Weekend Trip Pt. 3


We all got out of the plane and into two cars, the crew in one and Henry and Dana and me in another, I had wanted James to get in our car but he had to take care of the plane but promised he would be around later. I told him I would have an opening for him anytime. He smiled and said "I will come fill it for you. " We drove for a while and I was in the back carressing and kissing both Henry and Dana and they both said, "We do have all weekend you know, don't wear yourself out. " I was at that time massaging him and said, "I will be very busy all weekend, I will have time to rest when I get home. " We drove down a long drive and in front of a very nice sprawling ranch style home and we all got out. My boobs were almost exposed with the top just above the nipples and the people there all stared. We went in and registered and Dana and Henry were know and the others came over and said hi all the time waiting to be introduced to me.
I met a least 8 or 9 people, all in their 30s and all very nice. One woman was realy watching me and so I bent down to adjust a sandal and let my top fall and my boobs fall out and said, "Oh damn, shit happens. " and laughed with a few others. She just stood there watching me. We got to our room and it like a house, huge and spacy and all kinds of views out to the beach and a wooded area. Dana fell on the couch and Henry said he was going to shower. I was left to myself and walked out the back doors and sat on the grass. Suddenly there was a beautiful husky, black and white with those wild blue eyes licking my neck.

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   He had gotten away from a woman a little ways off and came to me and was playing like crazy. I got up and was roughing it with him and my boobs just came out and so, after twice I left them out. The woman came up and said she was sorry he had knocked me around and was checking my chest and so I put the top back up. "They come out and sometimes I just leave them. " I said as she seemed to be waiting for me to say something. "If I had those I would leave them out all the time. " she said and said her name was Karen and she lived acorss the green. I looked at her and pulled the top back down and said, "Good idea. " We talked some and she had to leave but was very interested in coming back. "Well, if the husky gets loose again I know where he will be. " she said and I said I would take care of him if he did. She left and I went in and the frig was stocked with coolers so I got two and went back out back and found a chair and relaxed. I was still excited over the plane trip.
Dana joined me and we sipped wine and after an hour the husky came runing back towards me and jumped up and licked my face. I sat on the ground and played with him, "Back again are yeh, liked the view I guess?" I said.

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   He just played and jumped on me and soon he found my leg and began humping. . . his cock was showing and Dana laughed. "Careful he will do your leg if you let him. " she said. "Oh, I would never let him. " I said and then scratched his ears and his face was next to mine and he was licking my face all over. I was getting hot as he did and then reached under his belly and found his cock half exposed. "No we have a beter thing to do with this then my leg don't we boy. " I said and was massaging him. Dana sat there with her mouth open watching. "I don't believe that you are encouraging him Teresa. " Right then his tongue went in my mouth and I sucked it and kissed him. She was sitting there and said nothing but her face as red.

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   I had gotten him to lay on his side and was playing with him and massaging him and laid next to him. I lifted my dress and pulled it off and turned around so he could lick me. "Need something to eat boy?" I said and he began licking away making me hotter still. I hear Henry come out and he said, "Damn, Claire was right, she will do anything. " and he sat with Dana. An orgasm sprayed the dog's face and he licked me more and then I laid down on my tumy and he was licking my bottom. "Okay, now your turn boy. " I said and lifted my hips and sure enough he climbed on and began humping and I guided him to my pussy.
He sank in and began going good hen the knot was there and I moved against him til it went in making me moan louder and now I was making noises, "Oh yes, now we got it, do it good for me. " I was saying he was humping away. . . . I looked and there were 10 or so people around now all watching and some naked. "Anyone got a cock for my mouth?" I said and man stepped up and filed my throat.

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   The dog was humping like crazy and I was fuilled with cock human and dog now and have orgasm after orgasm. Finally I was filled again and rolled over on the grass. Dana and Henry just looked at me and the others began undressing. . . the dog was licking my pussy making me jump. "I need more. " i moaned and was soon busy. more later folks. love tess