Harem Girl: Part Two


The windows in the back section of the car were darkly tinted, so it was impossible to see where they were or where they were going, although Dee strained to see through the dark glass, it was still hopeless!!! The car sped through the nearly deserted streets until it rolled to a halt and the doors flew open and the women were pulled from the vehicle in front of a large jet airplane!!! "Get on board, please," a man said, "and be quick about it!!!" As the three of them climbed the stairway up to the entry way, Dee scanned the area to see if she could figure out where they were, but from the looks of it, this was a private airstrip in the middle of the desert, so they could be just about anywhere!!! Once inside the luxurious cabin, the same man who had roused them out of bed took their robes and directed them to the private living quarters in the rear of the plane where they were told to wait!"Wow," Midori said, "so this is how the other half lives, remind me if the prince asks me to marry him to say yes!!!" Dee was just about to rejoin her with a snappy reply when a smooth deep voice from behind them said, "Good evening ladies, or should I say good morning, if you would please take a chair and buckle your seat belt, we should be taking off momentarily!!!" All three of them spun around together and standing before them in a white silk robe was the prince, as tall and as handsome as any prince in a fairy tail could have been!!! As this was the first time she had met him, Dee was almost dumb struck by the shear magnitude of his presence, and immediately understood why Midori had said it was indeed and honor to be the chosen one for the evening!!! No one had so much as moved, so in a gentle but firm voice he reiterated, "Ladies, your seats please!!!" All three of them apologized profusely and buckled themselves in while the prince called the cockpit and ordered the plane to take off!!!As the plane rose steadily to into the night sky, Dee asked, "Where are we going!?!" The prince chuckled a bit and replied, "You American girls are all alike, full of questions, questions, questions, but if you must know, we are flying to Singapore, but it is a long flight and all work and no play......." The plane had reached its cruising altitude so everyone unbuckled their belt and automatically the three women gravitated to the gigantic circular bed in the corner of the room while looking at the prince expectantly!!! While motioning Dee to come to him, she could clearly see the outline of his big erection under the thin white robe, which resulted in her knees growing weak and her vagina drenching itself with a gusher of Bartholin's fluid!!! With a nod of his head, the other to women turned to each other in less than a minute were in the midst of a very satisfying session of sixty nine, which only heightened the intense aura of sensuality that permeated the air!!! "Ahhhhh, Delilah my lovely," he said softly while pulling her to him, "like a delicate flower ready to plucked, you are mine for the taking," as her body molded against his, their kiss sent a shock wave through her already sensitized body that left her head spinning and her vagina in a state of unbelievable desire!!! "I must ask you a question," he said while keeping his mouth just inches from her lips, "are they treating you well back at the palace, I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to meet you!?!" "E-everything is just fine," she said weakly, sure that if he let go of her she would have fallen to the floor!!!" "Good," he replied, "I want all of my girls to be happy and contented, but right now you're not contented are you, my love, there is something you desperately need and you don't quite know how to ask for it, am I not correct!?!"When she didn't reply, he smoothed her hair and offered, "I thought when you American women wanted something you demanded it, so tell me, Delilah, what is it that you want!?!" Slowly she pulled away from him, and without saying a word, opened up his robe, dropped to her knees, and gently took the head of his erection into her mouth and sucked like a baby on a bottle!!! Midori and Gracie were already in the midst of a huge orgasm, and the prince while watching them, moaned once and flooded Dee's mouth with a gusher of cum that nearly choked her!!! She looked up into his eyes and said softly, that's what I wanted," and quickly went back to her sucking!!! He continued watching the two other women sucking each other off, but when he was again fully erect, he pulled Dee to her feet and led her over to the bed, pushed her down onto her back, spread her legs, and said, "Now we will all make love to Delilah!!!" His huge erection stood by as if waiting for a signal to begin its work, when out of nowhere, Midori's small hand grabbed the massive pecker and slowly fed it into Dee's swollen cunt!!! As each inch penetrated her pussy, her body was wracked with one orgasm after another, each one even more intense than the one before it, and while the climaxes she had experienced back at the palace with the other girls were great, the sensation of being filled the brim with hard dick flesh made her realize that they were only a poor substitute for the real thing!!!As the fury in her pussy grew more intense, she vaguely thought about the fact that the prince had kidnapped her right off a public street and forced into sexual servitude, but no matter how much she tried to fight it, the combination of drugs and the overt sexual activity of the other women back in the harem made it improbable if not impossible to resist the lure of the life she was now leading!!! For hours on end she and the other women would take turns sucking each other to and endless stream of orgasms, while they waited sometimes not so patiently for the opportunity to be taken by the prince, and as she was finding out right now, it was more than worth the wait!!! As he pumped away at her, it crossed her mind that he wasn't a man at all, but satyr, capable satisfying the desires of a multitude of women, of which she was just one and thankful to be that!!! "Oh god," she moaned, as each woman had taken one of her nipples into their mouths and were now nursing on her large full breasts as the pile driving erection literally smashed her now helpless pussy into complete submission!!! The orgasms began running together, none of which was now distinctive, as sensory overload began to overtake her drained body!!! Just as she was about to beg him to stop, Midori stuck a broken vial of amyl nitrate under her nose, and like a sonic boom, her pussy erupted in a string of brutally satisfying orgasms that left her quivering like a bowl of Jell-o!!! The prince, upon getting a whiff of the powerful aphrodisiac, stiffen like a board as his pecker convulsed sending a gusher of cum into the hot pussied American's vagina!!! For the rest of the trip, the four lovers lay together, as the women took turns riding the thick prick of their master, and while Dee was pretty much fucked out, she felt like she was really now part of the prince's family!!!THE END