Weekend Trip Pt. 5


Well, that was the beginning of the end of my stay. Henry and Dana had my bags packed the next morning and they had a guy drive me to the airport. They never said why just that my visit was over and thanked me for joining them. I did not like the clothes Dana had left out for me so when I got to the airport I went to the rest room and changed. I put on a sun dress that I liked and a thong and sandals. The sun dress barely came above my nipples and so I was attracting attention. I had my fake ID and went to the airport lounge and got a drink at the bar. I ordered one and the guy smiled as he gave it to me and I leaned over a little for him. I was finishing the first and another was served to me and he pointed to a man across the room, "His compliments. " he said. I smiled at the man and drank the drink slowly and did not do anything since the guy just did not look like someone I wanted to talk to at all. Eventually he came over and said, "I usualy expect a thank you for drinks. " I smiled and stayed at the bar and said, "Well, I smiled and now I will say Thanks. Thanks. " I turned back to the bar and he stayed there. "Is that all?" he said.

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   "That is it. " Isaid to him. Then I turned and said, "Look, I can pay for the drink but I am a full blooded lesbian. " He bowed and left. There were several people waiting for the flight back to the States and I stayed there and had one more drink. I went to the waiting area and checked in and sat reading a magazine. I was reading for real and had changed my mind about doing anything for some reason. I sat there and a woman came over and sat across from me. "Hi" she said and I said hello and laid donw the mag since she seemed to want to say more. "Ah, excuse me but I was in the bar and I overheard you tell that man that you are, well, that you are,. . . " she stammered. "That I am a lesbian?" I said. "Yes, I am sorry, I just heard you say it.

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   Is it true?" "Yes, why. " I said. "Well, it is just that you are so beautiful and you dress so hot that I would have thought the opposite to be true. " I laughed and she turned red. "Well, who says I can't dress this way to find a woman?" I said and she looked at me. "Really? That is something you would do?" I looked her slowly up and down and she was uncomfortable I could tell. "Yes, and as a matter of fact, I leaned forward and one of my nipples was almost showing, "You look a little curious. " I said and she blushed. "Well, I guess, that is, I guess that I have always thought that they looked like men. " she said. I stood and took her hand, "Come with me. " I said and walked her to the rest room. There was a small private area that was a place for laying down if need be. I took her in and locked the door behind us. I stood in fron of her and then got closer and smelled that she had a few drinks too.

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   I slowly moved my top and my breasts sprang out and my nippes got hard. I stepped to her and said, "Touch them, massage them for me. " she did as I said and I felt the heat spread thru my body. I pulled her to me and her face to mine and kissed her. She did not resist but soon kissed me back and my dress slipped to the floor. We stopped and I looked at her, "How was that?" I said and she whispered, "It was wonderful. " I kissed her agan and began massaging her tits thru her shirt and then took it off. She was in her mid 30s and well built and about 38DD and nice nipples. I began sucking them after I took off her bra and she moaned. I went down and slipped her skirt off and her panties and her pussy hair was not much but not trimmed. "Oh what are you doing?" she said. "I am going to give you your first licking from a woman. " I said. "well, the thing is that it wil be my first licking period. " she said and I smiled.

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   "Good. " and she sat down on the couch and I was in front of her sucking her nipples and then between her legs teasing her slowly. MY mouth found her clit and she almost jumped off the couch, "Oh my god that is wonderful. " she said and I went about taking care to make sure she felt all of it slowly. MY fingers were in her and my mouth on her pussy and finally she had a wonderful orgasm that made my face all wet. I laid her on the couch and laid next to her and began kissing her all over making her hot again. My leg was between hers and I made sure it rubed her clit hard and she was humping my legs slowly then faster till an orgasm shook her as we kissed. I laid back and spread my legs and said, "Now do me. " she went to my tummy and began and slowly did as I had done for her and my pussy soon sprayed all over her face and chest. She laughed and kissed me and licked another orgasm out of me and we laid there kissing. We kissed more and then heard the flight being called and got up and dressed. We got seats next to each other and on the flight to Atlanta kissed and played some. The ladies asked us to keep it decent on the plane but it was hard to do and at the airport I got off with her and we went to a hotel near the airport. She was home a day early and no one would look for her till the next day anyway. We made love most of the night and slept late.

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   She took me back to the airport and bought me another ticley to Alabama. We stood there kissing in the airport and people staring and then as she left she gave me her card. "By the way, my name is Correen. " she said. "Teresa. " I said and we laughed that we had made love all night and had not even asked our names. I went to Atlanta a few times and each time stayed with her. loveTeresa.