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Topic: CumliciousI really do love cum.    My name is Alexandra, I'm 28, not too bad looking and absolutely crazy about eating cum.    I figured this out at a pretty early age.    If you read my other three stories about "The Life of Alexandra" you'll find out that I got off to playing with cocks and eating cum at a pretty early age.  
The first time I watched my brother masturbate and climax there was no cum, but as he got older, it started to appear.   I was naturally a bit curious and wanted to see what it tasted like, so, the next time he was horny he came in my mouth and it was love at first taste.    I don't know why some women don't like cum, I think it is because they don't want to admit it.   Well, for the longest time, the only cum I got was my brother's, but that was like two or three times a day when he was younger.    I guess teenage boys are very horny.
The first time I got to taste a lot of cum was when my brother had some of his friends over to  our house to play.    I guess we were all around 14 or 15 and me being the constant flirt, I was able to convince the boys to take off their swim trunks and if they would jack off for me I'd take off my clothes.    I just couldn't believe how hard all those young cocks were, standing almost straight up.
I went up to one of the boys and reached for his cock and before I could even get it in my mouth he was cumming.    I have to admit it, I really love the days when those young boys couldn't hold back.    It's kind of strange, I guess, I don't like sucking cocks, I just want the cum.    At that time in their young age they just had no control.

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     It wasn't long before I had swallowed the load of all five boys.    I really fell in love with cocks and cum at that time.   Most of my brother's friends, I think, looked forward to cumming in my mouth.
I guess I should tell you, if you haven't read the other stories.    My brother and I are twins.    On our 16th birthday party we had a bunch of kids to the house for our party.    We were out by the river and mom and dad pretty much left us alone.    The boys outnumbered the girls, I wasn't too popular then, nor now, with girls.    There were about fifteen boys and ten girls.
After about an hour and a half or so, my brother came up to me with a plastic glass about three fourths full of white liquid and handed it to me with a smile.    I sniffed, I know that musky aroma and love it.    He said he spread the word to the boys that if they all came in a cup in the bathroom that I'd drink it in front of everyone.    I asked if he came in it, he smiled and said he started it.   He then said he'd get everyone's attention so they could watch.   
Al got up on a chair and got everyone to gather around, I didn't know what he was going to say and was a bit nervous.

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     Pretty much he just thanked everyone for being there and told them how special it was for them to share our birthday with us.    Then he asked if I had anything to say, I took the hint.    I got up on the chair and looked around and thanked each of the girls for being there and told them how happy I was to see them, then I gave a big smile and said "and for the boys, thank you for cumming".    With that, there were a lot of smiles and nudging among the boys as I held the glass in the air, smiled at everyone and slowly started to drink the fantastic contents.    I didn't know just how good a whole mouthful of cum could taste.
I have always totally enjoyed the taste of cum, straight from the cock.    Hot, silky, musky, slightly salty.    I just love it.    But this glass full was different, not as hot, very musky smelling and the mixture of all the boys cum gave a different taste and texture.    I wish I could have had another glass full.    I'm never going to forget that first glass of cum.    It hasn't been my last, but that one was the best.
I don't know if you want to hear more from me on my cum adventures, but I can tell you, I've taken real pride in how much cum I've had.   Yes, my brother and I still live together and he lets me eat his cum, but, he doesn't masturbate as much anymore, I guess he's getting too old to go two or three times a day, now it's more like two or three times a week.

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