3 INTO 1 Conclusion pt.2


Topic: 3 INTO 1 Conclusion pt. 2 Concluding 3 into 1 this is pt. 2 includes MtoM & K9
 With our coffee finished it was plain to see,the reaming my ass had,had from Den, had taken my wife, Jackie to new heights of sexual adventure. we had sat drinking our coffee's on the kitchen seats with their black plastic surface. Myself and Den had the added distraction of watching my wife's pussy creating a pool of her love juice on her seat as she tormentingly sat with her thighs apart. She knew exactly what she was at, - Prick teasing us. - as she watched our eyes looking through the glass top of our kitchen table. This glass top was by no means accidentally purchased,she'd commented when we'd been buying it. - 'I will be able to watch your mates cocks through that to see who I turn on and anyway,you said you like me flashing so I'm doing it for you'! Dirty cat!
 So,as her dribble pooled by her horny pussy,she re-ran excitedly her take on Den having my ass. 'My only disappointment Rich' was that your asshole closed to quickly to let me see Den's cum up inside. I wanted to see how much your tightness had drawn out his cock' We,Den and me sat listening to her thoughts with both our cocks dangling off the front of the seats but they were extended in length but dormant as regards to any sign of stiffness. I could see Den's like mine was a couple of inches longer than the normal. This also happens if a bloke swings it like a pendulum to excite a woman.  
 Looking at us both,Jackie said. 'I would have thought my telling you what a turn on I got would have had the both of you getting hard again by now. How long will it take you Den,before you show me it in him again? I've got a plan to let me get to see your spunk up his hole' Her dirty talk was having an effect on her pussy though,because as she moved excitedly to and fro on her seat a slug trail had appeared across the surface tracking these motions.

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   She rose to get something and we could see her juices clinging like spiders web from cunt to seat.
 She went up stairs and shortly after reappeared smiling like a cheshire cat. 'See,I'll stick this in him,that'll let me see what he's took in cum' Her hand was holding a chemistry test tube,I knew where she'd produced it from immediately. Awhile ago,we'd got a microscope set to look at sperm because excitedly Jackie wanted to compare Den and my sperm just after she'd originally been caught having it in with him. She found it a great turn on.
 Den chipped in then, 'Hold on you're moving your plan but how about me,when are you taking a turn at showing me what I want to see'? 'After' 'Oh no missy,if you want to get me hard I need some inducement to help,like getting in the lounge and bringing in Jake' 'I will after' 'NO,its your turn now and then you get your bonus,I fucked his ass once,which is what we agreed so take that dripping cunt of yours in and I'll get Jake for you'
 Either the desire to see my ass fucked a second time or the forceful tone of Den took Jackie back into our lounge for her inevitable dog licking. 'You only asked me to wank him mind,you know what I mean you two,although I will let him lick seeing you're letting me see Richard's ass get a second helping' Hold on I argue. Now after you tell me I'll get and enjoy what Den wants from you,you just add me as a second ass job without offering me a desire of my own. I know I'll see Den up you and me as well,but my own desire is to see that Jake's big purple cock inside your juicy pussy. 'That's stupid,even Den realises with his little legs there's no way he could hump me,he wouldn't be able to grip around my hips' But just say you'll let me try to get him to,you know,push it up there. 'You can try after then,but I just know it wont work and anyway,his cocks going to be just to fat to fit,but if you must.
 Den had listened to this without a word,but I sensed it was something that he had dared not suggest,because still sat at the table he now had a substantial hardon resting proud up from between his closed thighs.  I equally was now sporting a cock standing straight out in front of my loins caused by just the thought of trying to push Jake's cock into my wife's cunt. Jackie and myself headed to the lounge while Den headed to the garden to bring Jake in for his big event, Jackie. 'Where do you think is best'? I.

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   On the floor, but It'll probably be better when you rub him up to get up on the settee to let us see under him.
 I then sit on an easy chair as when we'd first started,to be quickly joined by an excited Den,with his cock still like a piston rod stuck out from his naked body. Jake followed with his usual funny gait then,as he spotted my wife on the floor he siddled up to her closed thighs,I'm sure if a dog could grin he would have been. He knew exactly where he intended to go as he nudged for my wife to open her legs. Woof!Woof! His muzzle pressing hard into my wife's pussy while his nostrils sucked air in powerfully,clearly enjoying the scent of her cunt. Woof! Woof! His nose pressed even harder and Jackie's reluctance wained as she opened up and visibly jerked with an 'ooo' as his first lick hit her slit. This was all it took for Den's cock to be pulsing with throbs on each heart beat and his heart was clearly racing in expectation.
 I'd be a liar if I denied his pulsing cock with its foreskin peeled back showing an ample red going to blue helmet glistening with precum at its end didn't equally put a throb to my own hardon. I'd denigh it now,but my ass at the time was also twitching at the thought of getting this great pulsing head up me,I knew now it was so unlike a cucumber in there. Also by now Jackie was getting into her stride. Talking to Jake constantly. 'Good boy,no not to quick,steady now,go steady and well see what your great big cock wants,no not to fast there's a good boy,let Jackie enjoy your tongue for a bit first,then I'll play with yours,OK? just a bit longer,but don't make me cum or Jackie will want to be fucked' Then a fast glance in my direction and, 'No,not by you dog,but by those dirty men watching you lick me,they want me to wank you off while they watch us,they're so dirty,aren't they,we aught to be on our own don't you think,then you could do whatever you pleased to me'
 I clocked this statement,it made me think she had been up to things in her mind that included thinking Jake may be large in cock but she equally had wondered as had I. Could she in fact manage to fuck him? Now there's a thought. Unknown to her and Den,my theory was,No he couldn't grip round her but with her on her back,could she grip the elbows of his front paws enough to give him purchase to force his large fat cock up her. We shall see!
 Den now with a lot of precum dribbling, 'Do his cock Jack' get him hard for me' Jackie looking at us again, 'Just a bit longer,I'm going to cum now' She did.

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  but not before she threw her legs wide letting Jake get every last drop of her juice on his tongue as he desperately tried to follow her pussy's girating motions. As her ass finally settled back down,she lay still then with her eyes closed,she coxed Jake up to her breasts which he licked as she groped down his belly seaching for his sheath. Quietly now, 'Good dog,come on then,give me yours,its your turn because you were such a good,good dog just then' Her hand had found what it sought. She wrapped her fingers around his sheath while her forefinger rubbed across the tip of his knob.
 Then her circled fingers tried to peel back Jakes sheath a bit,forward back,forward back, about two inches of deep red cock started to protrude, she turned her head to look at what she'd achieved, 'Come on boy,lets get up on the settee because those dirty old men want to see us as well' As if Jake understood,he watched my wife's movements as did we as she arose and with ample showing of her ass and cunt she dropped into the settee,legs wide open for our benefit,then, 'Help him up you two,he's to short to get up here on his own' I watched as Den was up like a flash and physically humped his heavy dog up on the settee without any help from me. He was as hard as iron and in passing,my wife gripping his knob,said, 'Fuck Rich' I'm sure its grown watching me with Jake,don't let him go soft before you try it again for size,I can't wait to see how much spunk he's got in it now'
 Equally,Den couldn't resist a feel of her cunt, 'NO! Leave it,you're supposed to watch for now' Desisting he slouched back down next to me and I clearly saw him look at my knob and I felt a tingle I couldn't account for. Jackie had now leant sideways in the rear part of the settee with Jake stood at the front along towards her thighs. my wife ass being towards the end arm she crooked one leg over this arm which slightly opened her thighs allowing us two to see her fur and the start of her slit but not for long as Jake in realising this again buried his snout in to it and a clear licking noise indicated he had more than ample tongue to seek out my wifes slit. Her face said it all,her eyes raised with his contact as she sucked in several gasps of air. 'Fuck,he hits me spot on with that fucking long tongue of his,its making it hard for me to concentrate on giving him a wank or even getting it out for you' None the less she persevered and as she coxed him to produced an enormous piece of dog cock,Jake became more interested in humping her hand than continuing to lick pussy.
 I noticed also that with the wanking my wife was giving Jake, she had lifted her leg thus showing her pussy slit and it was running with her juice,so I concurred it was having a massive affect on her sexual desires. This made me sure she'd really let me try to let him fuck her,no matter how big he got. Talking of which,it was beyond my expectations. To say big was an understatement.  I uttered, Hey Jack' remember that donkey we saw having a hardon till it pissed? Well he had nothing on Jake,no wonder you wanted my wife to wank him Den,you randy swine,you just wanted to make her mouth water when she realised what she'd been missing.

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 Then I got a shock. Den suddenly had his hand round my shaft, 'Do mine,go on' and to Jackie, 'I've; no we've,never done anything like this before mind Jack' but fucking hell,with all that's before my eyes,it just seems the next thing to do' My wife now was studying us enthralled as I so naturally gripped his hardon and matched him stroke for slow stroke. Jake had somehow managed to climb his paws over Jackie's thigh and was humping her hand making squirts of liquid run round her thigh towards her pussy fur. My wife really got going on Jake,his fucking great shaft was bashing now against her thigh. Her long fingers and palm were just not able to reach right round his circumference,but it mattered little,she was intent on making him cum and cum he was going to. Her action had brought his knot out of the sheath and my mind decided it was so big that if or rather when I get that cock up her in a minute she'll have the thrill of the century with no chance of him knotting with her. WRONG!
 So worried of spoiling her desire she gasped, 'Don't you two dare make each other cum,his spunk is going up your ass Richard,so stop that wanking now or I wont let you try what you said' It had a magical effect on us,just as Jake shot his cum all over my wife's legs. 'There's a good dog,that's what mummy wanted from Jakey boy,lots of spunk out in the open' She letting go of his throbbing nob,ducked down to look, 'Fuck! He is big,be careful what you hope to see,you could both be surplus to requirement if that fits' Bobbing back up with a large grin over her face, 'Lift him off you two its my turn now' Hang on,I thought you said I got a turn? 'You will Rich' we don't want to loose that though do we' Pointing at Den's pulsing cock. I submitted to her desires,I must admit,I was now so horny,I was anybodies. How do you two want me? 'Lay on your belly,I want to be above as he forces your cheeks open,go on Den get between his legs and fuck him' Her excitement was spectacular as,on my laying down her hands were manipulating my cheeks to let her get the best look of Den's now slippery cock opening me up for my second spunking. There was no mercy now from my sadistically inspired wife. No mention of spit or pussy juice,just unadulterated slippery hardon supplied by Den.
 His cock hit my ass like a torpedo and felt as big as one. Clearly on the edge after our mutual wanking he pushed hard and fast straight up my ass. Luckily my hole seemed more receptive than the first time,then I realised it was because I was still full of Den's first spunk in me.

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   My wife marvelled as she gave a running commentary of my assholes acceptance of Den's spongy mushroom headed hard on. As soon as Den's knob hit my prostate nerve I was gone into another world and on trying to lift my bum cheeks while gasping at the sensation of my soft cock again spewing shot after shot of spunk over my front. Her voice carried through, 'Harder,fuck him harder,just look how you're making his spunk shoot out of him' Then it hit me,a very hard push and the shorter follow up strokes put my ass on to squelching sounds as Den's spunk oozed once again up to the very top of my rectum.
 'Get it out the way,wank the rest out yourself' All this from my wife as the coldness of her test tube slid itself up my ass. I knew a flash light had appeared to shine in my insides. 'Fuck,come and look how far its up him,look at all that in there,no wonder you jerked so hard when you were shooting in him' Her study went on for some while,then. 'God it makes me so horny. Rich' are you up to having your go? I expect Jake's recovered enough to get hard again if I know anything about dogs'
 As I struggled to my feet. 'Ah! That's more like it,see that Den,your sperm is trying to escape out his ass this time,he just needed a lot more to fill him up' I felt her grab at my ass as I remained now bent over the arm of our settee, 'Stay like that Rich' let Den see his spunk coming out your ass' her fingers pulled at my sphincter, 'There see,all white and milky,aren't you glad you fucked him,see how its hanging out like some thick cream' With that she made me jump as she rammed her finger in and started to finger fuck me laughing. 'Sorry about that Rich' I just had to feel how slippery it makes your asshole' Just you see,my time is about to come now! I now my wife lay down on the floor only to find Jake equally was ready to let his tongue do the talking. I praised her in my mind. She was insatiable for sex,laying there clearly getting worked up again by Jake's tongue. I thought I'd get a come on then lets get it over,but no such thing. 'Rich' just leave him to it while you both watch,I'll let you know when to try to let him get it in me. No more the doubt,her tone told me,she now hoped I had a way.

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   Den reappeared from having a piss, - That damn coffee. - He sat saying nothing as he watched his hound helping himself to a second go at my wife's pussy. Then, 'Where've we got to then'? She's letting him work her up and when she's ready,she'll let me know when to try and get him to go all the way. An incredible grin came over his face. 'Fuck me! you mean like I had your ass'? I nodded an affirmative.
 Now watching intently as his dog brought my wife back up to the boil, I saw that he was hard yet again as was I. In my mind,I'd decided that after Jake,she'd get Den then me and if Jake was then ready to take another turn we'd hold her even if it was against her will for a forth fucking.
 'Now,get ready as soon as I orgasm,Den you move me how Rich shows you and Rich' will be able to see if he knows how to get it in there. Don't let it be long mind because I may want you to stop when I come down from it' - Her orgasm. - In seconds she went into orgasm,me pulling Jake away from licking and feeling for his knob which luckily was already well out of its sheath. Just stay on your back Jack' Den hold her legs open. I walked Jake between my wife's legs leading him by his collar,she winced as his front paws stepped first onto her mound then pressed into her soft stomach. His paws on reaching just under her rib cage put his cock in collision with her cunt lips. 'Fuck! I can feel it,its trying to go in' Hold his paws Jack'pull his legs against you flat and hold on to his elbows while I push him up you. 'Fuck! its thick,I can feel a bit now, o-o-o-o! its fucking hot,what did you do then'?
 As she'd felt it against her pussy,I'd pushed Jake's ass and I knew it had gone up rather than slipped past because I could feel her pussy resisting his thickness through his haunches.

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   'Fuck! Its burning my pussy,not stinging,no,its as hot as fire,his bristles are jabbing at my lips,that's not very nice,can you pull his skin back more'? I didn't need too,as I fumbled to,she gasped, ' its just rolled back,Fuck! aaagh! f-u-c-k o-o-a=a=h its going right up' I already knew this as I saw Jake give a hell of a ram with his ass. He obviously catching on to what he was being offered took over and started fucking my wife with passion. As she now clung on tightly to his elbows now jammed hard into her tits,the extra moving up her body to the tits had given at least another six inches before he pushed.
 Leaving Jake to do what she was now in raptures over judging by her talking him up to even harder pushes. I on one leg and Den on her other were intent on seeing what Jake was giving her. Laying sprawled out on the floor,in the shadow,I saw his dark red going on blue shaft pumping like hell into my wife. His knot was in full view at the body end of his cock as I heard,'Fucking hell! Look at his knot,its only just missing the floor although her cunt must be at least 10 inches off the floor' His knot was without a shadow of a doubt as big as a big mans fist. She was safe from a knotting. Then, 'Stop him Quick stop him,he'll split me open' Stop him what,you're okay we can see him in you! 'NO! stop him I said,its going up me' That's the thickness you're feeling,not his knot. 'OW! NO Its his knot,I'm telling you he's going to get it in me. OW! OW-OW-OW-O-O-O-W!!! OW,OW,OW! You fucking s-t-u-p-id bastards. He's got me' I knew,so did Den, as we told her it was absolutely okay,his fucking great knot just disappeared,it was gone and I knew where as her cunt showed a massive bulge just inside her lips. I admit I shit at this point,but not so den. 'GO ON, FUCK HER JAKE,GIVE HER THE LOT,LET HER KNOW WHAT ITS ABOUT' Jake did,by this time my wife was completely fucking his dog like a wild cat. 'HOT CUM! HOT CUM! JAKE! o-o-o-o fuck that's so fucking hot.

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   Dog and woman had just orgasmed together and they both had enjoyed it. Den hold on to him we dare not let him try to pull away from her with that in there.
 Jackie was making a very sensuous oooing sound with a chuckling. 'Fucking hell! I know I'll ache for a week,but fuck it was so worth it, I've never even dreamed of a fucking like that. Don't leave me alone with Jake or you'll never get him back' She rubbed his long ears and coo-ed, 'Good fucker Jake,you're going to be Jackie's special fucker dog,yes'? 'We don't need men,just big fat doggie cocks don't we Jake,they can just fuck off,can't they'? Den then, 'Not before he's out and I'm in though' My wife then lay waiting for Jake's swollen knot to go down. A good while later he let her go and we saw his offering running back out of her swollen pussy.
 'I'm so aching in there' Den disregarding her comment,moved in for a fuck. She led and let him manipulate her on to her side as he pointed his hardon towards her pussy. As he lifted one of her legs it was plain to see she was still stretched,but my hardon didn't deminish. 'Come in from the front,remember,like that time before' Cunning bastard,he to had a hidden agenda. My wife helped us both enter her rather sloppy cunt, 'Ah! so this is my bonus is it' She promply jerked frantically against our two cocks and gave herself and us another orgasm.
 It broke up then,Jake didn't seem interested in giving her another fuck and after a few licks he lay down licking his cock. Den buggered off. Me and the wife then going to bed,only to wake to a lot of cold spunk that had seeped out of us through the night. While Jake lay in waiting at the foot of our bed.

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 My comment on waking was. "What ever you do,don't have it in with Jake without someone being with yo to stop him busting you cunt" Her response?there wasn't one,just a smile as Jake rose again to the occation as my wife on sitting on the edge of the bed got a new licking to start her day.