One hot Friday


It had been a turbulent time for me.   I had turned 18, left high school and was now studying at a local community college.   Family life had broken up a little, my brother Jess had gone off to college in another state and my parents had moved out of town to follow my father’s company relocation.
When my parents moved house, I started to share a condominium with another girl and while it was somewhere to stay, it didn’t feel familiar enough for me to call it “home”.   Recently my roommate had announced she was quitting college and going back home, so I either had to assume all the rent, or find another place to live.
It was a hot, sunny Friday afternoon, and I missed my parent’s swimming pool.   I decided to go up to the complex’s pool to cool off.   I went into my bedroom, undressed and pulled on an old dark blue one-piece swimsuit.   I didn’t like wearing a bikini up to the pool; some older men hung around the pool and although I have a great body, 34C breasts, flat tummy and a nice pair of hips, I like my body admired, not ogled.
I wriggled into a tight pair of denim shorts, grabbed a towel and set off towards the pool.   I was still 50 yards away and could hear the incredible noise of shrieking kids.   I stopped, sighed and walked back to the condo.   I just didn’t want to share the pool with a bunch of brats.  
I unlocked the door, and a wave of homesickness washed over me.   As I threw my towel over the back of the threadbare sofa, an idea came to me.   I grabbed my purse and car keys and drove over to my old neighborhood.

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    As I cruised down the street, I saw that one of our ex-neighbors was just finishing washing her car.   I knew her son rather intimately and they had always been nice to us as a family.
I pulled up outside of their house, and got out of the car.
“Hello Mrs. Johnson. ”  I called out.
She shaded her eyes from the sun before her face crinkled into a broad smile.
“Well, well, young Nikki.   I guess not so young now.   How are you?”
“I’m doing good thanks, hey you look great. ”
“Yes, I started exercising, eating right and lost a lot of weight.   I’m just about finished here, you want to come in for a cold drink?
“Ohh, please. ”
As we walked into the house through the garage, I was amazed at how good she looked.   She still had large breasts, but her legs and butt were firm.   I guessed she must be about mid forties.

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    Her blond hair was tied back into a ponytail.
We went into the kitchen and she poured a couple of tall glasses of lemonade.   I glanced out through the windows at their blue, sparkling pool.
“What brings you out this way?”  She asked.
“I was going to go swimming in the condo complex’s pool, but it was full of screaming kids.   I then got a little homesick and decided to drive out over here to see if there were any of my old friends around.
“That explains why you are wearing your swimsuit.   Do you want to join me for a swim?  I could fancy cooling off and I wouldn’t mind a little company.   Sam has been out of town all week and won’t be home until late. ”
“I’d love to Mrs. Johnson. ”
“Call me Vanessa.   I’ll just go and get into my swimsuit. ”  With that, she went up stairs and returned a few moments later in a bright yellow bikini.
“Wow, you do look good Mrs.

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   Johnson, I mean Vanessa. ”  As she walked out onto the patio, I glanced at her butt as it wiggled side to side, the swimsuit tucked sexily up on one of her cheeks.
We swam, played and chatted about old times in the cool water for about 30 minutes.
“I’m going to get all wrinkly unless I get out soon. ”  She announced.
We got out of the pool and walked back into the kitchen.
“Silly me, I forgot the towels, there are a couple in the laundry room, come this way and don’t worry about getting water on the floor tiles. ”
I followed her into the laundry room where the drier was in the last few minutes of its cycle.
“Slip out of your swimsuit, I’ll put it in the drier, it will be done in a few minutes. ”
I hesitated as I saw her unsnap her top and slide it over her shoulders on to the floor.   Her big breasts spilled out, and I glanced at her large nipples, dark against the white tan line.   She hooked her fingers into her bikini bottoms and slid them over her thighs to her ankles.   Completely naked she bent down and picked up her wet bikini before tossing it in the drier.   I was fascinated as her breasts swung forward away from her chest.   She turned to face me.

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“You shy?  Come on Nikki, it’s just us girls. ”
I eased my shoulder straps over my arms and started to wriggle out of my swimsuit.   Her left eyebrow rose up.
“My goodness, I remember when my tits were as firm and perky as those two. ”
She watched as I slipped the suit down to my ankles and she crouched down to pick it up off the floor.   I saw her eyes fixate on my pussy.
“I heard you younger folk shaved their pussies, though I have never actually seen one up close. ”  She reached out and gently rubbed my flesh with the back of her fingers.   I could feel my nipples start to harden and I let out a little gasp.   I hadn’t had sex for a long time.
“So smooth and soft, I can see why the boys like it. ”  She stood up and glanced at my now hard, pink nipples.   She gently caressed my left breast.
“You had sex with my son once right?  I heard him talking about it. ”
I nodded as she continued to circle my nipple with her fingers.

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    I could feel that familiar tingle in my tummy.
“Was it good?”
“It was fantastic. ”  I blushed.
“No need to go red, there’s nothing wrong with good sex. ”  Her other hand gently caressed my hip.   “Have you ever made love with a woman?” 
“No, but I have wondered about it. ”  I replied slowly.   “I never really had the opportunity. ”
She lifted my chin up, kissed me slowly on my lips before pulling back and looking into my eyes.   Seeing no resistance, she kissed me again and I followed her lead, my mouth opening against hers as our tongues touched and explored.   Her lips were so soft and warm.
My hands slid around her waist and cupped her ass we pressed up hard against each other.   It was strange to feel her soft fleshy breasts against mine as we kissed hard and long before breaking apart.
“It’s been a long while since I made love; our relationship has just dwindled with Sam being away a lot of the time. I often get lonely.

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  ”  She confessed.
Vanessa took my hand, led me upstairs to her bedroom and carefully laid me on the sheets as if not wanting to break the spell.
I groaned as her mouth fastened around my left nipple.   Electric shocks flickered across my chest as she expertly nibbled and sucked on each one until they were both fully erect.   I wrapped my legs around her waist as a fire of desire built up in my hips.
I sighed as she stopped her aural caressing and I squeezed my perky mounds hard to keep that wonderful sensation alive.   Her lips moved down across my tummy in a series of soft kisses and licks.   She slipped her hands under the backs of my knees and lifted my legs up until my knees touched my chest.   Now I was at her mercy, my puffy, wet womanhood in plain view.
I was expecting her to tease me further, but sensing how excited I was, she roughly pressed her tongue against my clit, rubbing it hard with rapid movements of her head.   It was exactly what I needed and I came quickly.
“Yes, yes, yeeesssss, oh, oh, ah ah ah ah aaaahhhhhh. ”  My body arched and I pushed my hips against her face.   Vanessa kept me on an intense high for longer than I thought possible before letting my orgasm fade gradually.   Strangely, it seemed to linger even after she lifted her head up and kissed me on my mouth, allowing me to taste my own juices.

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“Good?”  She whispered.
“That was just intense. ”  I murmured.   “My attempts to repay you are going to seem clumsy.   I’ve never done this before. ”
She kissed my nose.   “Just follow my lead, I know what I want. ”  With that, she lay on the bed, knees up, and told me to get in the 69 position, my knees either side of her chest.
I felt her tongue lick my thighs in long movements, stopping just before she touched the entrance of my vagina.   I leant forward and repeated her every movement.   She pulled apart my pussy lips and I followed, marveling at her very pronounced mons.   For the first time I saw a woman’s pussy up close.   Although she didn’t shave, she kept herself trimmed.
The tips of our tongues teased and probed at our clits and I could feel Vanessa was already starting to cum, her hips bucking against my face.   I took her clit between my lips and groaned as she did the same to me.

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    The vibration of my moans sparked her orgasm and I plunged my mouth against her vagina, pushing my tongue as deep inside of her as I could.
I mimicked her every move, aurally fucking her hard, my chin bashing into her clit as she moaned in pleasure.   Her sexual responses drove me to a similar peak and we writhed in ecstasy on the bed, faces covered with each other’s juices.   Finally, exhausted but satiated, we separated and lay on the bed holding hands almost dozing off.
Vanessa rolled over and stroked my hair.
“You were wonderful my love.   How was your first woman to woman experience?”
“I wouldn’t have thought it would be so intense and last such a long time, I guess it is because sex with a boy is just focused on penetration.   I did miss that feeling of having something hard inside of me though. ”
She reached under the bed and pulled out a box.
“We are only having an intermission my love. ”  She grinned and brandished a dildo.   “You’ll have something nice and firm inside of you shortly. ”
I giggled and sat up to see what else she had in the box.   There were all kinds of toys and I lifted up a harness.
“It’s a strap-on Nikki.

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    You get to play the man.   Here let me fit it on you. ”
She tightened the straps and I was about to comment when she answered my question by producing a variety of latex penis attachments.   She had all different shapes and sizes.
“Mr. Black I think. ”  She pulled out a huge, thick, eight or nine inch black cock and fitted in on my strap-on.
“You want me to put that inside of you?”
“I’m not as tight as you; besides I’ve had a baby.   Go easy though, here’s some lube to get me started. ”
She lay on the edge of the bed, feet dangling and I stood between her legs.   I fingered her pussy, stretching her with one, then two and then three fingers.   She was soon soaking wet and I positioned the big cock at the entrance of her pussy.
“Put it in, ohh, slowly, ohh, okay, okay.   Oh God that feels good, deeper, oh yes.
Soon I had it fully inside her and our hips met.

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“Think like a guy now, and I want it hard. ”
I closed my eyes and remembered the time with a couple of my friends where we play-acted raping me.   I grasped her hips tightly and pulled almost completely out before ramming it in deep again.   She gasped in pleasure.
“Abuse me, I’m a bad woman. ”  She pleaded.
“You’re going to beg me to stop. ”  I whispered.
I starting pounding away at her pussy, long deep thrusts, and was surprised when I started to get a pleasurable sensation every time I slammed into her.
“Oh that’s it, fuck me harder, harder, ummmm you’re in so deep. ”
“You’re just a pleasure slut aren’t you?  You deserve to be fucked hard. ”
The dirty talk got her hotter and hotter and she continued to writhe and moan.
“You’re getting fucked with that cock next. ”  She hissed as another wave of pleasure racked her body.
“Ohh, yes please, but I’m not finished with you yet, roll over I want to screw you doggie style.


She did as I ordered and with one hand on her hip and one on her ponytail started mercilessly hammering away at her.   She reached down between her legs to rub her clit furiously.
“God, I can’t stand this, oh I’m cumming so hard, don’t ahhhhh dooon’t stop, yes yes yes ayyyyyyyyyy. ”  She screamed, muffling her voice against the bedding.
I gradually slowed down as she came off her high, leaving the big black cock inside of her.   Sweat was trickling down my face and I closed my eyes trying to catch my breath.   When Vanessa spoke, it made me jump.
“Hello Sam, you remember Nikki?”
I opened my eyes to see Mr. Johnson standing in the bedroom doorway.   I quickly pulled out of her and unfastened the strap-on.
“Yes I do.   You’ve grown up a little, haven’t you?”
“Err, hello Mr. Johnson, err, yes, err how are you?”  I didn’t know what to say or do.
Vanessa rolled over onto her back with a smile on her face.
“Nikki and I were just getting reacquainted.

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“Yes, I could hear that when I walked in.   You said something about her getting the cock next. ”  He gave her a kiss and started fondling her tits while staring at me.   “Can I watch?”
Relieved that this wasn’t going to get ugly, I lay on the bed, stretched my arms and put my hands behind my head.
“You can do anything you want. ”  I countered.   Butterflies fluttered in my tummy in anticipation.   I think I knew how this was going to end
“You hear that Sam?  Anything you want. ”  Vanessa smiled.
“Anything?”  He said as he stripped off his clothes, his nicely sized cock quickly springing to attention as he walked over towards me.   I glanced over at Vanessa who gave me an “it’s-up-to-you” nod and smiled.
He grabbed my ankles, flipped me over onto my front and dragged me across the bed towards him.   He moved in between my thighs and I could feel he was already oozing precum from the tip of his penis as he started to enter me.
“Oh she’s got a tight pussy Vanessa. ”  Sam murmured as he firmly grasped my hips with his hot hands.

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As Sam gradually pushed his way into me, Vanessa moved across the bed and put her thighs either side of my face.   I pulled apart her sex lips to expose her clit and started flicking it lightly with my tongue.   I pushed two fingers into her cunt and moved them in synchronization with her husband’s thrusting.   Vanessa moaned softly.
Finally, I felt Sam’s hips against my buttocks; I couldn’t believe how deep he was inside of me, he felt so hard and so hot.   He drew back and started long strokes, stretching my little pussy as he did so.   It was a delicious sensation of pain and pleasure and I could feel another strong orgasm building.
Sam increased his pace and his thighs rhythmically slapped against my ass.
“I’m not going to last longer, ohhh this feels so good. ”  He declared.   Vanessa couldn’t respond, her head was thrown back in silent ecstasy.
“Oh God I’m coming. ”  Sam cried.
I felt the head of his cock swell up and I finally peaked also, timed perfectly as his hot cum shot deep inside my body, my whimpers of pleasure muffled as Vanessa ground her hips into my face.  I was only vaguely aware of Sam’s final groans before he collapsed on top of me.

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    We lay there for several minutes intertwined and sweaty.
When we finally got up, I opted for a long hot bath and not a shower.   Sam and Vanessa shared a shower and judging by the giggles, they were not just washing their hair.   After the bath, I wrapped a towel around me and went downstairs.   Sam was out in the yard barbequing some steaks and Vanessa was preparing a salad.   He came in and gave Vanessa a big hug and kiss.
I pulled on my clothes and we sat down for dinner.   We ate ravenously and when finished, slumped back in our chairs.
“Vanessa said you are looking for somewhere to live Nikki. ”  Sam said.   “I spend so much time away on business, and Vanessa gets lonely.   Your company in the house just today has also rekindled affection that has been missing for quite sometime.   How about you spend the weekend with us or stay even longer if you want?  You can have the spare bedroom for a little privacy if you want. ”
I stayed the weekend and a few days later moved in completely.   Although it rarely gets as wild as it did that first day, there have been many pleasurable moments!
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