House Calls


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Why did I become a nurse? I really wanted to help people. When I was little, I used to put bandages on my dolls and stuffed animals and pretend to take care of them.
Now I’m all grown up, and still, my greatest joy is the feeling I get from my job. Nursing is my life.
And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when it comes to helping people, there’s a lot I can do if I’m allowed to work my magic.
And hey, how many nurses do you know that still make house calls?
Carrie smiled as she closed her diary. That entry had been made more than two years ago when she’d first become a nurse and decided she was going to go the extra mile and start making house calls on her own time as a way of making extra money.
Basically, she worked at a hospital just like every other nurse. Then on her off days, she would make extra money by making herself available for house calls for patients who were too busy to spend all day sitting in an emergency room for minor injuries and colds.
It just so happens, the main reason these people didn’t have time was because they had great-paying jobs that required all of their time. Therefore, money wasn’t an issue. She could charge top dollar and they’d never bat an eyelash. It was a win-win situation.
Today she had to journey to one of the richest suburbs on the other end of the city.

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   There was a young man named Mark who lived there. He looked like he was in his mid-twenties, but he was already the CEO of his own construction company.
He was always getting bruised. Whenever he could, he called Carrie to come to his house and treat him so he could plan his business and take care of paperwork while he waited for her to get there.
Business had gotten so good that Carrie had to hire an assistant. Her name was Cindy. Both women were blonde and slender with very sexy figures. They wore their nurses’ uniforms on every call.
They sat with Mark on his couch. They talked to him, found out what happened to him, and examined his arm and hand. He had minor bruises, but nothing appeared to be broken. She just wrapped the finger and put the arm in a sling to hold it still.
She said, “You’ll be fine. Just keep it in a sling for about a week. ”
“Well, uh, that’s gonna be a problem,” said Mark.

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“You’ll get used to it,” said Carrie. “It’s only a week. ”
“Yeah, well, a week’s an awful long time and I, uh…”
“Ohhh,” said Carrie. She was fighting back a smile. “Are you left handed?” she asked.
“Yep,” said Mark as if he was thanking her for figuring it out so he wouldn’t have to say it out loud. “That’s the problem. ”
“I see. That could be a problem. I’m left handed too,” she said.
Carrie noticed the seductive wry smirk on Cindy’s face. They’d been working together long enough to know what the other was thinking. Cindy was having naughty thoughts.
Carrie was too. Mark was a handsome man with a lot going for him.

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   What woman wouldn’t want to cuddle up with him?
Because the ladies were blonde and very attractive in their uniforms, they were constantly getting hit on by their patients. They rarely did anything more than flirt back, and that was only because they wanted to retain business, but once in a while, they’d meet someone who turned them on just as much they turned him on.
That’s when sparks would fly. That’s when they’d get a feeling of euphoria mixed with an adrenaline rush that only the two of them could ever appreciate. That’s when there would be magic.
The both raised their skirts simultaneously. They slid their panties to the side and started stroking their cunts.
“Oh,” said Mark.
“See what I mean?” said Carrie. Then, to Cindy, she said, “I could give this man a couple of aspirins, but what he really needs is a couple of these. ”
She pulled her blouse open and showed him two of the most perfect tits that he’d ever seen. Both women were watching Mark as she did it. His eyes grew wide and the bulge in his pants was rising quickly.
The girls leaned in close to him. They started kissing him while he used his one good arm to feel all over Cindy’s tight, round ass.

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They were rubbing all over his cock. They could feel it getting harder beneath the jean material. They felt tingles rushing through their entire bodies getting them hotter by the second.
Carrie slid off the couch as Cindy undid the belt on Mark’s pants. She walked around behind them and bent over him, putting her breasts in his face.
He started sucking them, and then he felt a hand force into his pants and take hold of his dick. The hands were warm, the AC made his prick cool once she pulled it out, and the cavern of Cindy’s wet mouth made it warm again.
He was moaning passionately as Carrie helped him out of his shirt and then started taking her own clothes off.
“Oh, yeah,” whispered Mark.
He looked down for the first time. He saw his cock rapidly disappearing into the mouth of the beautiful blonde and damn near lost it right there.
“Ohh, it’s such a big cock. She can barely put it in her mouth,” said Carrie.
She was right. Cindy was sucking the top and using her hand to masturbate the lower half.

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   Sometimes she would go lower as her hand was coming up and she’d try to force feed some more down her throat.
It was the slut in Cindy coming out. She wanted it all in her mouth even if it choked her to death.
Meanwhile, Carrie wasn’t going to be the only one left out of the action. She had climbed on the couch, taken a seat on Mark’s chest, and put her pussy right in his face where he could happily suck and slurp her sweet juices from it.
“Yeah, you like her sucking your hard cock while you lick my pussy?”
His tongue was busy probing her pussy, so all he could do was give a muffled “uh-huh” as an answer.
“Oh, god,” Carrie moaned. She licked her lips and grit her teeth. Mark was excellent with his mouth. The way he licked, sucked, nibbled, and slurped her clit was giving her the fits.
“Yeah, yeah, that’s right. You’re gonna have my cum all over your face. ”
After a few more minutes of bellowing in pleasure, Carrie climbed off and Cindy stood up. Carrie helped her get naked.
“Look at this,” she said to Mark.

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Cindy was a knockout. She was tall and blonde with a tight, round ass and perky tits.
She sat next to Mark as he squeezed her breasts, but then Carrie took hold of them and started sucking them herself. Mark tried to join in, but Carrie pushed him back, stood up, straddled him, and eased her soaking wet cunt on his throbbing prick.
Carrie started grinding her teeth. His dick hurt so good going into her. She could feel her juices coating his dick, giving it the lube it needed to slide in and out of her hole.
By now, Mark had removed the sling. His arm still hurt, but he needed to use it to fully enjoy the women. He cupped both ass cheeks and guided Carrie’s supple ass up and down.
Everybody had a hand on something. Mark had a handful of ass; Carrie was fondling Cindy’s tits, which happened to be her favorite part of Cindy’s body; and Cindy was busy pleasuring herself as she watched her boss and her patient getting nasty beside her.
She was bouncing really hard now. They fucked harder and louder as time went on.
“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna fucking cum on your cock!” screamed Carrie.

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   “Oh fuck!”
Mark started slowing down. He was still fucking, but now it was a slow grind. He closed his eyes. He savored the way Carrie’s pussy felt, how warm and snug it was.
Cindy had slid onto the floor. She was licking her boss’s ass and Mark’s cock. She mainly focused on licking the pussy juice off Mark’s shaft every time Carrie rose up.
Carrie said, “Mmmm, that’s it. Eat my cum off of his cock. Lap it all up. Ooh, she’s so nasty. Look at her. ”
But Mark was in no position to see what Cindy was doing. Carrie’s body was blocking his view, but that made it more erotic. He had to go entirely on touch, and it felt so damn good.

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“Come grab some of this cock,” said Carrie as she got up.
“Hurry up,” commanded Mark.
She did, but instead of mounting him, Cindy lay beside him and raised her legs wide and high. Mark was on his feet and cock-deep in her in seconds.
Cindy’s eyes grew wide as he entered her. “Oh, my god,” she said, and Mark was thinking the same thing. Cindy’s pussy was too tight and too wet to be real. It had a tight, constricting feel, but she was so wet that it slipped right in and hot juices flooded his shaft right away. Mark was humping her slowly as Carrie started sucking her tits.
“Come on, fuck her,” said Carrie. “She likes to be fucked hard. ”
Mark obeyed by ramming into her with as much energy as he could muster.
“Yeah, make her cum. ”
“Oh, god, don’t stop. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” cried Cindy as she stroked her swollen clit.

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“Cum all over his cock. ”
Cindy started shaking and trashing for about a minute straight as her tight nest convulsed and spit her sweet nectar on Mark’s enormous dick.
“Yeah, said Carrie. “Cum all over his big cock. ”
When her orgasm subsided, Cindy hooked one of her legs next to her head. It left her wide open for Mark to pound her. It looked so sexy and inviting that it drove Carrie crazy wishing it could be her.
She waited as long as she could. She even let Cindy ride him reverse-cowgirl style while she fingered her, but she grew impatient and needy for a cock to be in her, so she made Cindy get the hell out of the way.
She motioned for Mark to stand. Then she stepped in front of him, separated her legs about shoulder width apart, looked at him over her shoulder, and slowly leaned forward until there was nothing but pouty, wet, cunt lips and a juicy ass visible.
It was an erotic vision, believe me. It literally took Mark’s breath away. He felt a rush of tingles fill his body, and then his cock began jumping and throbbing and tingling.
For a second, he thought he would cum without touching her, but he didn’t want that to happen.

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   He put it inside and started thrusting into her.
“Ohhh…god!!!” she screamed.
Since Cindy was laying on the couch, she was in a good spot to return the favor to her boss by fingering her clit while Mark drilled her from the back.
“Oh, yeah. oh, god. Oh, god. Oh… ohh… ohhhhhhhh… OOHHHHH!!!!”
Carrie’s pussy was creaming like mad. She felt his rod hitting every ridge and soft spot, making her cum repeatedly like never before. She could barely breathe because she was screaming and thrashing uncontrollably. Her legs felt wobbly and shaken. The only part of her body that still seemed to have fire in it was her pussy, which was still spasming around Mark’s cock.
Just when it seemed like she couldn’t take anymore, she felt Mark’s hands tighten around her waist. He paused, cried out, and then started slowly humping her again as he continued hissing and sucking air.
Both the girls got on their knees and opened their mouths like this was an everyday routine. Now that Mark thought of it, it wouldn’t surprise him if they did do this every day.


His mind went blank except for one thing. There was a super load of spunk coming up his shaft.
He stroked it and cried out as the first gooey load popped free and landed square in Carrie’s face. The next hit Cindy’s eyes and cheeks. The cum kept flying until their faces were good and wet with his code.
When it was over, the girls did exactly what he expected. They kissed and swapped sperm for a moment, and then wiped their faces and got back to business while they flirted with him.
They put his arm back in the sling and gave him some pain medicine for his aching arm. They made an appointment to come back later and check up on him.
They winked at him as they were walking out the door. Mark was excited. He knew they weren’t coming back to look at his arm. They were coming back to look at his leg…his third leg, that is.
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