I started baby sitting I ended swinging.


I was baby sitting for this family that I had sat for a couple of previous times. One night I had forgotten to bring a couple of DVD’s to watch so I explored their collection. There were a few old movies but they also had some in a locked cabinet but the key had been left in the door. I had a peek at the locked up ones and most of them appeared to be home made or copied so I thought I would try a couple. They were all porno – some of the two of them together and some were of what appeared to be a swinger’s night – including some taken at their house with the group – it was plain to see. Everybody was completely naked and having a right royal time enjoying sex with no inhibitions openly in view of everybody there.   There were one or two videos taken in the main bedroom but the couples were not alone.   I could see exactly where they had done things in the various rooms of their house. There were no signs of the kids so I assume they were either away or in their rooms asleep. There were 4 other couples in the group and I recognised one them. They lived in the same street as me. I could not believe the things they all did with each other and a few of them were demonstration fucks as you could see and hear everybody cheering them on. The one I liked best was the husband of the couple I was sitting for and the wife of the couple near my place – they were real swingers and quite athletic in how they fucked.   In one of the other DVD’s I realised the wife was prominently pregnant and she was pretty restricted in how she let the other guys fuck her. She really is one of the nicest persons I know, and a lovely mother BUT to see and hear her enjoying sex the way she does even with other men is amazing – you would never pick her as a sex fiend, and she is – there is nothing she doesn’t do in those movies. As I watched I stripped off and began to masturbate and imagine I was one of the groups.


    I wished now I had bought one of my toys and I had a quick look about for the Sybian machine that the women used occasionally to have mechanical sex on at their orgies. I had seen them used and have neve tried one so I was curious, I looked around but didn’t disturb too much and I couldn’t find it. It was also in other videos so it may belong to one of the others in the group. By the time I had watched about 4 DVD’s, I had achieved about 4 or 5 orgasms and it was about the time they were expected home. I had to put everything back so they wouldn’t notice I had been watching them. The next time I sat for them one of the kids was sick and they were in two minds as to whether they should go to their party – but because they trusted me, they went. Their mother said they are only a street or two away if they were needed – my guess was the same street I live in. During the evening I got worried about the kid who was sick and rang their parents at the place they were at and asked for instructions. The mother said she would come straight home and would be there in a matter of minutes.
 She arrived looking quite dishevelled but went right up to the baby’s room and checked her out and gave her some medication. Then we both went down stairs and she thanked me for the way I handled the matter, and she was going back to the party and the baby would be fine until they came home. Then she noticed I was looking at her in a strange way – I hadn’t realised I was that obvious, but I was looking at her dress and she was braless and her cleavage and nipples were prominent etc and her hair was all out of place. That wasn’t the way she was when she left, I knew because I had looked at her because she always dresses beautifully. She obviously realised I had noticed and said they had been swimming and she hadn’t had time to dress properly. She didn’t realise I knew better.

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   It wasn’t until she had left that I saw I had left one of my toys in full view but whether she saw it or not I wasn’t sure. When they came home she looked great again –fully dressed and hair and clothes all looking good. She said nothing and thanked me again for the concern about the baby. I normally walk home but her husband had offered to drive me because it had started to rain. On the way he said – my wife happened to notice when she went home our DVD cabinet was open. She said nothing then, but mentioned it to me when she got back because she thought I had left it open. I hadn’t – so I assume you have been doing a bit of exploring. I went every colour of the rainbow – I had been sprung, he knew I had been looking at the DVD’s. I said nothing but he stopped the car and started to talk to me about it – quite seriously about the fact I had breached the code of conduct in his mind by looking at things I had no right to touch. I stammered out that I had left my movies at home and had looked at his to see if there were any I had not seen. Before I had time to say anymore he said well you have seen something that I want you to promise and swear you will tell nobody about – I can assure you that you will be in big trouble if you do – we are doing nothing wrong just socially unacceptable in some homes. I said I would promise not to say a word. Then he wanted to know about my sexual experiences and in order to try and calm the situation – not that it was out of hand – I said I too had a history.  I wanted to let him know I had a past too, and that I wouldn’t want that exposed and that the both of us had skeletons in the cupboard. If he kept quite then I would keep quiet too.

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  He said you obviously are sexually involved with somebody – is it serious. I said not really but I had been and I had allowed a number of boys to have sex with me and they had videod them doing it to me. A bit like your parties only it was more or less a gang bang with me and another girl and between us we did a lot of what you do at your parties. I have what I believe to be the only copy of the video but I cant be sure. It took place almost a year ago and nothing had happened since apart from a couple of the guys wanting sex again saying if we didn’t they would publish some of the video. We gave in to them hoping we could find out if there actually was another copy but we both think they are bluffing because they have both told us different stories. Good he said – that makes things a bit clearer. How much did you watch. I said I am sorry but I have watched quite a few over the last two sits – I didn’t realise your wife was so close-by tonight and didn’t get a chance to get everything away before she arrived. I said I gather I interrupted something as I guess she was naked beneath that dress and that you were at another party. He laughed and said that’s right – we were all into it when you rang. I am so glad you are not disgusted by what you saw. I said not really – but I am curious as I recognised Jenny and Barry from up my street. Honestly I would never have suspected any of you to be involved in swinging. He said they are great – I don’t know if I should tell them what you know now – what is your feeling.

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   I said I would prefer you didn’t – but that’s your prerogative. I would hope that what we know about all this is our secret. That’s cool with me he said. Then he said I don’t know whether I should raise this now but I will, I have a proposition for you. I believe I can trust you. Every now and again we are looking for new members – do you have a boyfriend you could bring along. Jan would have to approve of him before you did, so it would be a night at out place for an interview – if you know what I mean - because you would obviously have to tell him what is going to be discussed and probably what will happen later on. I said I have a boy at the moment and we do sleep together. I will see what he thinks about it – I will have to be very careful though, as he is not the type of guy I would marry and one day he and I wont be together any more. The thing in his favour is he is from interstate and will probably move back at the end of his contract in about 6 or 7 months. I believe he will keep any secrets we have to him self, he is pretty good at sex too. I don’t think he will mind being videod but I will ask him and perhaps if he agrees he could watch one of the videos himself. He said I think we can do better than that – and left it at that. Then he said that’s perfect – now how about you – do you have any problems with what is going to happen. I said not at all – perhaps when we all meet I might get a taste of things myself.

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  He said you could have a taste of things right now if you wished. I said do you want me to suck you off. He said you can have your choice – oral or the full Monty – I would be happy to fuck you if that’s what you would prefer. I still have fuel in the tank if you know what I mean - even after a good night. I said – fucking would be my choice – I have seen you at it and I think I would like it – how about your wife. He laughed and said I gather because I am not back home by now she knows. I told her I was going to talk to you about the videos and my guess is she believes we are doing what we are planning to do. No she wont mind – we have both had many partners and we don’t mind either of us sharing it about – providing we let each other know who we have or plan to go to bed with. Jenny your neighbour and I quite often have a bit extra between us when Jan is on the rag, and he has the same privileges with Jan. Maybe we can all get it together occasionally as well – lets see how we get along now. My guess is Jane will want to know what you were like when I get home. He said get over into the back and undress – while I do it here. I gather you are on the pill. I said definitely. He owned a big SUV and the back seats were folded so we had the entire compartment to stretch out in.

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   I was ready in a minute and so was he. He got over and there were no preliminaries – he didnt waste time talking he wanted to fuck me and he did. I didnt get a chance to touch or feel his cock - apart from a quick glance when he climbed over to the back. He had a good cock I guess about 8 to 9 inches long and quite fat. it was straight into fucking and boy did he know how to use his cock – it felt fantastic and hard as a rock, even after his night of debauchery he had no trouble gtting it in to me and he went hard at it right from the first stroke. It was obviously he had perfected the ways and means and had lots of experience there. Within moments of him getting into me - I knew I was being fucked by an expert. It was great. I could feel him going at it and I said shit that feel good. The sensation of his cock inside me was amazing - I had been fucked many times but he felt different - and I liked it. He guided me into a few positions and each one gave me untold pleasure. My cunt had not been so well treated for ages – fucked yes - but he was giving me more than a routine fuck. He could use his cock in ways I had never experienced before and I was constantly letting him know how much I was enjoying being fucked by him. I don’t moan but told him how I was enjoying being fucked by him. – Shit that feels good – Fuck what a cock you have – Fucking hell that feels good.

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   – Shit my cunt has never felt so good - Keep that up and I will cum any minute – and I did - twice and he wasnt even close.

After a while he said I don’t know who taught you but for a young girl you seem to know what it is all about.
 He and I were in the car fucking for what I guess was about half an hour – he could control himself and only came once – right at the end. I came about 4 times and loved every moment of it and was quite vocal. Each time I came he said “Good Girl – I love it when you cum”   I don’t think my body had ever been in so many positions with a cock inside me. He could have written a couple of chapters for the Karma Sutra the way he handled and positioned me. I have never been so satisfied and amazed at how many positions he could achieve and I was still enjoying it. Even when  he had me on top I managed to give him a good ride – that is something I had practiced with my toys squeezing the cheeks of my ass and using my cunt muscles to give his cock a good firm rub as I rode him. As I did that he fondled my breasts and said you have lovely tits, nice and firm, I love them. I thought later he must be a real stud –my guess he would have fucked five or six of the women at the party and he could still fuck me better than I have been fucked before – he is amazing. Even after he had cum and pulled out I couldn’t remember my cunt feeling so good after being fucked. My clit was still tingling five minutes later I remembered later when I got home, and tried to remember and relive the experience in my mind.   Once he had cum – he said well that’s it for tonight – we are going to really get along well – I am more than happy with your performance – I hate girls who just lay there and let it happen. Jan will enjoy you too I am sure. After he pulled out he had wet ones and tissues in the glove box and we could clean up.

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   As we cleaned ourselves I said you were fantastic - I loved it. It was even better than the night we were gang banged.  As we dressed he asked me about my gang bang. He said how many boys did you take on. I said six guys, and my girlfriend had them as well – they all did us once then some doubled up – that night I was fucked 9 times and my friend was fucked 8 times. By the time the night was over I don’t think they could have fucked us again. Each of them had two fucks and most of them had three. A few had taken Viagra to keep their cocks hard. He said you must have been pretty messy at the end. I said no, we organised it before hand and  we all agreed – the first time for each of them was with a condom so the other guys could fuck us and not have to worry about who or how many had cum in us before them. I hadn’t realised some would want to fuck both of us then do us again, it was awesome. As it happened they all used condoms every time. They had each bought a pack of 12 so we had plenty. It worked out well and we made it a condition that the guy who fucked us best could fuck us again without a condom at the end of it. The guy I chose not only fucked me but sucked me out before he fucked me and I was over the moon, we did it 69.

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    – I had cum at least 6 times while the other guys fucked me – I can be pretty quick if I want to be. He had no problems going down on me but I must have been a bit strong after being fucked 8 times. He didn’t complain, and I came with a huge climax after about 4 or 5 minutes of fingering and clit licking, I really cum off on oral.   I wouldn’t kiss him afterwards though – even I could smell my cunt smell myself on his face.   To cum on oral is absolutely amazing for me. My guy knows just how to do it and make each orgasm like a multiple than just a suck and see job. I have had two and sometimes three multiple orgasms with him orally at times. Its awesome. He said I think we are all going to be fine. After that experience you will be able to handle the guys at our meetings without any trouble. Being young – and may I say as good as you are – they will all want to test you out.   They will be lining up to have a go with you, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You will be a bit of new meat to us. I said if they are half as good as the fuck you just gave me I wont be complaining, you were awesome. I have never been so well fucked.

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  He said tomorrow after I have talked to Jan I think the three of us will have another meeting – I want to let her hear your ideas on sex – have you ever had sex with another woman. I said not really – I have kissed and began to touch up my friend once but she has problems trying to suck me so she has never gone that far with me yet, and I don’t think she will – she enjoys boys and can suck and swallow them and is not all that comfortable with me. I don’t mind going down on her – but she doesn’t like that very much either. Ok - he said there are a few women who enjoy other women at the parties. Jan loves sex with other women so she will be a bit like me and want to test you out before she lets the other women touch you. Be prepared for her when we meet , she will no doubt want to see how you perform.   If you are as good with her as you were with me the two of you will have an awesome time together. Be prepared I am sure she will want to try you out when we meet. I said I will try – I have virtually no experience with other women – yet. Don’t worry, as I said if you are half as good with her as you were with me you will be perfect. I am so glad we have met you. I hope your boy can equal your performance. I felt really good – fucking is great and I love it, and he is brilliant, maybe the others are as good. By then we had been together fucking, cleaning ourselves up, and talking for about an hour before he started to drive me home, I had been well and truly fucked and looked like being introduced into their sex ring – it was going to be exciting. I just hope John will agree – but I don’t think he will take much convincing seeing it is mainly experienced women who are only a few years older and are all married.


   I think he just might enjoy fucking some other guys wife while he watches him. He wont have to worry about them being inexperienced. Tomorrow I will know, I will talk to John and I don’t think I will have to talk really hard to get him interested and involved – I can hardly wait now – I want into their parties, and more of him and his sex – he was fantastic. I will tell all in the next episode if you would like to hear – leave me a message.  .