Snowed In


Around midnight, I went to let the dog out and to our surprise, the snow was at least 10 inches deep and still coming down.   Since no one had to work the next day it just meant a late game, and Jen & Rich would spend the night. . Now the drinking got heavier and a couple more joints went around, when Rich said, "Let's play strip poker. " We had played some before so why not.   We played about an hour and everyone was naked except Jen's panties. Not having anything left to bet, it became a game of playing for dare's. The next hand was won by Jen, she said, " Ann, go over and touch Rich's dick or you have to go outside naked and run out to the mail box and back. "  Without hesitation, Ann got up and grabbed Rich's dick and gave it a playful tug or two. Rich won the next won and wanted Jen to touch Ann's tits. She did so quickly. Jen won again, this time, Rich was to kiss Ann's ass. He did, and gave her a little bite, too. This went on for about a half an hour, then after most little things had been done we got bolder. I won a hand and told Jen to get on the table and sit in front of Ann, I told Ann she had to lick Jen's pussy for 5 minutes. I really wasn't sure if it would happen but to my surprise, Ann started to lick.

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    I thought Rich and I would pop right then. We watched intently for the full 5 minutes. You could see both girls enjoyed themselves. Next hand Ann won, she wanted Jen to lick my cock. I just about shit right there. But without hesitation Jen came over knelt beside me and began licking my cock. It was great. Jen won again and surprised everyone when she said, "Rich, go over and play with Gary's cock. "I didn't think anything was going to happen when, my wife said, " Come on Rich, play with his dick. "  Rich came over, his dick was already hard, sat next to me, grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I loved it. Ann said," Go on Gary, at least you could play with Rich's dick. "  Well my head was spinning, I had never touched a man's dick, I've seen Rich and even Jen naked before but there was no sexual touching. I reached out, my hand shaking, and put his dick in my hand. It was hot and hard.

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   We played with each other for a while when I said, "How about you ladies play with each other?" They got next to each other and began to play, then they started to kiss, befor I knew it, my wife had her tongue down Jen's throat and two fingers inside her pussy. With Rich still stroking my dick, I shot a load all over his hand and my stomach. When the girls heard me cum, they stopped and came over and Jen began to play with my cock and Ann was sucking on Rich's dick. We decided it was time to go to the bedroom and get comfortable. When we got in there Ann and I were sitting on the edge of the bed when Jen came over and started sucking me and Rich got between Ann's legs and began eating her pussy. It stayed like this for a little while when Jen said "Switch".   So I thought Ann and I were going to get up and reverse the scene, but before I could get up, Rich had my dick in his hand and the head in his mouth, and Jen was licking Ann.   I didn't fight it, hell it felt great. We all got on the bed in a side by side 69, only problem was I wasn't sure what to do.   Ann could see this and began to give me instructions, my wife telling me how to suck a cock, go figure. Now it started to get nasty, in a good way.   The girls decided it was time for some toys, and out came the vibrators. The girls put us on our knees and said it was time for them to fuck us. They lubed the dildo's and eased them in, worked them for a while and pulled them out. Ann said, "Hold On, this one is a little bigger.

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  " She slowly applied pressure to my ass whole, it was bigger alright, it was Rich's cock going in. But it was no worse then the vibrator. Jen wanted to see me fuck Rich, "Why not. " I yelled.   Before I knew it I was fucking my best friend in the ass, while watching our wives eat each other's pussy. Rich and I wanted some pussy, so I mounted Jen, and fucked my wife.   Jen and I fucked for a while when she asked me to, "Stick it in my ass, please. "  I bent down licked her asshole for a while then I shoved it in her ass. Rich had just blasted my wife's body and pussy with a load of cum when Jen asked her to sit in front of her so she could lick it up and eat her pussy. Ann quickly got in position, but this left out Rich, I thought, but he was behind me pressing his dick against my asshole. Now he was fucking me, I was fucking Jen, and Jen was eating cum and pussy. This was the best. Jen asked me not to cum in her ass, she said she wanted to suck it out, I pulled out of her ass and began to jack off when Rich joined his wife and began kissing her while I jacked off right in their face, but they just kept on kissing.   We finally got to sleep only to wake up to almost 2feet of snow, so they were stuck another night, but could any of us take it again?  The answer was YES!!!!.

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