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Kate continued kissing Stacey. Her small hands started to wander over her friends body, stopping to pay some much needed attention to Stacey’s 40DD boobs. They felt so good in her hands. As she gently caressed them, she started undoing the buttons on her friends dress. Soon Stacey’s big, glorious tits were liberated, and it didn’t take long for Kate’s fingers to find her nipples. She gently pulled on them, rubbed her thumb over them in a circular motion, then replaced her fingers with her mouth. Kate nibbled on the exposed flesh. She really went to work on Stacey’s nipples. They were now so big and hard. Stacey was moaning at every delicious caress. As Kate’s mouth worked on her friend, she slowly unbuttoned the top of her own dress. Noticing Kate was fondling her own breasts, Stacey decided to help out. Gently pushing Kate onto her back, Stacey’s mouth encircled Kate’s left breast. Stacey loved Kate’s tits. They were not too big, just a handful really, with a small nipple on each breast, but they were so juicy, Stacey loved to suck on them. Drawing Kate’s nipples out with her teeth, she could tell her friend was getting excited, so Stacey used her hands to totally remove Kate’s dress.

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   Stacey loved Kate’s shaved pussy. Nothing was hidden by hair. Gently removing her mouth from her tits, Stacey moved her tongue southwards, along Kate’s belly, until she finally got where she wanted to go. Opening Kate’s thighs it was quite visible just how turned on Kate really was. That clear, fragrant love juice was beginning to trickle out from her pussy. The sight of this really turned Stacey on. She brought her mouth to her friends most secret parts, and proceeded to investigate this area with her tongue. Swirling her tongue around the clit, Kate was in heaven. She had been looking forward to this all day, she knew she would cum within minutes. Suddenly Stacey stopped, and pulled her friend down onto the floor with her, lying Kate on her back. Crawling on top of her, Stacey got into the 69 position. Lowering her pussy over Kate’s mouth, she then continued her work with Kate’s pussy. Kate’s tongue came out and instantly found Stacey’s clit. They were lapping at each others pussy’s like dogs gone wild. Steve was going nuts.

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   He had been watching this for 10 minutes now, and he couldn’t take it any longer. He should have been totally pissed off with Kate, but these feelings were replaced by the need to fuck. His dick was itching for some pussy now, he was going to burst in there and get a piece of this action. Trying the back door, Steve was relieved to discover it was unlocked. Letting himself into the house, he headed straight for the room where these to horny bitches were at. Still in the 69 position, they never even noticed Steve was there, watching them. “What the fucks going on here?” yelled Steve. Both girls stopped eating the others pussy, and looked up at Steve. Steve looked like he wanted to be mad, but the raging hardon that was so obviously visible, told them he wasn’t too mad. “Come over here” said Kate, “Stacey wants you to fuck her mouth. ” Jesus Christ!! What the fuck was going on. Kate had never sworn around him before, where was this language coming from? Maybe he didn’t even know this woman really, although they had been together for a whole year. Stacey looked at Steve and licked her lips in the most seductive way. This drove Steve over the edge. He had always wanted to fuck this bitch, now he was going to give it to her.

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   Going over to her, Steve unzipped his fly. Pulling out his cock made Stacey and Kate moan. Kate smiled, then went back to work licking Stacey’s juicy pussy. Steve placed his dick against her lips. Her tongue instinctively licked all around the head, while at the same time she used her fingers on her friends pussy. This made Steve wild, and he forced his cock into her willing mouth. She took it all in, and slowly began bobbing her head up and down. Suddenly she stopped, she had just had a wonderful orgasm from her friends pussy licking. Steve pulled away, to admire the sight of her. Stacey began to get up, as did Kate, whose mouth was covered in traces of sticky love juice. Kate and Steve did not speak, she simply went over to him, kissed him, then dropped to her knees, sucking hard on the offered cock. Stacey sidled up to Steve, offering him her wonderful tits. Steve took full advantage, he grabbed them, sucked them, played with her nipples. She was loving it, moaning, then she asked him to fuck her. Steve couldn’t wait.

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   He pulled his cock from Kate’s mouth, grabbed hold of Stacey, then bent her over. Kate came along side of them, and grabbing Steve’s cock, she guided his length into her. Once inside her, Steve started to pump her hard. Kate grabbed his balls, playing with them, jiggling them up and down. The contact had a great effect on Steve. It was a sensation he had not felt before. Kate looked at his face, she had seen that look so many times. She knew he was going to cum. She forced him off her friend, wanting him to calm down and last a little bit longer. Kate replaced Steve’s cock with her tongue, giving Stacey a good hard licking. The sight was too much for Steve. With a lubricated cock from fucking Stacey, he decided he was going to stick it right up Kate’s ass, something he had never done in the whole year he had been seeing her. She felt the tip of his cock at the opening of her ass, but she never flinched. With no objections from Kate, Steve pushed his cock right up her asshole. Damm, this was good he thought, so tight, much tighter than fucking a pussy.

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   Kate seemed to be enjoying it as well, from the moans that were coming from her in between mouthfuls of Staceys pussy. Suddenly, he noticed Staceys body quivering, she had just had another orgasm. She was moaning loudly, and also uttering some dirty words. He knew it must have been good for her. Steve felt himself coming, but there was one more thing he wanted to do before he came. He pulled his cock out of Kate’s ass, and with Stacey still being in that doggy style position, he walked around to her head, and lied down on the floor, sliding himself under Stacey, until his cock was in line with these gigantic tits of hers. Smiling at him, she knew exactly what he wanted. Grabbing Steve’s cock, she placed it in between her tits. Then she started to tit fuck him. Steve was in heaven, couldn’t believe these beautiful big knockers was wrapped around his cock. She bent her head a little, so she could lick the tip of his dick, occasionally sucking the head. Kate was now kneeling down getting a close up of this action, rubbing her clitoris furiously, until her moans indicated she had just had an orgasm. Steve couldn’t hold out much longer, this tit fuck was blowing his mind. Steve announced that he was going to come, and with that, Stacey’s and Kate’s mouths started to lick and suck the head of his cock, until finally Steve exploded his thick creamy sauce all over the faces of these two little sex sluts. All three now exhausted, they sat on the couch to rest.

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   Steve was still in a state of bewilderment. What had just happened, what was going on? How could the love of his life watch him fuck another female? He looked at Kate, she had also seen this look before. “Babe” she said, “we’ve been together a year today. . . . . . . happy anniversary. . . . . .

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  . I left that diary in our bedroom for you to see. This is your present. Now, what did you get me?”. The End. .

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