Birthday Surprise


            One of my favorite things to do with Tiff was internet porn. Tiff is one of those friends with benefits, at least she was. We had a different way of enjoying internet porn. I’d go online and put together slide shows of porn and add text to it and let her sit at my computer and masturbate while the show played out. Then when we’d actually go online and either find a cyber sex room or a porn literature site she’d get on her knees under my desk and blow me while I’d read.
            She loved everything. She was a closet bisexual and a fairly cute one too. I had been her first for everything but she was far from my first. I’d showed her everything from vaginal to anal. Cum was something she could never get enough of. She’d such me dry, ask me to shot all over her tits then lick it up, any thing for cum. She liked my slides shows relished our porn movie night and loved our play nights.             .
  Nonetheless her first true love was toys; I got her, her first dildo and vibrator after that she was a fiend every week she would have a new one.   She come over drop her pants and start the slide show after pulling out a new dildo or vibrator.
            Things started to change as her nineteenth birthday came around.

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   Now I didn’t realize it until a long time friend of hers told me. Well she had fantasies and I had fantasies and she was one of the few people that knew I was Bi. She loved the though of a three some and had asked be about it several times, I was just too scared. Tiff and I had one the whole role swap thing where I’d get on all fours and she’d assfuck me with her strap-on. That’s where I had and idea. In the end both of us could be satisfied by a threesome weather it was two men or two women but why not a foursome.
            During collage I worked at a small bookstore in a small town in the middle of nowhere. My manager Jess was an avid Bi who bragged every Monday about her conquests male or female. She was cute a little taller than Tiff with brown hair that she kept short. We’d gone down on each other in the back room once or twice on really slow nights. She was an expert in giving head. But I needed some a different kind of help from her. Tiff had never been with another woman but fantasized about it, I wasn’t the same with men. I told Jess what I was doing and she though that it was cute.
            That’s when things started to change a bit.

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   See Jess toke control and started to run with he planning.
            The next night I was at her place. There I was introduced to Alex who I knew from school. He was in the same history class as Tiff and me. He was about five ten and well built.   The three of us sat in Jess’s living room talking until she spoke up.
            “I’m horny and really anxious to get to the point of this. ” She moved over and sat between Alex and I on the sofa. She put her hands on our crotches and started massaging our cocks through our pants. “See I like both of you and your both complete closet cases. Now you want a foursome for your fuck buddy. ” She said looking at me and taking her hand off my stiffening dick. “I want to get fucked and Alex here I’m sure is ready for just about anything. ” She opened his pants and pulled out his cock, which was much nicer than mine, by a good two inches. She leaned over and took it in her mouth then sat up her hand running up and down it.

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   She took her free hand and undid her pants and slid them off.
            She rolled up onto the sofa so she was on her stomach her head on Alex’s thigh and his cock still in her hand. I moved away a bit standing looking down at the whole thing when she reached up and undid my pants. They fell to the ground, I stepped out of them and she opened her legs. Her free hand spreading her pussy.
            “Get in here and we’ll really get started!” she said.
            Lying on top of her I slipped right in to her. She was wet and I felt right at home. I lay down my chest oh her back. She told Alex to shift and he did facing the two of us. I watched as his cock vanished again in to Jess’s mouth. She bobbed her head up and down while I humped at her cunt. I reached under her and started to massage one of her tits.
            She took the dick out of her mouth to moan then spoke.
            “How horny are you?” her head was half turned looking at me.

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   I could smell his cock on her breath. “If you horny enough to blow him till he cums I’ll make you cum. ” Her free hand reached under both of us a wrapped around my balls. She loved this.
            There was a moment of hesitation before I did it. He was close enough for me to get most of it in my mouth. It was slow and took a few minutes for me too really get into the rhythm of it. I had to put a hand around the base to control my rhythm and after a while it was awesome. He was moaning and so was Jess who still had my cock inside her cunt. As I worked him I felt Jess’s face against mine. I looked to see she was toungeing Alex’s ball and he was loving it. It didn’t take long his hand fell to my head and he was getting ready to blow. I picked up the rhythm and he lost it. Jess whispered in my ear.
            “Don’t you dare swallow one drop it’s all mine.

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  ” I sucked on his cock till I though that I had it all then turned and kissed her. She sucked every drop out of my moth sliding her tongue in to make sure. “Now it’s your turn. ”
She arched up a bit and I took some weight off of her. He then pulled my cock out of her pussy. She positioned it out side of her ass and slide her tight hole up my dick till her anus met my pubs. Slowly I started pumping. Her ass was well trained for this and I wasn’t going to last very long in her. With every thrust her ass contracted around my cock. It grew tighter as I withdrew and relaxed as I thrust in.
Jess was also putting on quite the show with Alex’s cock, which was starting to harden again. Her hand had replaces mine at the base and now she was starting to lick it’s length. I couldn’t resist and joined her; she loved the whole thing. I opened my eyes as I licked at Alex’s cock my own still thrusting away at her ass. She was watching as we both satisfied Alex.

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   I was astounded that she never missed a beat. Her concentration amazed me, working his cock with her mouth and mine with her ass.
  I felt two of her fingers at my mouth and I opened to let them in. They were covered with the familiar taste of her pussy. She smiled at me and I watched as she slid them up Alex’s ass. He moaned and Jess and I went back to work on his cock. By now I was ready to blow and she could tell. I was going all out in her and it was a final vise like squeeze of her ass and I blew inside her.
I moaned in her ear as she clamped down on my cock not letting my slid out. She held for a few minutes then let of after my orgasm had past. My softening cock still in her ass she half turned and looked at me and kissed me. She told me to roll to my side which I was happy to do. Once there and still in her she gently massaged my cock back to life with her amazing ass.
Alex came down from the bed as she told him to a lay in front of Jess. I could feel his cock slide in to her pussy.

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   Hs moaned and rocked between the two of us, back and forth a few times then told us it was her turn to cum.
The three of us continued to fuck for almost two hours. Alex and I got to take turns ass fucking each other and Jess had her way with both of us. When we finished we discussed the next Friday nights events.
Tiff came over about four in the afternoon; Jess and Alex were hiding in my bedroom. It was Friday so she was ready for her slide show. We walked into my living room where my computer was set up. She pulled off her pants and sat in the chair, the slide show was already on the screen. She pulled her dildo out of her purse, it was one she’d used before a clear glass spiral, and set it next to the keyboard as she settled in.
On the screen was a picture of a woman with two men, she was leaning in to one kissing him while the other licked at her ear and had a hand up her shirt massaging her tits. As Tiff spread her legs I moved under the desk, she was surprised but didn’t protest. She didn’t protest either when I took the dildo out of her hand or started to eat her pussy. She clicked through the slide show while I licked at her hairless cunt. I had her dildo in my hand and slowly started to work her with it. She was in heaven.

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   The pictures were a teaser, as they flipped through the sense became hotter and hotter. She was looking at a picture where one man as being fucked by the other, the woman was behind both licking one’s ball and fingering the other that’s when she lost it.
I slid up between her legs and she proceeded to lick her juices off my face. She was out of breath her arms draped over my shoulders.
“Want to go in to my room?” all she could do was nod. As she stood up I stopped her before she could star towards the door. Jess had two surprises for Tiff one was a blindfold the other was a string of anal beads. I held up the blindfold first. She grinned and put it on. I the moved be hind her and slid two fingers in to her pussy. She bent over slightly opening her legs. Next I leaned in and started to lick her tight asshole. She moaned as I replaced my tongue with my finger and massaged her anus for a minute before slipping the beads in one by one. I finished leaving only a small plastic ring hanging from her hole. I was off my knees then took her hand and walked her into my room.

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   Jess and Alex were both inside naked.
I sat Tiff on the bed and pulled off her shirt and let her take off her bra. While she stripped I did as well. I spread her legs and invited Jess over. I moved over next to Alex and we both sat on a small couch in my room. Jess grinned at both of us and started to play with Tiff. She lowered her head in to Tiffs lap and started to lick her out.
Tiff moaned and started to talk dirty. She loved the oral service.   As Jess tongue fucked her she put her hands on Jess’s head. She knew instantly that I wasn’t me eating her out. But there was no protest from her. She moaned and bucked and came. It was, as she came that Jess pulled the beads from her ass sending her over the top. As Tiff went to remove the blindfold Jess half stood kissing her and telling her to leave it on.

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Tiff was on her back on the bed and Jess straddled her face slowly lowering her pussy into Tiff’s mouth. It was my turn. I moved up between her legs and slipped into her already dripping snatch. Jess leaned forward and I licked the juices off of her face as I fucked Tiff.
Her moans were muffled from the clean-shaven pussy in her mouth. Tiff was about to realize just how much of a surprise she was in for. Alex moved behind Jess and slid into her. Now instead of a shaven pussy she had a shaven ball sack in her mouth.
All four of us were in heaven. Jess licked at my nipples while Alex went to town on her hairless cunt.
    Tiff was moaning wildly as I fucked her and while Jess kept her finger on Jess’s clit.  
    Jess was the next of us to cum, Tiff and been sucking on her clit the entire time Alex had been fucking her. She got to her knees and slid off of Alex’s still hard cock and lay on the bed next to Tiff. She whispered into Tiff’s ear. Both girls giggled and Tiff sat up sliding off of my dick.


    She got on the floor sticking out her ass. I dropped behind her and slipped back into her pussy. She gestured at Alex to sit in front of her. He plopped down on the edge of the bed with his legs open so Tiff could go down on him.
    She quickly became lost in herself servicing Alex. Both Alex and Me had been in this position before and we were going to make the best of it. As Tiff held up Alex’s cock so she could service his balls I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. She didn’t realize what was going on until she looked up. She gently nudged me with he face and I let his dick out of my mouth. She started to lick the side of his dick and I joined her while my dick was wedged in her dripping cunt.
    Alex was close to cumming and we both knew it. It was as Tiff took his cock in he mouth again that I felt someone behind me. I could feel Jess’s hand on my ass and I knew she was up to something. Her finger was playing with my ass and she was more than welcome to it.
    She was lubing me up while Tiff and I sucked on Alex.

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       First it was one finger then two then none. There was a moment of nothing while she got into position and then I felt the head of a dildo at my ass. I stopped what I had been doing to Alex as she slid the strap-on into me.
      I moaned in Tiff’s ear as Jess sank into me. Tiff knew what was going on. She reached under us and rolled my balls in her hands once rubbing her cunt juices all over them. She took the dick out of her mouth and said thank you then started to suck on Alex’s cock again while I adjusted to the dildo Jess was fucking me with
    Slowly I stated to work myself on her plastic cock while fucking Tiff driving her closer to another orgasm. I wasn’t going to last long, Jess was massaging my chest as she fucked my ass. Tiff’s cunt was starting to spasm as she came closer to cumming.
    The three of us lost it together. Tiff swallowed all of Alex’s cum while I left a ribbon of mine up her back. Tiff slid forward off my dick as rested against the bed. She was out of breath and motioned me over to her. She kissed me on the lips and said thank you for her birthday present.
    Jess crawled over on her knees to where Tiff and I were laying she had a rag in hand and was wiping off the black strap-on she’d just used on me.

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       She smiled.
    “Sweetie that’s only part one just wait to see what they do without us. ”
    She undid the strap-on and put her head between Tiff’s legs and started to lick up the cum, soon the two of them were again in a 69 and this time Alex and I joined them.   By the time Tiff came and sat up to notice the two of us on our sides with the others cock in mouth we are both about ready to cum. Jess came up by me and started to rim Alex while Tiff did the same to me.
    Both girls fingered us until we came and then the four of us lay on the floor our hands playing with each other a bit. Alex was the first of us to get hard and Tiff found her head in his lap again sucking him hard while I lay on my bed my ass on the edge with Jess lubing me up.
    When Alex was ready Tiff walked him by his cock over to me and slipped him inside me. He was smaller than the strap-on that Jess had used but it took a second for my ass to adjust to him. He was nice about it because he knew that I was next and so he took his time building up. Once he was started Tiff climbed on to my face and lay down on top of me.
    My tongue in her pussy and my cock in her mouth she was loving the show. I moaned as much as I could from the ass fucking and the blowjob. Alex was building up faster as his precum helped lube my ass along with Tiff’s spit. Then Jess came back in.

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    All I noticed at first was a long clear dildo. I watched as she fucked Tiff with it but I didn’t notice right away that it was a double.   It was out of the corner of my eye I saw he back up and raise one leg and slip the other end into her pussy.
    I was in heaven, I had two beautiful pussies pounding together in front of my eyes and I had a gorgeous cock ravaging my ass while a lovely set of lips worked my cock. The moaning was intoxicating and enough so that Alex blew his load in my ass. I clenched down so he wouldn’t let any of it go.
    He pumped for a few minutes after he’d cum before pulling out but I couldn’t go anywhere the girls were so into themselves they hadn’t noticed him cum. Tiff finally realized when Alex stopped her from sucking my dick and took my cock in his mouth. The two girls rolled over and continued with their fucking next to me. Tiff was coming into her own taking charge over Jess and leavening her to moan on the sheets while she fucked her with the plastic cock they shared.
    Tiff   reached   around and put a finger on Jess’s clit doing her best to for another orgasm out of the woman while Alex moved behind her rubbing her own cum on her ass hole and fingering her.
    When Jess came she lay on the bed with the dildo hanging out of her dripping cunt. Tiff slid off her end and lay next to her new friend panting.
    “Next year… I want two of you. ” She said beaming.

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