Den' 'Hang on if I pull back I shall cum he's so tight' Then a moment later it seemed,he pulled back and my ass exploded,the sensation if that's what a woman gets as an orgasm,almost made me pass out,my balls felt it just as he pull back then thrust hard and pulled back even harder and thrusted even harder then I felt a pull back that made me feel his helmet trying to pass out through,then a thrust that made the top of my rectum feel heated burny you might say as my balls shot the most excruciating orgasm with a jet of spunk out of my now limp cock. Den clung on to me like a dog as he jerks shot after shot of sperm up my bowel. Now clinging and making the most quick tiny short strokes he was making my innards jerk and throb as my spunk hung from my cock like thick dangling cream.
 The sensation hadn't finished,with my cock empty and my ass full,with my belly alive with exciting spasms I hung loose on Dens cock,still like a hot iron bar inside me. From below our bums. 'Pull it out let me see his ring try to hold it again,come on Den pull back' He done what she asked,but as I could now feel my tight ass ring clinging and not wanting to loose this cock from inside it I heard my wife orgasm and felt her going on her knees. But even more than that,the sudden quick pull back by Den gave me another excruciating feeling.

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   Stop,slower,its so touchy,go ever so slowly for fucks sake or i'll fall down. For that he rammed back into me and gave me the same sensation all over again. No,No,please don't do it again,I know I wont be able to take it. He pulled quickly back and again I nearly vapourised. No,God no more,I just can't stand anymore.
 Sadistically,he pulled back and pressed slightly less in then pulled right out. As I stood holding onto the wall,I could see his slippery cock with some sperm drooling from the end. Jackie had recovered and was back holding my cheeks open, 'Fuck your asshole is tight Rich' I thought I'd be able to see his spunk inside but other than a bit that followed his dick out you're hole is clinging on to it. Well we didn't get to the other two positions,what a pity,we'll have to start again' Fuck Jack' are you trying to do me in,another lot of that and i'll need an ambulance. 'Ha!Ha! So now you know what a woman experiences when she cums on your pricks you bastards'
 I knew also that it was such an excruciatingly fantastic sensation I felt, that it would be soon that my wife would get her re-run in the other positions and I mean immediately after a coffee break.