Paying Up


“Take a seat. ” Smiled Mr Smith. The two bodyguards each pulled a chair out on either side of the table. David and Melissa took the seats. This meant they were sat opposite each other instead of next to each other, as they would have liked. David spoke first. “We were hoping we could come to some arrangement about the money. ” “Ah, yes. The money; I trust you have brought it with you. ” “Actually, we were hoping that perhaps you might consider instalments. ” “You’re having me on. Right?” “No. We do want to pay, honest. ” “If I thought for a minute that you didn’t want to pay your legs would be broken by now. ” “Please, Mr Smith. You can trust me.

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  ” “The money is already late. You have had all the time I can possibly give you without looking weak in front of my colleagues. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” “No of course not, Mr Smith. But you have to give me more time…” “I don’t have to do anything. I want wants owed to me now. ” “Please. We will pay as soon as we can. ” “That’s not good enough. The debt will be settled here. Tonight. ” “But how? I haven’t any money. ” “You have three options. One, You can produce the money by magic out of your wallet. Two, You can let my colleagues here break your legs. Or three, I will take goods to the value of.

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   Now you choose. ” “But we don’t have anything worth that much. ” “Oh yes you do. ” “What do I have that you could possibly want?” “The lovely, sweet, innocent Melissa here. ”Melissa was horrified. She couldn’t believe that it had been suggested that she was nothing more than currency. She stood up, knocking her chair over and started shouting. “How dare you! I am not just an object. ”The bodyguard next to her jumped up and grabbed her. David was enraged. He started to climb on to the table to get to Melissa but the bodyguard next to him grabbed and held him tight. Mr Smith waited for them to stop struggling and then spoke in a quiet, relaxed voice. “This is the way it will be. The debt will be cleared tonight. ” David was forced back into his chair and tied to it hand and foot.

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   All the while Melissa screamed and kicked to try and get away from the bodyguard but he was just too strong. Once David was secured to the chair the bodyguard left him to help his friend with the struggling Melissa. They sat her back in her chair and each stood at the side holding one of her arms. Mr Smith then stood up, looked at David and smiled. “I figure that by the time you leave here tonight not only will the debt be satisfied but so will myself and my friends here. ” Mr Smith walked over to Melissa and stood behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and started to stroke them softly. Melissa squirmed in her seat but could not get free. Slowly, he moved his hands forward and down her front. He gently squeezed her breasts then suddenly let go and stepped back. “Get off her you bastard!” screamed David. Mr smith didn’t respond to David’s outburst. He just walked around the table to where David was sitting securely tied to the chair. Opening a draw in the table he took out a rubber ball and a roll of tape. He forced David’s mouth open and pushed the ball in then he put tape over his mouth.

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   David was gagged. “Your shouting and screaming will only spoil the mood. If you sit still and stay quiet I will let you watch. ” David had no choice. Mr Smith walked back round the table to where Melissa was being held by the two guards. He took a pair of scissors from the draw as he went. Melissa struggled against the two bodyguards but could not get free. “Bend her over the table. ” Melissa was pulled from her seat and pressed against the table. Her eyes met David’s across the table as Mr Smith started to remove her clothes with the scissors. Every item of her clothing was totally shredded and pulled from her body until she was wearing only her high-heeled shoes. The table felt cold against her breasts and tummy and every nerve in her body was on edge. She felt totally exposed and helpless before these thugs. Inside, she knew there was nothing at all she could do to stop what was happening to her. She felt frightened and ashamed; David was the only man who had ever touched her before.

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   Mr Smith’s hands were on her back. She tensed herself. Slowly and gently he ran his fingertips up and down her spine. She had to fight to ignore the tingling sensations this caused. His wandering fingers moved down her body, over the cheeks of her bum and down the backs of her legs. Melissa couldn’t control the goose bumps that quickly covered her body. He knelt down behind her and spread her legs wide while she could only stare at her husband. One finger traced a line from the middle of her back down between her cheeks across her tight virgin arse hole and over her pussy. She had to bite her lip as he did this to her again and again. She didn’t want it but she could feel herself getting wet. Strangely, she was actually beginning to want this. This was so different; with David they had only ever fucked in the missionary position with lights out. Being naked and on show for all to see like this was starting to excite her. David looked horrified by what was happening and she felt guilty for the way her body was reacting. Melissa’s pussy lips were swollen now and her clit was on display.

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   Mr Smith’s finger continued to tease her. Juices from her pussy glistened on her lips and he knew she was ready. “Turn her over. ”The two bodyguards who held her lifted her up and lay her flat on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the table and open wide. Her nipples were standing up rock hard and she felt like jelly inside. Mr Smith stood between her legs and reached out for her tits. Again, his fingertips started stroking her. They travelled round her nipples, down her tummy and across her thighs. Melissa was thankful that she couldn’t see David from this position. Her excitement was becoming difficult to hide. Her body ached when he suddenly stopped what he was doing. Mr Smith stepped back from the table and started to undress. He carefully removed all his clothes and folded them neatly. Melissa lifted her head in time to see him walking back towards her. He was totally naked, his cock looked huge.

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   He smiled as he stood between her legs again. He took his hard cock in his hand and guided the head of it towards her swollen clit. For a moment he just stoked it against her then he moved it down to the entrance to her wet hole. Melissa tried to push herself towards it but couldn’t move so she opened her legs wider. With one hard thrust his cock slid right into her. She felt herself suddenly filled and she wanted it. His balls slapped against her bum with the force of the thrust. Melissa let out a gasp and arched her back. Mr Smith grabbed her tits and squeezed them. He started a slow pumping rhythm. His hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Slowly building speed the slapping noise grew louder as his balls smacked her bum. She was starting to race towards her own orgasm. Her tits were sore from being squeezed so tight but she loved it. She hadn’t even noticed that the bodyguards had let go of her.

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   They were busy pulling their own clothes off and throwing them to the floor. Mr Smith was reaching his own climax. He pounded his cock into her like a madman then suddenly froze with it inside her as deep as it would go. She moaned aloud and could feel it twitch inside as his warm cream was pumped into her. He withdrew slowly and a trickle if sticky spunk ran out and down over her arsehole. Mr Smith staggered back and saw the two naked bodyguards, their hard cocks in their hands. “Go on then boys. Have fun. ” Melissa just lay there as the first bodyguard took the place of Mr Smith. He rammed his cock into her already soaking wet and spunk-filled pussy. It squelched. She moaned louder and louder as he started to bang away at her for all he was worth. The other bodyguard climbed onto the table and started to suck and lick her tits. She screamed with pleasure as the sucking got harder and the fucking got faster. Mr Smith was sat back in his chair playing with his now soft cock.

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   Slowly, it started to stiffen again. The bodyguard with his cock in her pussy yelled out at the top of his voice as he sprayed his juice Melissa’s aching pussy. His spunk mixed with Mr Smith’s. He pulled out and flopped into his chair. The second bodyguard let go of her tits and got off the table. He rolled her over onto her tummy and lifted her arse up high. He had a different plan, he stuck two fingers into her well-used pussy and pulled them out covered in a mixture of both lots of spunk and her own juice. Then he pushed them up her arse. Nothing had ever gone up there before. She gasped at the intrusion into her most private hole. He moved his fingers in and out for a moment to lubricate her before pulling them out. Taking hold of his cock he dipped it once into her pussy to wet it then pulled it out and pressed it against her anus. Under his steady, gentle pressure it started to open and in he went. Slowly, inch by inch, her tightest little hole was stretched to its limit. Once fully imbedded in her arse he waited for a moment for her to get used to it before starting to move slowly in and out.

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   Mr Smith got out of his chair and approached to table. His cock was fully hard again as he climbed onto the table and pushed it towards her face. “Suck it, slag. ” He said in a deep voice. Melissa did as she was told, not because she was scared but because she wanted to. The cock in her arse was moving faster. She opened her mouth and let Mr Smith’s cock in. she sucked hard and could taste the mixture of spunk and her own juice still on him. The bodyguard still up her arse came quickly. Just as well because she was getting sore. Still she sucked and licked Mr Smith’s cock. The bodyguard pulled his cock out of her arse with a pop. It was a mess between her legs. Spunk trickled out of both holes and ran down her legs. Mr Smith was holding onto her head and literally fucking her mouth.


   Melissa’s lips wrapped tight around his shaft as he moved in and out. Then he came. Spunk flooded her mouth and squirted out of the sides. It ran down her chin and neck. He took his cock out and spoke to her breathlessly. “That was better than I expected. I suppose I owe you some change. ” Mr Smith got off the table and walked over to his neatly folded clothes, took twenty quid from his wallet and returned to where Melissa just lay, exhausted. He rolled the money up tightly and pushed it right up her pussy. “Now that wasn’t very fair on David was it? Melissa go and suck him. ” She got off the table and went to him. He had a strange look in his eyes as she knelt down and undid his trousers. His cock looked ready to burst. It was hard and leaking a little cum from its tip. She lowered her head and started to suck.

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   David was ready to explode. Until that night she had never even sucked David’s cock now he was going to be the second person to cum in her mouth. She sucked really hard and loved it. Mr Smith opened a draw in the desk and took out a box. Just as David came Mr Smith smacked Melissa on the arse with a rubber stamp. She stood up and looked round there was a mark on her arse in permanent ink. It read ‘PAYMENT RECEIVED’By AlanBe constructive in your criticisms. .
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