Jan Keeps Her Promise, The Guys Take Me


Topic: Jan Arranges My GangbangJan called about 4 in the afternoon, I answered the phone and she said, "Hello Teresa, ready for a little party Dear?" "Not tonight Jan, I really have a full weekend. " "Yes, you do and it is to beging at 7. Get the hell bathed and shave nice and clean. There are some men waiting for you. " "Ah, Jan, I have plans. . . " I said. "Shut the fuck up, you are doing as I tell you and there are no excuses, now get showered and shave that pussy nice and clean or I will come over and do it myself. " "But Jan. . . " I began again. "Look bitch, I have made arrangements for you to entertain some friends and they have all paid $100 dollars each and I am not giving the fucking money back. If you are good I will give you some of it, now get ready, they will be there at 6:45 to pick you up. " She hung up the phone and I found myself in the shower doing as she had said.

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   I shaved my pussy very clean and I was actually geting excited as I made sure I was totally shaved.
I was told to wear a long tank top tee shirt and nothing else so I found one  put it on. I drank two wine coolers while I was waiting and there was a knock on the door exactley at 6:45. I opened the door and three great looking young men stod there. "Looks like the one we are looking for guys," said one, "You Teresa?" "Yes I am, you must be my ride. " I said trying not to sound nervous. "Good, let's go. " I walked to the van with them and got in the back. One had already sat on the back bench seat and unzipped his pants showing a nice size cock. "Okay, get started" he said. Another took off the shirt and I was now totally naked not that I had much on. I bent over and swallowed him down my throat. He moved his hips to my face and began humping slowly into my mouth. Then there was another shoved into my pussy from behind making me moan. The driver was telling them to get me good and get me hot so he could get me as soon as we got to the house.

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Suddenly the cock in my mouth swelled and filled my throa with cum. He pushed my head down and held it there until I was almost passing out from lack of air. He let me up and then the other filled my pussy. We pulled into a drive and around the back of a large building and the side door opened and I was led out. Jan stood at the door dressed in leather and her breasts exposed as well as her pussy. "Get the slut out guys, everyone is ready. " She kissed me as I passed, "Do good and you will get something out of this besides cock and cum. " I was taken in and tied to the same frame that I had been tied to for the women before. Jan began a show for the men that were seated around us, I don't know how many but there was a large group and most were at least partly naked. "Pull the ropes tight" Jan commanded. I was now suspened by my arms on the ropes and my tits had clamps on the nipples. Jan hung weights from the clamps. . . "Oh my god, please, oh my god.

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  " I cired out. Jan slapped me hard and blood was in my mouth. "Shut up bitch. " she screamed at me.
"Lower her now" she said and I was lowered onto what I thought was a dildo. My toes were barely touching the floor and the dildo began moving in and out of me slowly. There was a sound like a machine and then it got faster. "Fuck her to death," said one man. I looked and there was a fucking machine at work under me. PLeasure spread through my hips as orgasms shook my body. Several took over my hips as I began trying to keep up as the speed increased. The lights went out and Jan said, "Okay, lets leave her for a while. " Sounds told me I was alone and no one was there and I was alone in a circle of might, the machine put on the fastest speed and deepest penetration possible.
    I don't know how long but I was numb from the constant fucking my pussy was taking and sweat was pouring from my body. Suddenly Jan was sucking my nipples and the lights were on as I came around.

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       "Get her down and give her a real fucking guys" she said. I was limp and laid on a mattress and a man dropped between my legs driving into my pussy and fucking me hard. At the same time another was in my mouth and doing the same. There was no affection just hard fucking and cum.
    I do not know how long or how many men were in me that night but I woke up several times only to see another face over me and another cock in my mouth. I had been turned over and filled in my ass several times and was sore all over. Jan was there once in a while kissing me and telling me to earn my freedom. I found myself over a toilet pissing and huge amounts of cum dropping into the toilet. I was laying again with men in me again and again I was filled with cum ass, pussy and throat. "Put her back on the machine" Jan commanded and now again I was being fucked by a thing, no afection and just hard deep fucking. The cycle kept up and over and over I begged o be let go only to be laughed at by Jan and men that I could not see.
    Finally, I woke in my bed at home, Jan next to me kissing me. "You did great Teresa," she said. She pointed to the dresser and said, "You earned all of it Baby. " Money was there and she got up, dressed and left as she said, "See you again soon Baby.

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      " Two thousand dollars was on the dresser and she later told me that was half. '
    Easy money she told me. "Well, you didn't do all the work" I told her.
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