Life of Alexandra Ch. 5


As we got older, our parties actually got a little more organized. We were all pretty much nerds or geeks or whatever term you want to use. We weren't the kids other kids wanted to hang with so we got together to do things our way. One of the things we realized early on was that we were all pretty much divided into those of us that are exhibitionists and those of us that are voyeurs, so, our idea was to have fun satifying each other. When were were in our later teens, the parties all started about the same way. We'd all get together in the recreation area by the river. Kids brought food and soft drinks, no alcohol, and we started by doing typical kid stuff: ie. swimming, kayaking, shooting baskets. By now, everyone knew that I totally loved being the naked center of attention and they let me. So, whenever we got together and we knew we wouldn't be interupted, I'd get naked right away. Some of the girls thought it a little slutty, I didn't care, the boys all seemed to like it. Whatever, when I took off my clothes, things would start to happen. I'd look for the boy with the biggest bulge in his pants so that I could have some fun. My favorite thing to do while being watched is to masturbate, but not just any old way. I'd lead the boy by the shorts, holding onto his cock through his clothes to the picnic tables. Since everyone knew what was going to happen, there was a lot of cheering and encouragement.

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   I'd pull the boy to the table and then drop his pants. I was never disappointed, at that age, there was a terrificly hard cock waiting to greet me. Once I had his shorts down, I'd give a couple of strokes and suck on the head of his cock for a very short time, not much staying power in most of the boys. Then I'd sit on the edge of the table so that I could pulll the boy up between my legs, I wanted everyone to be able to see. Once my little hard friend was in position I'd take his cock in my hand and slowly start to stroke my clit with his cock. My pussy gets unbelievbly wet so it was nothing to keep his cock lubricated on my own juices. I'd keep this up until the boy would tell me he was going to cum. I do not like cum to touch my skin and everyone knows it. As soon as he'd say that, I'd get down on his cock with my mouth, I'll have to admit here, I first started to lake the taste of pussy juice from my own pussy on the boy's cock. It generally didn't take long for him to cum in my mouth. Then to my fun thing, everyone seemed to like it, once my mouth was full, I'd stand up, open my mouth to show everyone it was full of cum, then I'd swallow. One of my girlfriends did a variation on this one that I got to help with. Anything for cum. She'd find a willing boy and have him get behind her doggy style. We didn't do intercourse, only handjobs and blowjobs, sorry if I disappoint anyone.

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   Intercourse didn't start until we were much older. She'd put the boy's cock inside her pussy lips and let him hump her, I'd lie on the ground under her, what a way to show my pussy. I'd be on my back and I'd spread my legs for all to see my wet pussy. Once the boy got humping I'd raise my head a little bit so that I could put my lips on the shaft of his cock. When he got ready to cum, he'd let us know and I'd put his cock in my mouth. Another fun way to get a mouth full of cum. I did have one stupid thing I did at just about every get together. Everyone went along with it, I'm sure almost everyone know it was a set up, but nobody cared. When I had to pee, I'd get with a group of the boys and start telling jokes. As they told jokes, funny or not, I'd laugh like crazy. Sooner or later I'd tell them to stop or I was going to pee. They'd naturally keep going. Because of the way I'm built, and with a lot of practice, I can pee standing up, no hands. That is what I'd do. I'd start laughing and then start peeing.

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   It was absolutely amazing to see how many guys got hardons watching me pee, I love it. Most of the rest of the time was spent with different small groups either performing for the voyeurs or becoming the voyeurs by encourging them to let us watch. I did my best to get as much cum as I could, I don't know why, I've just always loved it. The texture, the warmth, the smell and especially the taste. We even had a couple of parties where the boys were supposed to try to masturbate as many times during the week as possible, save their cum in a container in the freezer and bring it to the pary. At one of these, we got almost a cup and a half. The idea, I thawed it all out in the microwave, put it in a clear plastic cup and drank it all in front of everyone to a round of cheers and applause, damn that was so hot, I got so wet. It was almost the same at the end of each party. After everyone left, Al and I would go to the house and take our showers. Since we were nudists, we didn't have a problem going naked, it was normal. I'd be so turned on that Al would come into my room and go down on me so that I could climax. I'm so glad he doesn't mind the taste of his sister's pussy. He really is good. Then I'd help him climax. By now it didn't take much, thank goodness, I really didn't want to spend a lot of time sucking cock, I just wanted the cum and I wanted my brother to feel good.

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