Unresolved Issues


 "Yea, Saturday-6:30. " I hang up the phone and chuckle slightly. "And the last one makes five. "
So It's been a while since I've spoken to any of these girls. . . but they're all my exes. In chronological order--Jasmine, Christi, Tanea, Kelly B, and Kelly L. All of them, except Tanea broke up with me. Jasmine was my first love, and she broke up with me after a little more than three months. . . and she did it on New Year's EVE! It hit hard, and I couldn't get over her for a while. But I got over her, founr Christi and she and I dated for thirteen days, and she broke up with me because she was "being suffocated. " It's some bullshit. .

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  . All her friends and I agree that she's just an idiot who aims too damn high. . . she likes those pretty boys, the guys who want nothing to do with her. Tanea was a mistake; Jasmine, since we had stayed friends still, said that if I called her up I'd have a shot wih her. So I did, and we dated for like two weeks. And I broke up with her, after cheating on her with Jasmine, cuz I still had a thing for her, and she was leading me on. Then came Kelly. . . I had an eye out for Kelly since I was even with Jasmine, but I ignored it until a year later. We started going out, but after about nine months of an abusive relationship, I was glad that she finally broke up with me. I loved her and I couldn't bring myself to break up with her, no matter what she did to me. I moaped around for about a year, bouncing between girls who had nothing but bullshit to offer, and then Jasmine introduced me to another Kelly.

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   I was iffy, but also desperate, and I ignored a lot of things and said that I did indeed like her. She was a freak. . . shit I couldn't even handle. . . and after like four months she broke it off--or I did. . . I'm still not sure. Even though I stayed friends with some of them for a while. . . I have lost contact with all of them.


   Intentionally, I assure you. I have found a good girl now, who I love, and now that we have said that to eachother. . . she has given me a free pass. . . If I have any unresolved issues, I need to take care of them. So here I am. My house. . . well. . .

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  my former house as of tomorrow. . . it's pretty much barren. . . except for a few chairs and a meticulously placed down comforter. Tonight is about nothing but unresolved issues.
I invited Christi over at six, Tanea over at six ten, Jasmine and Kelly L at six twenty, and Kelly B at six thirty. I have a plan tonight. . . and I intend to have fun. The doorbell rings. .

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  . I look at my watch. . . it's Christi. She says "Hi", and I invite her in.
"How come all your shit's gone?"
"Oh, my mom moved out, and I moved in with my sister downtown. "
"Oh thats---" She halts her breath as I turn her and kiss her. She does not resist, in fact she kisses me back with passion. As I pull away, she looks at me and smiles. "What was that for, baby?"
"That was to initiate some fun. Take off your clothes. " I know I don't have time to fuck around with her, so I just get down to it. She looks at me strangely, defiant at my words. But, as I suspected, she complies.

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"You know I've wanted you, ever since I broke up with you. . . and I was stupid to deny you all those kisses you so politely asked for. I thought I'd lost my chance with you when you stopped calling me. " She takes off her clothes, and stands naked before me. She's about 5'1" and has a pretty cute face. Her body is not perfect, she's a bit chubby, small tits, but thats what always kinda did it for me with her. That and her complete slutty attitude.
"Suck my dick. You always boast about how you're so good at it, now's your chance to prove it. " I sit down and pull out my 8 inches of cock. . . and like a trained puppy she gets in front of me, and drops to he knees.

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   She kisses it gently first, but then engulfs it like the slut she is. She bobs her head up and down for a few minutes, when the doorbell rings.
    "Perfect. " She takes her head away from my meat, and looks at me curiously. "Just another guest, sweetie. Relax. "
    "I'll get dres--" She stops in mid-sentence when I give her a look and wink at her.
    "Just. Relax. " I smile at her and move to open the door. she sits back on her legs, ready to pop up for another taste of my dick, as I open the door. "Hey, Tanea. Come in. " Tanea walks in--she's not usually cute--often wearing clothes that she shouldnt be, and smokin--but sometimes, like today, she looks damn cute.
    "What the fuck?!" She turns around to me, for an explanation, but only meets my lips.

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       I give her a kiss, and she returns it, after the initial shock. As I pull away, she smiles at me, almost knowing my intent. "Up for some fun tonight, huh?"
    "Strip down, you little slut. " I say it with a smile, because I know she knows she's a slut. She takes off her clothes rather quickly, and exposes her body to both me and Christi. She's not much of a find, either, though she does look a little better since the last time I saw her wearing something revealing. She's pretty much in Christi's class, except for about three times as big tits. I walk over and grab them. "Always did want to play around with these. " After a few seconds of massaging her tits, I let go, and sit back down. She takes a seat next to Christi, and looks at me. "Let's see you two little sluts kiss. No-no. . .

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      not kiss--make out. "
    They look at me, and then at eachother, and simply start going at it. Christi takes charge in the situation, since she's an agressive kisser, and starts leaning on top of Tanea, and she starts massaging her tits. I move down, after she's fully on top of her, and start fingering Tanea.
    "You got wet real quick, didn't you, slut?" After a few minutes of this, I get back on the chair, and say "Now you both suck my dick. Christi, lick and caress my sack, and Tanea--you get the head. " Being that they're both cock-lovers, they don't even wait for me to finish the sentence, they're already hard at work. Christi moves into position by laying under me and leaning up, and Tanea straddles her and starts sucking me off.
    About two minutes later. . . the doorbell rings and I smile wide. "Now, yes-NOW, it's gonna get fun. "
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