Party Time


The party began in the mid-afternoon at the rural property of friends with whom we've had many great times. In advance of the party, the hosts and I had met to plan new, fun experiences for Cheryl. There were eight couples there, half of whom we knew. When we entered the back yard, we realized that most had already arrived and were enjoying food, drink, sun, the pool, and each other. Cheryl wore a new thong bikini that showed off her body well. Not to be left out, I wore a thong also. As we approached the partiers, Ann and Bob, our hosts, approached us. Ann is a tall, well-built red head. She was already topless. Bob is a powerfully built man with the build of a pro athlete which, until recently, he was. Ann gave Cheryl a big hug and a very wet, open-mouthed kiss. As she moved to me, Ann pulled the tie on Cheryl's top and dropped it to the ground. After shaking my hand, Bob moved to repeat Ann's welcome of my wife. Ann gave me an equally wet kiss and then whispered in my ear that all of the arrangements had been made. That was the start of a hard-on that wouldn't go away until much later. The four of us approached the others and were welcomed in equally sexual ways.

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   By the time we got to the bar set up by the pool, we were both missing our thongs. The afternoon passes idylically. I enjoyed good conversation and laughs, all the while watching Cheryl enjoy the attention of others in and around the pool. While no heavy sex took place, Cheryl was kept on simmer or higher by open-mouthed kisses, sucks, bites, and pinches of her nipples and by fingers probing her cunt and her ass. It seemed like everyone knew of Cheryl's appetite and the plan, so were preparing her for later. After a light meal, we adjourned to a large family room in the basement. A large-screen tv dominated one wall. I arrived before Cheryl and turned to see her enter with John and Donna, a couple we had met at the last swing party. Donna was petite with a compact body and a dominant streak, while John was tall and thin with one distinguishing feature - a long, thick cock envied by all of the men. At the last party, Cheryl had been eaten to distraction by Donna then had her cunt stretched to the limit by John's cock. The three of them sat on a couch as the tv came to life with a XXX video. It involved several couples, both black and white, in various combinations of sexual activity. While my wife watched intently, I observed her being pleasured by John and Donna who were carressing and sucking her breasts and nipples and stroking her pussy. By the movement of her hips and her groans it was apparent that she was enjoying herself. I watched as the couple put cuffs and a collar on Cheryl.

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  As the movie ended and the lights came on, Ann went to the center of the room to announce the plan for the rest of the night. Two names were to be drawn from a hat, and those two people would be the slaves of those present for the rest of the night. The man whose name was drawn came forward and was given a bow tie and white cuffs and told to accompany Ann. Cheryl's was the female name drawn. Donna attached a leash to her collar and brought her to the center of the room. Donna then led Cheryl around the room. My wife was ordered to suck two cocks and then to eat the cum from two well-fucked pussies. I became more aroused as Donna had her suck one man's cock then give her vaseline to prepare a woman's ass for fucking. She needed no encouragement to put vaseline on the puckered ring and insert one, then two fingers. She was directed to suck the man's cock again and then insert it in the woman's asshole. Cheryl reached around to touch the woman's breasts and gave her a quick tongue kiss as the woman began to fuck back against the cock. All the while, others were touching, poking, and sucking her tits, pussy, and ass to keep Cheryl on at a high state of arousal. After Cheryl had serviced the others, Donna brought her over to the back of the couch she had sat on earlier, told her to lean over it, and told her husband, John to fuck Cheryl from behind. John enthusiastically complied and entered my wife's cunt with one thrust. I watched as her eyes opened wide and she took a deep breath.

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   Soon I could see her moving against him and moaning in pleasure. . As they both climaxed, Cheryl sagged against the couch and John stroked her and told her what a good fuck she was. With that, Donna pulled the leash and brought Cheryl to a mattress that had been placed in the center of the room. Our host, Bob, lay on his back and Donna ordered Cheryl to straddle his waist and sit on his erection. My wife needed no encouragement and happily sat down on Bob's hard cock. As she did, those around her began stroking her body. Ann moved behind her and began massaging her ass. John handed her a jar of vaseline and she began to lubricate Cheryl's ass, inserting two fingers well up her cavity. As she did, all eyes moved to the side of the room where a very large, muscular black man entered the room. He had to be well over 6'6" tall and sported an equally large cock. Roy was a former teammate of Bob's whom we had met socially before. Cheryl's head raised as she saw him move towards she and Bob. Her eyes opened wide as she saw his huge organ. Roy stopped in front of Cheryl and held his cock to her mouth.

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   I watched as she stuggled to open her mouth wide enough to get the head past her lips. Roy put his hand behind her head and slowly moved his hips as Cheryl's jaw adjusted to the now glistening cock. After some minutes, Roy removed his now very erect organ from her mouth and moved behind her. Ann offered him the jar of vaseline. He scooped some out and liberally coated his cock. He moved closer to Cheryl and began to slowly enter her asshole. Her eyes opened wide as she realized she was about to experience two of her fantasies at once - a black man and double penetration. Roy's gentleness allowed Cheryl to adapt to the double fucking and she was soon moving enthusiastically between the two of them and letting everyone in the room know that she was enjoying the fuck of her life. Within minutes, the three of them were rushing to climax. As they came, they rolled apart and one of the women watching dove into Cheryl's pussy and ate her to another climax. Following that one of the men entered her and began a serious fucking of her cunt. There were many fucks, sucks, and other sexual fun that night, but the prearranged entertainment was the highlight. Late that night, we dressed and began the drive home. I planned to stop along the way and show my wife my love and pride at her enjoyment of her sexuality, but as I drove away, she curled up in the front seat and fell into a peaceful sleep. That night has been one of many exciting nights of fun for the two of us.

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