Closing Time


I then showed up at the bar about 10 minutes later to find Julie and her friend Sam(antha)in various states of undress and I had to break up this feely fest. My age would help but my size would not(and I was way outnumbered). But I neatly reminded all in the bar that neither one of these girls would see eighteen for another 9 months and if this grope and grab continued, they would be spending some time in the huberdorm. The three of us were then allowed to leave with my priority getting out of there and not re-dressing them. After driving to dark, empty parking lot, I stopped to ask them if they were all right and the best they did was mumble. It was then that I noticed what all the excitement was about. Both of their shirts were open revealing absolutely beautiful, perky tits with nipples that would poke your eyes out. A look by your truly under their skirts showed no panties(are they still in the bar?). With the truck safely turned off and I nicely turned on, I laid my seat down which gave me access to both the front and back passenger. I started by sucking and nipping on all tits, fondling and rubbing my face in them, smelling their teen girl perfume. This is when the moaning started that only half drunk girls can do. I took this moaning as a yes and continued my exploration south known as snatch, pussy, cunt, hole, the Y. I prefer beaver because I love pubic hair when it is neatly trimmed and I must say that is just what I found down south. I had no trouble spreading their legs to sweeten the view and their pretty beavers is where I started to play. Sucking on their tits had already swollen their lips and the juices were flowin' so I had no trouble inseting three fingers in each beaver saving the thumb for the anus. In and out my fingers went, faster and faster as the moaning increased and the smell of sex filled the truck.

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  After 5 minutes of this, the girls decided to take matters into their own hands and wildly rubbed their clits at the same time I continued my now 5 finger assult. So I returned to their lovely tits, sucking, nipping, byting, caressing them untill I felt like I was going to explode. While I took off my pants and shorts, I realized they had turned on each other, sucking each others' tits and feeling up and down those beautiful young beavers. When one of them realized that I was kneeling there with an exposed, raging hard on, Julie pounced on it with conviction and lust. In and out it went while she tounged it, kissed it, bit it, and sucked on my balls. Then she would stroke it to just that point and stop, continuing to lick and suck my balls. In the meantime, Julie's ass end was very inviting to Sam who tounged, licked, bit and sucked on everything back there, all the while frigging herself so hard her body humped up and down. As coming time came close. it was apparent by all the moaning and screaming that it would be a group effort. I shot my load directly into Julie's face, Julie emptied her load into Sam's face and I brought Sam up to my face to completely finish her off. We then feel asleep, lying naked together with the truck windows steamed up untill morning, when I took them both home. THE END. .

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