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Hi my name is Cheeks. My friends nicknamed me cheeks when i was i highschool because they claim i had a nice pair cheeks. I just thought it was funny and i didnt mind it so i just went along with it.
What else you wanna know,im a ditsy blonde who was a cheerleader in highschool. Im about average height for a girl, how i dont have great sized boobs the guys do say i have the ass to make up for it.
This is a true story by the way that happened a few years ago when i was 16 in highschool. I was at this guy who i was not dating but however was fooling around with. Which you can say a fuck buddy. Ive only had sex with him and him only infact he was the one who intoduced me into sex. Well i was at his house even though i wasnt suppose to because his parents werent home at work and he wasnt aloud to have anyone over when they werent. Well any way we were making out when he pushed me on the couch,unzipped his zipper and without warning inserted his dick right in my mouth. He was really hard. I had been giving him head for about ten minutes when we heard the garage door open. We both jumped as he put dick away and zipped himself backup as it was his mom pulling in. He huried and rushed me out the backdoor.
I was pissed, i had to walk home feeling really horny.

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   Thankfully we lived in the same neighborhood so i was in walking distance. I started taking some shortcuts when i approached the park and saw two boys i knew but never talked to them that much playing basketball. I was a bit embarassed for them to see me as i was wearing just a green pair of softy shorts and a white tanktop for them to see my hard nipples and my butt cheeks hanging out.
They called my name " Hey Cheeks!" I thought instead of being rude and ignoring them i decided to go over there for a chat sence i had nothing else to. They both werent that bad looking, as they both had dark hair and had on basketball shorts. I went over there and we started talking. I was joking that i could kick both there asses at once in a game of basketball even though ive never played. They let me have the ball first sence i was the girl and i scored the first point even thought they probably let me. As i was trying to get the ball i heard one of the say i had a nice ass. Even though i heard him i still acted like i didnt. Then when i got the ball to make the shot booth came up from behind and smacked me on the ass real hard. "Oouch!" i said,then thinking to my self i was really wet i would really like the attention.
So i went up to both of them and grabbed them by their crotch and started rubbing them as i started making out with them intensely. Then things started taking off fast as one of them picked me up and carried me over behind the playground. They both sat me on the groud as i got down in croutch posittion and they pulled down there shorts and started sucking there dicks intensely.

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  From the sounds of it i could tell they were both really enjoying. My mouth started to cramp up as i was going back on forth on both of there dicks just sucking them intensely. Then one of them grabbed my head as i was sucking them and told me not to stop and got down on his knees. The other went behind me as i was now in the doggystyle position sucking the guys dick. The other guy behind me pulled down my shorts and started eating me out. I could tell he was really enjoying the taste because he was doing it for a long time while i was still sucking the other guys dick. Then the guy eating me out started licking my asswhole. I thought it was weird but i didnt mind it. Then he started fucking me hard doggystyle. And they both switched back and forth, sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass and pussy for a long time. Then they both pulled out and one cummed on my face and the other cummed on my buttcheeks, and i had like 6 orgasms  during the whole thing. After we were done we talked some more and went home.
A couple of weeks later i found out that the same guys that gangbanged me had also gangbanged my friends as well. And the same guy also licked there asses to. We all thought that was interesting but wierd.

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   I was just to embarased thought to tell them i actually kissed him. As time went on we had plenty of gangbangs. And my ass and jaw both hurt like hell.

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