Deserted Island... Me and the 18yo's.


"Do you want to play twister with us? You looked bored. ""Yeah, umm sure. Why not?""Okay cool. You can set up the mat, put it over there. "I grabbed the twister mat and walked to a patch af grass. I lay it down and then walked back to where the girls where. I noticed some of them were taking off their tops. "Oh. . . sorry. ""Huh? Oh, right, I forgot to tell you, we play twister naked!""Umm, okay then. . . "I tried to sound surprised but it was not the first time for me, this island was a popular gang bang location. Some girls took off their bras.

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   Their breasts were golder brown, round and sexy. They all stripped down to their bare panties, so got down to my boxers. Then one of them leaned down to slip off her panties, and did. They fell off her and to the ground. She had a small young, shaven pussy. So I dropped my own boxers. Luckily I could withold myself from having an erection at this point. All the girls followed suit. There were six of them. They all jumped onto the board, sitting down. So did I. They placed their feet and hands in the required positions as their turns came. Finally it was my turn. "Feet on green!"I slid my foot over a girl with a great, smooth, perfect ass onto green. I was now directly behind her, and she was on all fours.

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   We were both naked. I felt my penis fall between the cheeks of her ass. I heard her moan pleasurably. My penis became fully erect. I noticed the girl's nipples were also erect. I rached down to my penis and started masturbating. The girl took a hand off the board and started rubbing her pussy lips. I started rubbing the head of my penis between her pussy lips. She moaned in pleasure and I could feel her soft, wet pussy lips between my head. I started to to push my penis in harder. "Oh, yes harder!"I obeyed her request and started thrusting my penis deep inside her pussy. She tightened around me and I felt a shot of cum explode into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and also orgasmed. Her juices flowed onto my balls and all over my legs. I pulled my penis out of her pussy.

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   No sooner had I done so than another girl placed it in her mouth. Ass she mouth-fucked me I felt her warm saliva dripping down my penis onto my balls. As she was doing this another girl came over to us. She lowered her pussy over my mouth and I started to lick it. I pushed my toungue deeper and deeper into her sweet tight pussy and licked her pussy lips. Her body shook and she came all over my face. She collapsed to the ground and rolled over. I noticed she had the best ass out of all of them. I rolled over myself. I clibmed on top of her and spat into her ass hole. I started rubbing the head up and down her ass crack. She moaned pleasurably. I begun to thrust my penis into her tight butt hole. She screamed in pleasure. I pushed my penis in all the way, and she screamed more.

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   I then came in her tight asshole. I felt my warm liquid flow out into her asshole. She climaxed with this feeling, and pussy juice ran down her legs. It was the start of a long sexual relationshipMore 18yearold gang bangs will come soon. I'd love to hear from you, comments welcome. .