Car Trouble


Marie was on her way to L. A. ! She just couldn't wait to get out of the small Oklahoma town she was born and raised in, with nothing to do there but count the chickens and tumble weeds! Twenty years old and not a care in the world! Everyone said that Marie was pretty enough to be in the movies so she figured, "Why not?" It took two years of working in the diner to save enough money to make her move, and now the day had finally come and she was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! One of the things Marie had saved up for was a good used car, so she and her dad had looked all over until they found this "cherry" 1991 Mustang convertible. A convertible in Los Angeles, boy was this going to be the life!!!Heading west with the top down and the wind in her hair, Marie felt like she had the world by the tail, but little did she know that within the next twenty four hours her whole life would become a total disaster. Only two hundred fifty miles left to L. A. , and so far the trip had been uneventful, but it was sure hot, even for July, and the temperature hovered around the 100 degree mark in the shade, so long ago Marie had pulled up her convertible top and had been using her air conditioner. When she pulled into the last stop gas station on the eastern edge of the Mojave Desert she felt like she was finally on the last leg of her journey. The station attendant recommended she pull off the road and wait until nightfall to make her desert crossing because the temperature can get up to 120 degrees out there and can cause a whole bunch of car trouble. " In the evening the temperature can drop by as much as forty degrees, which is a lot easier on you and the car," he said. Now if Marie hadn't been so anxious to get there she might have listened to him, but she was and she didn't! She just couldn't wait the six hours it would take for sundown so she wheeled the Mustang out onto the highway and headed west.
About sixty miles into the Mohave Marie could feel her car becoming sluggish. Looking at the gauges she was startled to see that the temperature needle had risen way into the red zone, and within a matter of minutes steam began pouring out from under the hood and filling the passenger compartment. Pulling off the road Marie turned off the engine and popped the hood and she was almost scalded by a hot stream of escaping antifreeze. Not knowing a whole lot about cars, Marie could still see that she was in real trouble and in the more than an hour since she left the service station she had not met or been passed by another car. Although she had an adequate supply of water the realization that she was stranded alone in the desert with no way to contact anyone for help left her feeling more than a little afraid! Three hours later and still not one solitary sole and the heat was becoming unbearable! Now her water supply had dwindled drastically as Marie had drank too much of it earlier in the day so now she now was seriously thinking about dying in the desert all alone!!! Just when it looked the bleakest, out of the east Marie heard the definite sound of a engine! She stood up and craned her neck hoping to get a first glimpse of the on coming vehicle.

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   It was a van! A big red Ford Econoline conversion van!!! "God, I hope they have some water," Marie thought!
The big van pulled over just behind Marie's Mustang and a tall good looking young black man of about twenty five got out and walked up to her car. "Car trouble," he asked? "I think it's a cracked block," Marie replied. "I'm on my way to Los Angeles," she added. "My name's Luke. That's Josh driving the van," the black man said. "I'm Marie. " "Could you guys give me a lift to L. A. ? I'll pay you," asked Marie. "Let's ask Josh, it's his van," answered Luke. Josh listened to the story Marie had told Luke while looking Marie over at the same time. The way he looked at her made Marie shiver even in the 100 plus degree heat. It was then Josh dropped a bombshell her, if she wanted a ride to L. A. she would have to be more than a little friendly to both he and Luke! Marie's head was now spinning! Here she was trapped in the desert with two men who were willing to leave her to die if she did "take care" of them! She was jarred back to reality when Josh snapped, "Take it or leave it bitch, it makes no never mind to me, get in or hit the fuckin' road!" Marie thought for a quick moment and asked Josh if she could grab her suitcase? "Get it," he said, and the next thing Marie knew she was in the back of the van riding with two strange men who most certainly were going to use her as their own personal fuckdoll all the way to L.

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Luke had taken the wheel as Josh slid into the back of the van with Marie while asking, "Ever suck a black dick, bitch!?!" Marie shook her head no and dreaded what was about to happen next. Josh undid his pants and pulled out the biggest cock Marie had ever seen! She didn't even think about sucking it, her only thought was when he finally got around to fucking her how was it ever going to fit in her tight little pussy? Although she wasn't a virgin, her boyfriend back home was on the smallish side dick wise, so her pussy was far from being stretched out! Looking at Josh's massive piece of meat, Marie could well see that a good stretching was just around the corner! Marie was roused back to reality when Josh said, "Strip, bitch!" Marie slowly removed her things as Josh watched with hungry eyes at her full chest and he reached out and roughly pinched her nipples, and although it hurt, it also made her cunt jump! Naked now, she leaned over and took Josh's pecker into her mouth. She could barely get the head in! The taste and texture of this huge fuck pole began to make Marie's pussy leak down her thighs, she couldn't believe the fact that she was becoming extremely turned on by this black stud, but she was starting to see why so many white women wanted to be kept by black men! They became addicted to the huge penises these men had hanging between their leg!!! Marie now was dying to have Josh fuck her, and at that moment she would have done anything just to get that cock in her pussy, so finally he pulled out of her mouth and told her to lay down and spread her legs. Marie quickly was on her back with her legs as far apart as they would go while Josh laughed and yelled up to Luke, "Hey bro, this little bitch is in love with my rig, you want it cunt?!?" All Marie could do was nod as Josh rubbed the head of the monster up and down her dripping crack and when it would hit her clit body would spasm and involuntary jerk. "Please now," she whimpered. With that, Josh plunged his meat, all ten inches, deep into Marie's quivering little snatch, and even before he reached the bottom of his first stroke Marie was already in the midst of a massive orgasm like none she had ever had before! With every plunge it seemed she would blow another cum! God she love this big black cock, as she threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his ass trying to pull him in even farther! As Josh neared his own cum he increased the already rapid pace of his fucking, and his nuts tightened it seemed to Maire he even got harder as a gusher of cum was shot like a volcano into Marie's sweet little pussy while all she could do was hang on for dear life!
Marie stayed naked in the back of Josh's van for the next five hours fucking and sucking the two studs until when they finally reached Los Angeles Marie was at a loss for words. She wanted to chase her dream of stardom, but she now knew that that would be impossible. She now had to have the black cocks she had now come to desire more than anything else in the world, so when they rode into town Josh asked her where she wanted to be dropped off, Marie just looked at him and said, "I'm your bitch. " Josh then nodded to Luke and said, "Let's go home. "

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