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Topic: Sarah and Steve 4It's almost race time and Steve and I have had lunch.   We checked in with our neighbor to make sure they knew we were having two guys over for company.    Then a surprise, mom and dad called.   They were having a terrific time and were worried about us.   We told them about the chores and that Brian and Mike were coming over.   They like both the boys and hoped we had fun and don't drink and be safe.   Pretty much they just wanted to make sure we were safe.
All of this time I've been naked and Steve has been wearing a T shirt.   I have been really getting to love being nude and it's nice to be able to get along with Steve.   I really think he likes me to be a bit dominant, just nice about it.   Steve said we should probably get dressed before the guys got here and I told him I didn't want to, I'd made up my mind to stay nude most of the time and I meant it.   Steve wasn't too happy about that and started to insist that I get dressed.   I gave in and put on a pair of short shorts and a cropped of T shirt, lots of skin showing.
About 30 minutes after I got dressed they showed up and Steve started to mess around with them.   They went out to shoot baskets, I watched for a while, they didn't want me to play.   After about an hour of this, Steve called in to me and asked if I could fix them some iced tea, they were thirsty.

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    I brought a whole pitcher of it and some watermelon.   They made some comments about being hot, and Mike said something "speaking of hot" and he kind of looked me over and of course Brian chimed in with a hot comment while grinning at me.   I guess it's a guy thing.
Steve suggested going in to watch the pre race show but they said they wanted to stay outside.   I suggested going swimming.   They said they didn't have swim trunks and I had to say it, I said, "let's go skinny dipping".   All three of them looked at me and I said I'm serious, I'll bet it's fun.   Mike said something about he will if I will or something like that and Brian was saying he will if the rest of us do and pretty much everyone was just standing there not daring to be the first to remove any clothing.   I just gave a sigh and went in.
 I picked up four towels from the laundry and went out onto the deck by the pool.   The boys were sitting on the grass talking and drinking iced tea.   I took off my clothes, I'm not sure I know how I had the nerve to do this, and called out to them.   I told them that I was going swimming, even if they weren't and I waited until they looked up and saw me naked, then I dove in.   I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but at least I was naked again, I love it.   I kind of floated around a little swam a little, the whole time listening to the boys arguing about whether or not to join me.

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    I went to the side of the pool and told them I didn't care what they did, but I was having fun.
I climbed out of the pool and onto the deck and then dove back in, I made sure they got to see me front and back.   I swear my clit was so hard it was throbbing I was so turned on.   My nipples were sticking out and I'm sure my pussy was wet.   This was just way to hot and I was afraid I was going to catch hell from Steve, but I wanted to do this so bad.
It wasn't long after that dive that I heard Mike call out to me and say he was coming in, whether I liked it or not.   I guess he got undressed before coming onto the deck, because it was pretty much just a blur as he came up the steps and jumped into the pool.   Right behind him came the other two, everyone was nude and I love it so much.   Steve told them that they better not say anything about this to anyone.   They just looked at each other so I added in, "if you ever want to see me naked again, you better keep your mouthes shut", that did it, they promised.
We started to play keep away with a ball we had in the pool.   I'm sure it was just a good excuse for them to see me jumping up and down and rubbing against them trying to get the ball.   You got it, I was the first one "it" to have to try and get the ball.   After about two or three minutes of this, I had fun.   Mike had the ball and instead of trying to get it away from him, I grabbed his cock.

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    He was like super surprised and I was in heaven, his cock was really hard and sticking almost straight up.   I started to stroke it a little bit and told him to give me the ball.   He just stood there and handed it to me.   I tossed it to Steve and he tossed it back and we started to keep away from Mike.   He got it away from Brian and it went on.
This time, while I had the ball, Brian tried to get it from me, so I tossed the ball and grabbed his cock.   He was a little smaller than the other two boys, but it was hard.   While I held his cock, I asked him if he'd rather stay near me or chase a stupid ball.   He just kind of gulped.   Then Steve asked me if I was grabbing the cocks of Mike and Brian, they said no and I said yes.   I got out of the pool and asked Brian and Mike to come over to the side by me.   When they got there, I asked them if they liked my haircut and I pointed at my pussy.   They were both grinning and nodding and saying yes.   Mike said he's always wondered what I looked like and now that he knows, he thinks I'm pretty hot.    That was either really nice, or he was flattering me so I'd stay naked.

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I sat down on one of the lounges and asked Mike to get out of the pool and come over to me.   It was now or never, I had to do this.   He looked at the other two boys, Brian told him to get over there, so he did.   As he was getting out of the pool, I told him that I like him, and wanted to give him something to remember me.   I asked him to stand in front of me and as he stopped, I reached for his cock and started to stroke it while putting it in my mouth.   Even Steve lasted longer the first time, but he started to cum like crazy almost right away, as his cum filled my mouth I held onto his cock until he was starting to go soft.   When he stepped away, I looked at Steve and Brian, opened my mouth and gargled the cum, then I swallowed.
After that, I asked Brian if he thought he could last longer.   He was in front of me faster than I had ever seen anyone move.   His cock was bouncing up and down, I guess it was throbbing from being so horny.   I guess he lasted about 30 seconds and he started to cum like crazy and moaning too.   After he came, I swallowed and smacked my lips.    Then I told them if they told anyone about any of this, I tell eveyone that they couldn't even get hard.   I also told them that if I found out they said anything, they next time a sucked their cocks I'd bite them off.    Almost in unison they said "the next time?"  I said "yes", as long as they went along with it, I'd give them handjobs or blowjobs a couple of times each time they were here as long as they kept it quiet and one of them was going to have to eat me out until I climaxed.

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    Again they looked at each other and started to grin.
I laid back on the lounge and asked which of the was going to be the first to make my climax.   I think they were both trying to get to me at the same time but Mike was there first.   He needed a little coaxing to get him to suck on my clit while licking it.   He also had to be told to take it easy, it was like he was trying chew my clit right off my pussy.   Brian asked me if I was going to suck off Steve.   I said "he's my brother" Brian said so what, he has a cock, doesn't he, you already know we won't say anything.
Well, here came the test.   I told Steven to come over to me.   He did.   I told him to stroke his cock until he was close to cumming and then let me put it in my mouth.   He started stroking his cock and I think he liked it.   After about five minutes I was climaxing all over Mike's face and almost as soon as I started, Steve was telling me he couldn't wait any longer.   I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock into as he started to cum.    Not too bad, in less then two hours after they arrived, we were all naked and all of us had climaxed.

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Since everyone was pretty satisfied, I suggested we go in and watch the race, bring in a towel to sit on.   Mike asked if we were getting dressed,  I said, no, I wanted to see their cocks and if they wanted to see me naked, I had to see them.   We went in and things were actually  pretty normal for a while.   We watched the race, I served them soft drinks and snacks.   Each time I went over to one of the boys I'd touch their cock or stroke it a little, I was trying to keep them just a little bit hard.
There was a big accident on the race and it was red flagged.   So, I had to try again to do something I've dreamed about.   I told everyone to follow me into the kitchen.   I pulled out a chair from the table and sat on it.   Then I told them what I wanted to do.   I wanted a cock in each hand and one in my mouth.   Whoever was in my mouth had to cum first, the others had to wait.   When the first boy came, then someone would take his place until all three had cum.   There was a lot of grinning and Brian told Steve to put his cock in my mouth first, I guess they liked seeing brother and sister together.
Both Brian and Mike had really great hardons by the time I got my hands on their cocks.

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    I started to rub and stroke their cocks, slowly, I wanted this to last a little while.   Every now and then I'd stop stroking and rub their balls, then back to their cocks.   The whole time I was doing this, Steve was fucking my face, moving his cock in and out of my mouth while I sucked on it and ran my tongue over the head of his cock.   When he came, I sucked everything I could from his cock, but didn't swallow.    Mike took his place and while I continued to stroke Brian's cock with one hand I rubbed Mike's balls with the other.   Mike wasn't lasting too long.   He came pretty quickly and again I held his cock in my mouth until it started to get soft and now I had his cum in my mouth too.   It was feeling pretty full by the time I got Brian's cock in my mouth.   As soon as his cock was in my mouth I stroked it with one hand and rubbed his balls with the other.   He came a lot.
All three guys were standing there looking at me so I had to do this.   I opened my mouth and showed them that it was full of cum.   I played with the cum on my tongue and squished it between my teeth two.   I just played with it for a couple of minutes then I swallowed.   I really think I love the feel and taste of cum.

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    At least I love the idea that it came from a cock.   I looked at the boys and told them how much it meant to me that they were letting me do this and I was sure I could trust them to never say anything to anyone.   (side note, it's been ten years, I don't think they did say anything, I never heard about it if they did).
Steve broke the silence and asked the boys if they ever saw a pussy close up especially while it orgasmed.   They admitted that they never saw a real pussy, let alone close up.   Just pictures.   Steve asked me if I'd let them look.   Now I was getting so hot it was hard to stand it.   I got up off the chair and sat up on the counter so they could see better.   I spread my legs and reached down to my pussy with two fingers from each hand, now I know I'm glad I'm shaved, they can see everything.   I spread my pussy lips open, then with one finger on each hand I spread my labia apart so I could open up my pussy.   I pretty sure I was dilated a little bit, because I could feel how wet I was.   Then I used two fingers to get pussy juice up to my clit and I started to masturbate while they watched.   It was just too much for me to handle, looking at their faces as their cocks got hard all over again.    They just stared at my pussy until I climaxed.

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    Both Brian and Mike said that was the most amazing and awesome thing that they had ever seen.
We watched the rest of the race naked, but didn't mess around any more.   After Brian and Mike went home, we kind of cleaned up but figured we could finish in the morning.   We went upstairs to take our showers but decided to shower together.   We washed each other's backs, got out, dried off and went to bed.   About an hour after we went to bed, I heard Steve ask if I was still awake, I told him I was.   He came into my room and asked if I'd help him cum.    He said he just kept thinking about watching me suck off his friends and it just got him so turned on, and he didn't want to masturbate by himself if he didn't have too.
I thanked him for being so patient and told him I want to do this more often.   Then I started to stroke his cock with one hand and cup his balls and squeeze a little bit with the other.    I told him how hot it made me to suck their cocks, but the most exciting thing for me was when they watched me masturbate and climax.   It just gave me a thrill like I can't explain to be watched.   About then he said he was cumming and I put his cock in my mouth.   It wasn't as much cum as earlier in the day, but it was still good.

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