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Kylie was a girl about my age and I had seen her at a couple of perties and from what I could make out she was either a lesbian or preferred to be with girls rather than guys. I had noticed a few times she had kissed other girls but on one occasion I found her really passionately kissing and fondling a girl I knew. I asked her about Kylie and she said she is really bi sexual but prefers to have mild affairs with other girls rather than guys. After that I watched her and she would dance and talk to guys but I never saw her leave the party with anyone other than another girl. I began to fantasise about getting together with her and at the next party I made a point of getting to know her better and I touched her on the backside in a sexy way deliberately a few times that night. Toward the end of the evening i was really making a play for her, that she was responding to, and asked her if she would like to come back to my place for coffee. I said I have my own appartment and we can be totally alone.
Once we were alone and outside I held her hand and she looked at me and I responded by looking right into her eyes and made a move like I wanted to kiss her. I really gave her the works and she responded as I had hoped, and our tongues were locked together as my hands fondled her breasts and she murmered her approval.
Then she said  'this might be a most interesting evening'.
I said 'if I have my way it will be more fulfilling than interesting being alone we can really get to know each other better'
When we got back to my place she wanted to look through the place, I think she was checking me out really before getting too heavily involved, after all she had only just met me really. I asked her if she liked it and she said this will be perfect and then we kissed again and once more my hands sought out her breasts and i could feel her hard nipples in her bra and I slipped my hand up her top and released her clip as we were locked together kissing. My hands then sought out her bare nipples and I rubbed them between my fingers making her react to the stimulation.   
Then she said 'you dont waste any time do you'
then I removed my top and bra and exposed my naked breasts to her not saying a word but keeping her eyes in contact with mine all the while. She mouthed but didnt speak -they are beautiful- as I held both in each of my hands presenting them to her. .

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She urgently removed her top and  bra and again we kissed and our naked flesh was pressed together and our hands were fondling and squeezing each other breasts
'Thats better' she said
We were now kissing really passionately and after I had fondled her breasts my hands went down to the center of her womanhood. I lifted her skirt and put my hands up and rubbed one over her pants between her legs which were soaking wet. Then I slipped both hands into the waist of her pants which were bikini's and slipped them down and as I they passed over her hips she shrugged them down to betwen her ankles. By now my fingers were extremely busy rubbing between her slit. She then loosen'd her waist band and then her skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of them kicking them away. All she had on now was her shoes. I was now furiously feeling her up and she was responding by pressing her body to where my hands were busily giving her a manual sexual wprkout.
I then removed the rest of my clothes as we continued to kiss. Then I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. We both lay on the bed and began to give each othe a wonderful experience as only two girls can do by using hand s and tongue and mouth. We had hardly spoken as we were completely obsessed by each other naked bodies and the female parts that give so much pleasure when properly manipulated.
We spent most of the night together and betwen us we managed to give pleasure to each other a number of times and we both achieved at least four orgasms at the hands of each other. The feeling was absolutely amazing.  
We met at my place a number of times and it was purely for sex together. She and I performed every sex play two girls can perform on another girl except penetrative sex.

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   I have a double ended dildo but she rejected that as a sex experience. She told me when she has that sort of sex it has to be with a man.
This was the first indication she was a bi sexual girl. I had kept my male experiences from her and then we both realised that while we had been completely engrossed in a form of lesbian loving together we were both bi sexual.
We spent the next half hour or so confessing our male and female experiences with boy friends or just guys we respected enough to have a sexual affairs with with without commitment.
I brought out some photo's of the guy I was seeing a lot of lately and explained we had been sleeping together. I said he is away for a couple of months and thats why had I sought her out. I didnt want to get involved with another guy and I couldnt go for two months without sex.
She said she had just parted with a guy because he was getting too serious and demanding and hated seeing me with other women. She told me, but from our experiences, I knew already. She absolutely adores having sex with other girls.
I told her when he comes back she must meet him.
That she said would be an experience.
What would he think of you and I, having had these wonderful intimacies together.  Being lovers as we have been.

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I said I dont think that would be a concern so long as you didnt get posessive of me, and made things difficult when you know that he and I had slept together and shared my body with him as I share it with you.
She told me I think I can handle that as I admit if a guy came along I desired I would have him as well. Whilst I enjoy sex with women I also enjoy it with men - thats whay we are both bi-sexual.  
I said when he comes back I will tell him about you and I and if you are willing, I will invite you over and we can see where it all ends.
We continued to share our bodies and have exquisite female sex together until he returned.
I told her that for a week I wouldnt see her as he and I would be very active sexually during that week but the followin week i would be in touch after asking him how he would feel about having 2 women in the same bed.
My week with him was superb and we made love multiple times each day. He could see I had not been starved of sex and attention and asked about what I had done to maintain my extreme desire for sexual company. I told him I had been with another woman. He was incredulous - he wanted to know every detail and he was so interested and erotically stimultaed by my stories of our lovemaking. He said I must meet this woman as anybody who can keep you happy as she has obviously done - I must meet.
I rang her and she said she could not get me out of her mind and had been going mad and masturbating and having wild self satisfying sex orgies with herself.
I said he wants to meet you, he cannot believe there is anybody that could keep me happy for two months and I not have sex with a man.
Can you come over tonight,
I will cook a meal or better still we could eat out.
    That way we would at least get some food into us as i know what will happen the minute we get together in my apartment it will be sex sex and more sex.


    Neither of us have had a 3 way sex experience before so there will be some sorting out to be done.
    Hows your periods I hope they are not with you at the moment. She said no they are due in a weeks time so that will give us plenty of ime to sort things out.
    She said I will meet you at 6.
    We ate and shared a bottle of wine so when we got to my apartment at 7. 30 we were ready willing and couldnt wait.
    He wanted to see the two of us together and we all stripped off and she was absolutely fascinated with him. She kissed him gently, fondled his cock and said I really want to try that, I have heard so much about how good it is.
    We could hardly wait to renew our sexual pleasures we had both been without for a week and immediately began to have our sexual intercourse the way we know each other likes to have it female to female. We both realised how much we had missed each other even though it had only been a week.
    Once we had both achieved two orgasms each, which is what it took us to regain our composure after having not had sex together for a week.
    He said now he could understand how I was so responsive and happy when he returned and not just a raving sex maniac. Watching the two of you together was the most amazing experience, I had even ejaculated once as I couldnt help but masturbate while looking at you.
    The we sat together all naked and she was obcessed with his cock, that is beautiful she said, perfect in every way and I am sure I am going to get so much pleasure from it. Then she said can I give it an oral experience i want to be able to taste you as well as feel you as we are all going to be on an equal footing and thats one thing I know I can do well.

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       Thats fine he said while you are getting me off like that I can get Pattie off orally as well we can get this 3some working on the first time.
    With that we worked out the best position for the three of us to be in and he lay down and Kylie sucked him while I sat on his face and had him eat me out. We hadnt done that way often so we had a pretty rare experience ouselves.
    Once Kylie got her mouth over him he realised she was extremely capable and said that is no novice I have down there, and she said she learned oral from a guy 35 when she was 16 and he was the best teacher she could have had.
    Did he have your virginity too, and she said no that was a bad experience a year before when she was 15 and he was 16. They  decided to do it one night in his fathers car and it was over in a couple of minutes, and she ended up with a vagina full of semen, no protection and no satisfaction.
    She said she went with about 4 guys after that trying to get satisfaction by orgasm herself before she met this older guy and he spent 6 months educating her in how to have sex in every position imaginable. She had so many orgasms with him she believed she could have one any time she wanted after that. She said she has had a few guys since but he spoilt her and now she has problems with guys who dont treat her like he did.
    The rest of the night went fantastically and we all had sex so often in so many ways and had so many orgasms it was fantastic.  
    Her first intercourse with him was one on one and I watched the two of them and it was highly erotic seeing two people who I loved having sex together.
    Since then we are regular 3 way partners and she often comes over and the two of them have sex together while I get a meal or do something about the place. I have seen them together so often now I dont bother watching and I know he enjoys each of us equally, we have been together now 6 months and not once has there been any occasion one of us has felt that the other is being treated any better than the other. It is a wonderful fulfilling 3 way relationship.  

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