3 INTO 1 Continued some more


Topic: 3 INTO 1 Continued some more We rest after 3 into 1 cont'
 But not for long. here's how it this,we're lounging naked except for us men still wearing socks and my wife with her crotchless knickers plus one stocking and the suspender belt,this laying round her hips like a gunslingers belt as it still suspends the one stocking. The crotch of her knickers were soaking with their and her juices. Of course,my contribution had been spread on the kitchen linoleum by my wife's frantic actions in my bum hole. This had been enhanced by a sizable contribution spilling from her pussy hole as she stepped across my offering to avoid slipping on it.
 Our three cocks were looking a bit pathetic as they nestled on our respective scrotums,all with the tail tail sperm pool of dribble in the wrinkles of the immediate ball sack. It was clear my wife was ready for more action as she was intent on goading us into action once more. She flopped her tits around,squeezed,sucked and chewed at her nipples. Done extrordinary things with her thighs including putting one leg behind her shoulder while stretching the other sideways thus distorting her cunt lips in the most exotic ways.
 She opened her bum with her fingers and got me to do the same while asking the other two if they'd ever done a bum. Not blinking,they both admitted to having done so,but she looked a bit down trodden when they claimed it had been a woman's in both cases. Then perking up again,she wanted to know how it compared to a quim. Followed by 'Which of our bums did they think would be the tightest'? Hers she claimed was virgin and suspected mine was as well. On answering they thought a man would be tighter. She shot back, 'Why any difference'? The answer made her think then move. "Because the cock tube of a man comes from in front of his ass so would press on his asshole"
 'Come on you two lift your legs like Rich' has,I want to feel all of you to judge' They complied but she then helped herself to the small pool on each of our scrotums.

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   Having licked all of us she exclaimed, Den's is the most salty followed by Chuck and Rich's has hardly any saltyness. Of course this attention brought our cocks back to life. 'Aah! I see you all have some life left in you for this woman's poor little pussy. Ha! Ha! Continuing by sucking her finger and putting ample spit on it,we lay with our asses raised waiting to be tested for tightness.
 As she fingered us one at a time,she spouted, 'If I was to say,one of you fuck another's ass,what would be your answer'? Silence! 'Alright,if I was to say,one of you can fuck my ass but only if you fuck one of you men in the ass first,what would you say'? Still no response,but I thought Den was weakening as his cock was getting harder. She let go of his ass and as he lowered his legs he whispered into her ear. She giggled wickedly,then changed her approach to, 'Who wants to be sucked? Who wants to suck me? and whose going to try and put things up my bum? but while I'm sucking,who ever takes the bum job will need to find some suitable things to do me with'
 Now commandingly, 'Rich,you'll get the bum thing because you know where to find things to go in me. Right lets get started,if I kneel over the one lying down,I can suck him while he licks me with the other sticking his prick up me,In my pussy mind,not the other hole' Then quietly towards me in passing, 'Not yet anyway' with a cunning wink. I just knew which way she'd dictate it, 'Right,now you've all decided,Chuck lie down and I'll start sucking you,Den,you're first in. I hope you'll all be able to offer my pussy at least one more sperming,but if I suck you you may not be up to it'
 I stood enjoying their actions,then Jackie, 'Oy you,hurry and get something for me,I want it at the same time as Den to start with. I knew exactly where I intended to get what was needed. The fridge,back I came with an Iced lolly,a small cucumber and a corn cob. Under my arm I had a bigger cucumber all from outside the fridge that didn't get noticed as I placed them out of sight of my wife. My theory was,if I could put the iced lolly up her pussy first then up her ass,I might be able to get the small cucumber up her ass followed by the big one up her cunt all at the same time. It would be like two cocks in her.

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 By this time she was on her way to a new orgasm.  As she peeked, 'see if you can' I took the cob and having rubbed some butter on it in the kitchen I started for her asshole,on wiggling it at the entrance the butter started to melt and thereby helping to lube as it went in. 'Fuck that's big,what are you using'? A cob,but I've got an iced lolly if you want to try. I could put it up your quim first so it melts a bit,then in your bum. 'Just a minute' she went madly on Chucks cock and his grunts told me all I needed to know about where he'd just planted his seed. Jackie had already orgasmed by his licking when I'd started with the cob.
 Hearing all this,Den stopped and pulled out,saying,I can't wait to get back in to your pussy with it being ice cold. Chuck wriggled out from under and sat watching as I pushed the ice up her pussy, 'Fuck,that's cold,I dont think I can stand that very long in either hole. After no more than a couple of minutes, 'Take it out,my pussy feels numb' Straight out and gently in to her bum hole. Den,couldn't resist a little push inside her ice cold cunt. 'Fuck,that's a hell of a sensation' He moved away as I offered her pussy the large cucumber. She opened and excepted the lot,about 10" all that was showing was the tip. She squeezed her pussy muscles and it started to reappear. As it slowly slipped towards the outside I offered the smaller one to her bum hole. 'What you doing now'? Just going to stop the cu' from coming right out.

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   Just as Den started slowly to fuck her with the one in her pussy,I pushed at the one against her asshole.
 What are you fuckers doing,that feels like something else' Just a little thin one alongside. She was quiet as Den speeded up the cucumber fucking as I gradually pushed all the other cucumber up her ass. 'I don't trust you fuckers,you sure there's not a cock being used in me,where's Chuck'? He moved and waved his cock in her face. 'Oh,just wondered' then, 'I want you to stop now' Den quickly pulled the big one out while I pushed the cob in her pussy at the same time pulling the small one out her ass.
    As Den held this in her,I hovered above her and pressed my cock on her asshole. Because the original butter was around her sphincter the heat of my cock and the willingness of her crinkly to stretch let me push my spongy cock head inside he rectum.
     'Fuck that's so nice after those cold things what are you using now'? Her tightness coupled with the thought that I was in her ass while Den massaged the adjoining membrane between her two holes made me spew a full wad of spunk right to the top of her bowel. With his other finger rubbing her clitoris she orgasmed and her muscle clentching milked my cock like a dairy cows tit. I collapsed on to her back as she exclaimed, 'You bastards,he's just bummed me' Although later she denied it,I'm sure she knew it was a cock,probably mine and fully intended for this happening.
     Once again we relaxed on the furniture. My wife sat straddled on Chuck's cock but he couldn't make it,although he stayed hard enough for her to get off once more. I said I'd like to watch Den do a sixty niner on her and this they did. Jackie thought it was funny that wherever she moved spunk kept running out of her. Now laying back as though thinking aloud, 'You know,I reckon I could handle a football team'! - Now there's a thought, - Going on, 'Dave plays for a team don't he'? She knew perfectly well he did.


       I chip in, I don't think my bum could. Giggling again, just as Chunk now dressed,made to leave. She still naked except for her soaking knickers hid behind the front door as he left,returned giggling even more, 'Good job I was behind our door,that old vicar has just passed right at that moment,if he only knew our goings on! Ha! Ha!
     Oh yeah,about this bum stuff,would you do it,you know with each other,its something I'd just like to watch,you know because being on the receiving end always,I can't vision what it looks like to see it going in and out,that's all'! We again looked at each other and her and said nothing. Then looking at Den, 'How about a deal,that thing you said about,you know! I might if you did and Rich' would have to agree' They'd lost me,I hadn't a clue what he'd asked for and it didn't seem forthcoming just now. Den said, 'That was a secret' 'Den,Think about sharing that secret and it could happen' 'You little bitch,sorry for that Rich' but she has no shame your wife' She openly laughing chips back, 'You're old enough to know,us women always get our way and you'd better believe it, 'Also Rich' that thing you plague my life out about,it would be the nearest answer you could possibly find to your question' 
     I started to get the gist of what she was at and I must admit it was tempting,but then Den interjected, 'You only said you might,alter it to will and leave the old man out,its just us three and you might have a deal if Rich agrees' Jackie's super smile said it all,she knew whatever she refered to as far as I was concerned it was a done job. 'The thing he wants,you'll love Rich' I'm telling you which means you'll go for the bum bit.
     Bye, till continuation part.