Mixed Group (family + friends)


Mixed Group Intercourse (interacial, incest, & animal) - fictional fantasy for private adult entertainment only.

It's not uncommon for some strangers to view my wife (Cindy) as an older sister of our daughter (Joy) when their together (although for some reason they never mistake me as her brother). A little shy of 40 (yet at appropriate situations not shy otherwise), Cindy & I keep in good shape, and enjoy life by occasionally trying new activities. With our approval, Cindy arranged special 18th anniversary of (Joy) our daughter's birth. As a attractive young woman, our daughter draws the attention of many men, while she chose to wait to yield her virginity to someone special (live-long love). As a somewhat protective parent, yet liberally minded and able to allow Joy to learn (with maybe some scrapes and bruises, avoiding serious stuff), Cindy wanted to test Joy's suitors for proper sexual skills, and provide the 3 of us with an unforgetable celebration of Joy's joining our filtered, fairly free life-style. Mother & daughter chats had discussed Joy's eagerness to enjoy sex with a man; having already breached her hyman while experimenting with dildos & same-sex thrills. Cindy started Joy on "the pill" at 16, to ease her womanly monthly issues, etc. (I left most girlish details to my wife), and discussed our being open to help her explore a wide range of potentials; within safety guidelines to protect our health, and public reputation. Joy provide us with list of several candidates; 2 failed our discrete background checks (unwanted violence, dis-honesty, or problems with blood test for diseases) and a few declined my tactfully phrased offer to be tested as contestants towards earning our approval to "join with Joy" as she desires. (We'd allow her "light" dating with honorable selectees, yet prefered her limit contacts with failures to normally polite public situations. )

During the afternoon, we had a spectacular 18th "B-day" party, with dozens of Joy's friends, plus some extended family & neighbors celebrating in the back-ground with us (not to distract Joy's young group unless invited). By sun-down, most guest were on their way to other activities (the special guest also went, to avoid rumors if anyone kept count). After verifying a "go" from everyone, under cover of dim evening lighting, I transporting the 2 selected favored jocks (and a special friend), back for our orgy event; while Cindy prepared Joy, herself, and our bedroom for a night we'll never forget (including video camera for the personal collection my wife and I have).

Upon our return, Cindy warmly greeted the extra-big Black (football player) and the medium size Hispanic (soccer player), by their sport name (again explaining this was test for privilege to maybe later have sex with Joy, and not for later sex at their request with Cindy). We were curious how each responds to personal and impersonal relations, especially sexually to women.

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   We clearly stated that Cindy & I are in charge, anyone can refuse a request or leave at anytime, and all sworn to secrecy outside ourselves. Cindy turned on some (updated & up-beat) sensual/burlesque music & sound effects, and invited Joy to unwrap her "presents"; suggesting she start with her parents (trying to set our guests at ease).
Joy jokingly jerked down my pants, underpants, and lifted my shirts to expose me shin to shoulders, leaving me standing there with my head surrounded by my shirts around my raised arms (this helped to lightened the mood, yet briefly brought some embarrassment to me). I complied with Joy's request to simply stand that way while she unwraps her other 3 presents. Joy verified their OK, then disclothed the hiden handson manly & muscular features of our guests (my wife later told me she first removed Football's shirts & shoes, then Soccer's shirts & shoes, had them stand beside each other, then slowly pulled down Football's pants, then Soccers pants), displaying now 3 varied dicks for all (except I) to view. Cindy then followed Joy's request to demonstrate a strip-tease for our guest (who were allowed to finish disrobing, while I was told to stay as is). Joy's experiment was to watch how our guest's cocks reacted to Cindy's erotic dance, vs. mine while eyes covered (and used to seeing wife undress). Unknownst to me, Joy duplicated Cindy's seductive dance, at times helping each other or having guest help remove bra or nylon stockings (worn tonight mostly for sensual affect of guest removing from her luscious legs). Joy then allowed Cindy to help remove my shirts, allowing me to compare adorable daughter's growning-up teenage 'birthday suite' to wife's familiarly fine figure.

Cindy closely inspected (visually and by body contact; more intimate than any medical exam they've had) our guest (head to toe, front & rear), and allowed them to gently grope and examine her fully-formed adult hour-glass feminine features. Joy copied some of Cindy's touch test on us three men, yet only I was allowed to recipricate similar curious contacts towards Joy (guest were reminded not yet earn privileges with our daughter, until past mother's tests). Joy & I shared a mutual exploration of experiencing the other's buff body for first time; I revelling in her transformation from cute child to aluring almost-adult (and we'll soon take steps to changing one aspect of that "almost"). At least two of us men were distracted from staring at beautiful nakedness of females within our reach, while trying to avoid seeming to care about the hugh size third, with a growing larger male member getting the ladys attention as Cindy and our guest smeared each other with blue-berry flavored body oil, using hands and some 'second-hand' (using other parts of their body to spread) fluids, while Joy & I duplicated such erotic touching-feeling sensations using cherry flavored virgin baby oil (to celebrate experience of our virgin daughter).

Our goal was instruction and inspiration for Joy's learning sexual interactions with the opposite sex, so we proceeded to our bed.

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   Cindy had Football lay on his back along one side of our bed, had Joy gingerly wedge his 9" pole upright between the 'V' top of her nude legs as she laid perpendictular, forming a "T" (Joy's petit feet hanging over side of bed beyond Football). Cindy then climbed atop Joy, 69 fashion, finding a good 5" of Football's tense tree (being teasely squeezed by teen's quivering hot-blooded egg-nest's planted around it's trunk), and started to lick that monster meat (too thick to fit between my worthy wife's teeth without inflicting damage). Cindy supported her upper body by her pillowy breasts on Joy's toned tummy, so she could handle that hardy harpoon, trying to visuallize it in her practiced pussy, while marveling at the contrast of this massive black cock reaching up past her precious daughter's pink pussy (now just inches below Cindy's eyes). Joy then directed Soccer to show her how a man sucks a woman's snatch (her mother's, inches above Joy's face). When Cindy again did a push-up to be on hands & knees, Joy got peek-a-boo views down between her own climbing C-cup and her mother's downward hung double-D cleavage for a unique sight of that proud prick projecting past (and in contact with) her venus fly-trap (eager for it's first real meal), or focus on (freely lending helping hand, finger, or tongue) her mother getting at least as good a licking as she's giving. Joy soon had Soccer place his 6" stick up to Cindy's cunt, allowing her to guide it in for close-up view of a mother fucking. I did my best to also get that view of another's prong entering my spouse's pussy, then stepped back to watch my wife, over our darling nude daughter, between two diverse studs. As Soccer obey's Cindy's request to stay still as she concentrates on measuring this different dick now within her, Joy's arms shove aside her mother's mammory stalactites to barely grasp around the black stagmite (seemingly growing from the muscular and hairy MAN's pelvis under her own fertile valley) leaning between her thighs, abuting her leaking cave. After a few minutes of Soccer screwing Cindy's cunt, Cindy surprised us when she instructed the two at her twat to "shift that conquistador's lance to stab her two inches higher, after first making her a 'wet back' door". Joy pulled out and glided the greased Spanish sausage over 'that other hole', repeatingly re-dipping into mom's moist muff, as well as a few of her fingers to do some preliminary probing to prepare that button-hole-tight brown spot before being breached by boy's bloated brown bun-buster. Joy then pointed Soccer's 7" (size increase since inserted from idle to now ideally active) coated cock at Cindy's tight rear end (normally out-of-bounds for rooky players) and again I bowed in from above for close-up observation of obscenely slow forced rear entry, as wife's back-door budges, broadens, bringing bit by bit bye-bye, until her butchered butt's brushed by his hairy brown balls (superb view of bronze dong, guided by daughter's dainty hand, over her fascinating face, digging into my wife's bung-hole). Cindy verbalized her intense feelings, accepted erotic pain, while Soccer's stiffness stretched her (cleansed earlier) shit-hole. Joy fingered maturnal muff to compensate for temporary anal pain. Cindy soon adjusted, rebounding to Soccer's kick-ass action, and renewed feable attempts to feast on Football's chocolate center-piece, sometimes kissing Joy's clean cunt near its half-way marker to the big black-eye bulb top.

Soccer soon send's navy of his-panic sperm swimming into Cindy's crazy cavern, as both vocalize organizms.

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   Joy gets nose-to-nukie view as Soccer's shrinking skewer withdraws, draining guy-goo from mom's momentarily gapping ass down to Cindy's culpable cunt. Cindy, then Joy get off the bed, and per Cindy's direction, I lay right side beside Football's, (in opposite direction, my head near his toes). While Soccer visits bathroom (to wash his waining wang), Cindy has Joy get 69 over me, as she 69's atop Football, explaining to Joy this allows partners to see exactly what other offers before accepting insertion. I now have an extra-familiar close-up contact with my daughter's virgin vagina (reminding me of 22 years ago first view of Cindy's, and knowing that nearby guest had similar view of my wife's more senior yet supremely servicable shaved snatch). My hands massage her pristine pubic region, gently fingering her flower, sniffing her sassy scent, and tongue tasting tart tissues of tiny teen twat. Joy said I'm the only man to have touched her exposed pussy; now, since last time while changing diapers as infant (had woman doctors, while special boyfriends were limited to feel through shear panties). While Joy's not as practiced as her mother, her learning lips & tongue completed the priming of her pappy's prick while my licking her cherry cunt increased her lubriating liquids. Enough warm up exercises, time for main event -

Cindy then advised Joy to follow her lead, positioning her used pussy as target over Football's ballistic missle, facing his feet so I view wife's full frontage of her craving canyon hovering over his elevated canon. Joy jockeys jovially so her juicy juvenile jelly-jaws just over my gratuituos gavel, eager for gravity to glide us with gusto into my girl's glorious gyno-gash. Soccer helps stablize both broads, balancing on brink of bottoms being breached, as both lean beside other's bosom, bridging as Joy's delicate left hand grabs base of her boyfriend Football's bro-boner, and Cindy's right hand graciously guides her husband's (my) horny hypo (hoping to soon insert, inject, hyper-kenitic anticipations) as gesture of giving each other's intimate acts of sexual presents. We all watch as both projecting pricks' apexes penetrate precious pussys, and gradually combine until gloving feminine fingers free our bats to complete slide into home base.

Cindy heavily breathes as her recently used lubicated birth canal's filled to the brim, as Football's plowing pry-bar (easily 2 to 4 times my tool's volume) embeds into her inner wanton womb. None are jealous (maybe Soccer?) of partner's bliss with another. I & Joy are definitely delighted to feel daddy's dick dig deep into deserving daughter's developing former-virgin vagina; savoring the special sense of daughter's first fucking, with father, while mother's balling her ball-player boyfriend on same bed (Cindy & I aware all being recorded via video-cam strategically placed before guest arrived). Cindy and Joy sat upright, with eyes closed, feeling freshly full-filled within gently grinding genitials as chucky clubs completely compacted craving cavity, until touching throbbing twat + ticklish testicals tightly together.

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   Both then begin rythemical bouncing & bobbing their slippery sluts up & down our shiny shafts; to synchronized sounds of slapping skin. I marvel at site and reach up, rubbing daughter's teen throbing tits, while Soccer trys in vain to milk one my wife's jiggling jugs with his moving mouth. Cindy, seeking new sensations, got Football's (big strong shadowed hands & arms under pale partner's daring derriere) & Soccer's (ambitious arms around buxom body) cooperation in helping support and rotate her hunk-hungery hitch-cup; literally screwing side-to-side as shoving up+down, as she sits atop his king-pin bolt (feeling his hairy nut-sack wack wantonly on every butt-to-balls bottoming). Football would playfully spank her peaking posterior, paying heed, hoping positive primer or prelude to promotion to potent provider, plus prolific procreating partner, of patron's premiering protege. Joy seemed to appreciate my similar slaps on her shapely south-cheeks. Cindy briefly pauses to lean back onto Football, so his hugh work-hardened hands can man-handle her soft, milky mammories; displaying contrasting color (black & white) of these attrative opposites lustly joined by their hip-humping fuck-driven animalistic instincts for pleasure (I've vantage view of vivid vision of varied, virile visitor's vimen vigorously vanishing into vixen's velvety void, reversing, revealing revived, reverberating <sensational sounds of sex> as massive magma flowing from wife's voluptuous vanila volcano, and repeating rock-hard return of dark matter to re-occupy our obliging oven of life). Again rotating, staying connected to lunging long dong, Cindy does several push-ups, swinging & squashing her 38-DD breasts against his firm hairy chest; rocking & squishing big-barrelled guy-gun in/out well-oiled her-holster (custom fit for me, now laboriously loosened by his hammering hulk). Joy & I tried to follow their lead, yet not as dramatic visually-varied affect, which inspired us to try to catch up to their pace in our dueling doubles doing-it dance competition (with everyone winning).

Desiring greater diversity to this rare rumpus, Cindy signals Soccer to bring on our third guest (we'd discussed as optional, and now confirmed all will keep private party confidential). Soccer returned with a dark furry dog, of daunting dimension, yet reportedly disciplined in discriminating deeds of diviant interactions with people and pets behaving well with his master. Joy knew Football's family had some dogs, which seemed friendly when she visited, yet difficulty believing some of the wild stories heard from friends, family (including us), or others, and while too polite to speak of such 'third-world rumors', imagined extreme erotic electives extra-entrancng (not really dangerous and among consenting adults). "Wolf " scanned room with eyes + nose, finding no threat, no other dog in sight (yet aroma of a rival and of humans in heat), started search for offering of food or permissive playmate. 'Wolf' saw (and smelled) everyone here as friends of Football (a higher ranking male in his pack), especially the white woman laying atop him (winning wrestling match? . . .

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   oh, . . . mating that way). His entering room and casual check of Joy & I caused us to freeze in mid-stroke, until comfortable with different addition. I cautiously resumed nailing my nominal name-sake-maker into my newly allowed nubile nukkie (product of prior periods empregnating her mother).

Holding her torso prone to his own, Football pinches, then pats Cindy's pleading potty-pouches, asking Wolf "do want some of this, boy?" - "come and get it". I also pandmoniously pinch daughter's dove-tails, dissected delightfully by my dowel, yet avoid any pat or slap in case draws dog to our preserved processing of personal passion, as we apprehensively observe bed-side ebony & ivory duo become BM+WF+Mdog trio. Football hold's Cindy prisioner, per her prozy permission, humps up their promiscuous hips so her prominent rump is promised prize for devoted dog. Wolf noses in, and likes what he licks (master's balls & exposed base of his buried cock, covered with Cindy's juices, and flavors source her stuffed slit surfaces(!). The destined-to-dominate dog decides "time to breed this bare-back bitch", dances fore-paws to hug Cindy's waist, lowly growls, then licks the back of her neck (and side of her face as she bravely looks over her shoulder at this magnificant beast about to do the dirty-doggy-deed up her anxious ass). The K9's pointed, slimy doggy dick extended from protective furry sheath and (with tail awaggen) descended, aim on ass, aware primary pup-poon-portal pre-packed by prodominate provider. Beastly brute sinks most of 6" mongrel-maker suddenly through Cindy's small puckered pin-hole, and hairy hips rapidly repeatedly rams expanding and extending doggy dig-a-ling until previously probed passage's pliable, perverted perimeter forcedly dialated to accept Wolf's bottle-necked base (as if snake which swallowed billard ball backed up her ass). Cindy was sandwiched as soft cheese-cake between Football's firm bare, black, muscularly massive-man-size prone body; with pile-driver drilling her spasming gushing oil well, ignited by man's-best-friend sharing feeling of live fur coat covering all over her back and spontaneously, sequentially, sexcentenarily spearing her rear. Odd 'Oreo*' (hybred animal cookie) scenario (white wife scissored securely as man+beast's bi-polar bitch) decadently & dynamically demonstrated diverse bebauchery beside diligent debutante being duly drilled by daddy's dick (my mind drifts, imagining dynamite daughter atop me duplicating deed, to be duo-ly docked).

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Hoping to continue our efforts to equal others voraciously varied venue, I grap Joy firmly by her cheeky rump, sliding her growing-up-fast girly-globes up against my hairy chest, her up to taste her cherry-flavored teen tits and carefully chomping on her cup-cake treasure chests. My unplugged pensive penis springs upward to trail lubricating juices past her throbbing, empathetically empty, recently virgin vagina, to glance across her (shy?) ass. My manly fingers reach into her soaked slit, briefly feeling inside her gap-closing cunt, then solicitly slip a dripping "up-yours" finger through her previously "one-way" "exit only" end of her digestive tunnel (which starts at her delicious lips and eager-to-please mouth, travels through her teen-trim tummy, and leaves so neighborly next to her baby-making bay hatch < with pee shooter > hiding besides fertile grounds, so cleanly kept. Her cute face now only inches from mine, over her gasping (surprise!) mouth, I see her wide-awake eyes display diverse desires and then signals of surrender from doubts of impending pain after I whisper "you ready to explore those alternatives, as we watch mom teach your boy-friends how to fully serve to a sex stared woman?" and she replies "I'm in my Daddy's hands to learn, I trust you's do me right". I gently push her hips to slide her down, my happy-pappy-prick again warmly wraped deeply within her willing birth canal; we hug tightly together as her re-filled cavity climbs toward climax via our combined pumping motions and full-body contact. Our fucking stimulates her first man-made climax, causing her craving cunt to spasmatically squeeze my enjoined joy stick. My experienced sexual stamina enabled me to delay my ejaculation for Joy's better benefit on this special occasion.
I whistle a merry tune, which brings our furry family dog "Happy" running in to join the fun. We're sure his knowing nose sensed our sexual scents from down the hall, yet his social training delayed his entry until invited. Wolf & Happy notice each other, Wolf's too busy helping master fuck Cindy, and since Happy sees Cindy among friends with Joy & I, he's eager to play his part. Happy has helped Cindy when she needed more then my human limitations allowed; yet it seems we were successful keeping his special talents secret from Joy. Cindy whistles her happy tune, reaching down, collects some of her own slut sause, smears some on Joy's tiny hiny hole and with refreshly Cindy-sauced fingers, waves Happy near for a taste, I take up and continue whistling when she stops, and rub and pat Joy's ripe rump, helping a hesitant Happy learn that although Cindy's not open for his help, we're asking him to help Joy. Joy starts whistling the same “time-to-tango” tune, also gets some secret Cindy sauce to rub & pat on her own "I can if you can" consenting to copulate. Happy laps where my cock coincides in daughter's joy-box, adding her taste & tune as authorization to do as doggies do best. I place pillow under our conjoined groins, but Joy disconnects, changing from kneeling squat (Mom's method) to (with Soccer's help) more flexed (& stretching behind pelvic) positioning petite feet above my shoulders, then bending forward as lowering rump, re-docking atop my waiting dork.

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   Contorting, doubling over, both breast fit between her forward spread knees (our tits barely touching mine) she whistles happy tune as the 3 of us rub & pat her athletic ass. Happy taste-test reconfigured offered opening, hops on board, and juts _ / - unable to find specific spot below. Cindy reaches between Happy's prancing paws, feeling Joy's brown button-hole with her pinky, guides our hot-dog right into fun-buns valley's fudge hole. Once animal's aspiring arrow centered in target, Happy humps rumps rapidly reaming, vibrating daughter's & daddy's erogious areas towards split-second explosions. Joy feels my spurting sperm wash womb, igniting female's second male managed orgasm tonight, with Happy's hyper-speed help. My cock continues to plug daughter's sated vagina, yet as my spent penis starts to dwindle, Happy's harpoon expands to more than take up my slack; knock, knock, knocking through her back door, (*) as key to lock lovers (hound) bound in (her young) body.

Cindy chants "yes", "more", "again", "do it", as Football grunts & groans and Wolf faintly"yip"s and pants, signaling combined climaxes to their united efforts. Wolf's swollen knot's securely tied him in Cindy's tireless turd-cutter, unwilling to relax, trying to close her overly opened bomb-bay. Until Cindy and Wolf disengage, Football's fading woman-pleaser rest centered in her clinching cunt. Joy whimpers and sighs as her dazzed overloaded mind daintily responds to again spasming pussy (containing my contented cock) and pulsating anus muscles as Happy's erupting nozzle hoses her rectum as a doggy douche.
Cindy's not one for leaving well-enough alone, and seeing Soccer refreshed, she greedily gulped & slurped down his rejuvinated tonsul tickler (glad to verify her sword-swallowing skills thriving), as her bottom's stuck skewered by two endowed anchors. Soccer ask if Joy wants to keep up with mother's motivating marathon, she seems willing, yet puzzled how to proceed, seeing no cocks ready for her next oral exam. Unknownst to others, her 16 year old brother, "Junior" learned of our perverted party plans and bowed out of his scheduled overnight stay at a friends, apparently sneaking in for suitable peeping on our unorthodox physically exhausting partying. Soccer kept that secret since retrieving Wolf from our garage, and now challenged Junior to put his stiff prick where his sister's mouth can rock his world. Cindy and Joy started to shiver, and vainly sought some shielding for essential privacy of non-public parts; then instantly understood "too late", anyway, pubic parts packaged between partners plugging pussy + purging port. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   Our jealous yet genial Junior walked boldly bare from the shadowy room across the hall from our bedroom (with our door open, and that door precisely ajar, he had unobstructed view of our bed-top gymnastics). This was first time we've seen him buck-naked since both were babies, and he carried himself well. With a 'we're all family & friends', or a "after doing that, I dare you to try this" attitude, he complimented us on our performances and asked if his sister can blow her sibling's 'candle' simulating Mom Cindy sucking Soccer's cock (as if a contest or comparison) to complete this 2-circle circus? Cindy had ceased her selfish and serving activities upon learning young son amoung suddenly unguarded group, however regained "I'll show you how it's done" gyrating genitials simultaneous to deep-throating, to thrill her 3-way drill team; redoubling her maternal instinct to teach'em brats together. I try to be impartial, not wanting to influence birthday girl against her natural wishes, nor embarrass either by saying something we may someday regret. Life is series of unrehearsed acts, sometimes with important audience, and fragile memories and lessons are learned or forgotten often beyond our voluntary control. I felt Joy's muffin-mixer muscles joult when we got news of Junior here, and her apprehensive expressions of mixing "what next?" with "wow!" to now "is this really happening" inciting her "take it slow & go with the flow", restoring her 'girl gets guy' manipulations of Happy's, my, and now Junior's 3-ring circus of creative cock serving.
Cindy and Joy tied in tasks of finishing facial fucking. We soon witnessed dogs' dicks popping free from both aching asses (dribbling dog-DNA down on our tested testicals sacks). The dogs returned to neutral areas to lick their disappearing dicks clean, eat separately undisturbed, then nap with full tummy, breed-empty balls, and contended thoughts. Departure of top dogs precedes women' withdraw off our waxed weiners, to proceed to final phase of our entertaining interviews. Cindy took Football + Soccer to our master bathroom for a stimulating sandwich shower, while I escorted Joy & Junior to our other bathroom for a celebrating Joy shower. I hand-washed her front, while Junior handled her rear; cleaning everywhere, including both bottom holes finger-licking clean. Her left hand washed Junior while her right did me. I held her inverted, by hormone home-grown hips, as her lecherous legs clamped over by head (her back against my front), I buffeted on puffy bare beaver, augmenting with audacious ass, between dos un-chaste cheeks; while she ate her brother (revived boner up tilted throat, while nose nuzzles balls, & eyeful of chick-chasing crotch). She then rode me stand-up style (facing together, looping legs straddling my waist), with sibling's testosterone throttling thumbs thump & twiddle up her adventurous ass as palm & fingers grope & spread her cheeks so he had open view of how father fucks.

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   After drying each other off with towels and hair-blower, we explained that guest may have independant or double date previleges with Joy after a month cool-off period. We instructed Joy & Junior to not jump each other, or anyone (including us or Happy) until we approve, knowing they need discipline to keep hot-heads on right. .
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