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Jane and I have been married for a number of years. During our many sexual adventures Jane has always expressed a desire to explore another woman, while at the same time stating that she is not bisexual. When you have a hot woman riding your cock and telling you that she wants to suck on another woman’s nipples and taste a juicy cunt, who am I to say no. I just want to be there when it happens, and it looked like the time had come. I got home from work to find Ann and Jane sitting around in the living room drinking margaritas and from the look on their faces, they had had a few already. Ann was wearing a pair of running shorts that showed plenty of her shapely legs and a plain white t-shirt that stood out on her beautiful boobs. Jane was also wearing shorts that were very short and showed off her brown legs and a tank top that was 2 sizes too big. Every time she turned sideways her nipple would pop out. When I walked in I got big hello hugs from both women. When I looked at Ann her nipples were about to rip through the t-shirt material. Jane’s nipples were also hard, but then again they always are. With that greeting, and a growing hard-on, I excused myself to change into something more comfortable. Just as I am getting my clothes off, Jane slides into the room and wraps her hand around my cock and whispers in my ear that she and Ann have been drinking since noon and talking about a number of thinks including Ann’s love of cock sucking. With that, and a couple of pulls by Jane, by cock was hard as a rock. Jane tells me to get dresses and come down when I can. My mind is reeling now with the possibilities of what might happen.

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   I slip on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and head back down stairs. Jane and Ann are now in the kitchen, both staring at each other. There is some sexual tension in the air for sure. I suggested to Jane that we share a little smoke to ease the tension. Ann says she has never gotten high before and Jane says why not and goes to get the stuff. In the meantime I tell Ann that she will really enjoy the experience. Jane returns and lights up. Ann takes a hit and within a couple of minutes you can see the effect start to hit Ann. A giant smile comes across her face and her nipples must have grown another half an inch. It was amazing. In the meantime, Jane and I are getting a good buzz going. Jane excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When she returns she lifts her tank top flashing Ann and me. I pull Jane closer to me and take one of her nipples into my mouth. I suck it and bite it, causing Jane to moan.

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   Ann is watching the action with huge eyes. I keep sucking on Jane’s nipple and one of Ann’s hands disappears off the table to her lap. Her face is beginning to flush. Jane and I figure we had better stop before things get out of hand but pulls her tank top off before setting down at the table to finish the joint. She says she is hot, and boy is she ever. After a little while we are all really buzzed, and when I get buzzed I get really horny. I announce to both women that I am headed upstairs to take care of this raging hard-on I have. Jane looks at Ann and says they will come with me and help. This is an offer that no man is going to say no to. We start heading up the stairs and Jane slips her arm around Ann. Ann becomes a little unsure of the situation and decides to stay in the living room. I send Jane on upstairs and tell her that I will talk with Ann. Ann has sat down on the sofa and as I approach her, my cock is swaying back and forth in my shorts. I walk right up to where Ann is sitting, my cock just inches from her face, and explain to her that Jane wants to share our bed with her. Ann smiles and then I add that I believe that Jane also wants to bury her face in your pussy.

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   Ann’s eyes get wide but a smile crosses her face. I slide my shorts down, letting my cock come into full view. I tell Ann that I also want to enjoy her beautiful body. Ann slides forward on the sofa while opening her mouth. My cock slides right in to that warm wet hole. Ann sucks my cock like a pro and I can quickly tell this has to go upstairs. I pull my cock out of Ann’s mouth with a pop and a moan from her, and lead Ann upstairs to the bedroom. When we enter Jane is on the bed, nude with both hands buried in her hairy bush, working her clit likeamadwoman. I slip out of my t-shirt and look over to Ann. By this time Jane has already had her first orgasm. Ann pulls her t-shirt over her head revealing those beautiful boobs. Next she slides her shorts off revealing the fact that she was not wearing anything underneath. She turns to face Jane and I. Ann’s nipples sit in the middle of her pointy boobs and are hard, her pussy hair is very thick and very wet. Ann climbs on the bed and immediately resumes sucking on my cock.

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   With Ann’s ass sticking up in the air, Jane sees this as her opportunity to sample some pussy and buries her face into Ann’s pussy. A moan escapes from Ann’s lips as Jane finds her clit and sucks it into her mouth. I look around Ann to see Jane has her hand working her clit over with a passion. After a couple of minutes of tongue lashing Ann’s clit she cums with a giant scream and flood of juices onto Jane’s face. Jane comes up for air and to display her cum drenched face. Ann pulls her mouth off my cock and tells me to lie down and for Jane to come over and sample my cock. Both of them begin working my cock and balls over, with each taking turns, At this point I think I have died and gone to heaven, but Ann and Jane have other ideas. Jane turns to Ann and says “Ann, try his cock. I think you will like it. ” Both of them stop sucking me, and Ann slides her drenched pussy over my cock with it sliding in without effort. Jane repositions herself over my face and begins feeding me her pussy. It is so wet. Jane is humping my face and Ann is riding my cock. I feel Jane move forward slightly and see Jane start kissing Ann and their tongues intertwined. Jane then moves down to Ann’s nipples and sucks one into her mouth.

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   Ann whimpers in pleasure as she is riding my cock. Ann then leans over to Jane and starts sucking her nipples. Jane orgasms again all over my face, giving me a cum bath. Ann slides off my cock and pulls Jane down onto the bed and straddles her. Ann starts kissing her body, starting at her lips and working her way down. Ann stops at Jane’s nipples again, giving them a kiss and little bites. Ann then continues her journey down Jane’s body until she reaches her pussy. Ann pulls Jane pussy lips apart and slides her tongue into Jane’s pussy. In the meantime Jane as started slurping on Ann’s pussy. This action continues for some time, each woman fully enjoying each other. I am laying on the bed taking in the action while stoking my rigid cock. After awhile Jane turns to me and motions me to get behind Ann and slide my cock into her. Jane starts working on Ann’s clit while I slide into her with full force. When Ann feels my cock enter her she pushes back on my cock and really goes after Jane’s pussy and starts sliding a finger up Jane’s ass. I begin to fee l the cum rise but I am not ready to shoot a load yet.

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   I want Jane to get this load as she started the whole thing. I pull my pussy dripping cum cock out of Ann and spin Jane around, plowing into her with as much force as possible. She is drenched and tight. I start pumping into Jane like a mad man. Ann comes behind me and starts squeezing my balls. I slow my pace and Ann takes my balls into her mouth and starts sucking them. This is more than I can take and start spraying loads of cum deep into Jane. Ann continues to suck my balls until there is no come left in me. Ann pulls me off of Jane and buries her face into that fresh fucked pussy, eating out the come I just deposited. Jane orgasms onto Ann’s face, coating it with her cum juices and my just deposited cum. Being high, I am still hard and ready for action. I slip in behind Ann and slide my wet cock around her ass hole . Ann stops her sucking for a second and reaches behind and spreads her ass, inviting me in. I start working my cock into her ass very slowly until it is in all the way. Ann goes back to work on Jane’s pussy as I fuck her ass.

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