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We were driving back from Atlanta on I-85 and Teresa was flashing the truckers as she loved doing. Her reasoning was that they spend lots of long hours on the road and they needed entertainment. So I would pull alongside a truck and she would massage her pussy for the driver and her titties were always out and her nipples hard. At night the dome light was the stage lights and she put of a good show.
We had pulled next to a truck that stayed with us for a few miles and so she gave them a great show. We could not see the driver or drivers but they obviously liked her show she had put on. We were coming to a rest area and she asked to pull in saying she had to pee really bad. I expected her to put on her tank top and wrap around skirt and sandals but she stayed naked in the car as we pulled in. The last truck we had been next to flashed their lights and pulled in too. We always go over to the truck side to park. There is more room and Teresa says she likes to be nexr them anyway.
Well, we pulled in and parked and the truck that followed us was about 30 yards away. We both sat there as if waiting for one to make the first move. Teresa said, "Well, I have to pee so I am going" "Not getting dressed first?" I asked her. "We are about a hundred yards from the rest rooms. " She smiled and picked up her tank top and skirt and got out of the car, never putting them on she began walking towards the rest rooms, looking back at the truck and waving.

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   The lights flashed and still no one got out. The place was deserted except for about 5 or 6 trucks and the car side was deserted too. It was 11 PM and so there was no attendant. Teresa went to the rest room and stayed a little shile. Still no one followed her. She came out still naked and stood around for a little while, massaging her titties a little, bouncing them and massaging her pussy. She looked towards me and shrugged her shoulders and began walking back to the car slowly. Then the truck flashed the lights again. I motioned for her to go and see if they were ready to play and she walked towards the truck. When she got there a woman stepped out, tall, about 6'2", huge chest and really hard body. She looked rough and like she was used to driving a truck for a long time. She had on shorts and a t shirt and obviously no bra. Her large titties were pressing against the shirt and she had shoulder dirty blonde hair. Teresa walked over to her and stood there, 5'0" tall and sexy, she talked to her a little then walked back to me. "She wants me to get in the sleeper with her and her friend.

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   What do you think?" "Who is her friend?" "A man, really big like her and he is naked and has a huge hard cock already. " "Do they mind if I come along?" "No, they said you were invited too. " "Okay" I said and got out of the car and we walked to the truck. The door opened and the woman was now naked above the waist and the man was sitting in the double sleeper cab, maked and as Teresa hard as a rock and huge also. His cock was literally almost up to his chest and thick. Teresa could not help but stare. The man and woman were well tanned and in good shape. Her name was Janna and his was Harold. Teresa dropped her clothes and by that time the woman, Janna was naked and she turned to Teresa. "Get in the back, you have gotten me and my partner horny and now is time to take care of us. " Teresa climbed in and as soon as she was on the bed the woman was on her. She began going all over her body, sucking, kissing and biting leaving marks in places that are not normally seen. "Turn over" she commanded and Teresa was on her stomach. "Put that ass up in the air" Janna commanded and Teresa pushed her bottom up pulling her knees under her, her chest in the way some. Suddely a belt came out of nowhere and slapped her across the ass.

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   "Oh, damn, that hurt. " "Shut up, thee is more to come. " Another acorss the ass brough more exclaimation from Teresa, "Oh, that hurts too, but, it feels. . . " "Shut up.
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