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   I have always wanted to see my wife being fucked by another man and I would bring it up during sex and occasionally she would gain just that little bit more of passion when I did but it never went any further. We have been married 29 years and were seperated for about two years in our 18th year of marriage.
One night we were at a friends (Ricks) house for drinks and dinner and she was in a great mood and was drinking more than she ever did. The dinner ended and we three listened to some nice music and the drinks flowed and the conversation went to the sex department. We would swap adventures and she stayed right with us in the conversation. Rick asked her if she had ever been in a 3-some and she instantly said "Well it was more of an unplanned event". Rick and I sat up and eagerly said "tell us about it". Like I said she was very intoxicated and started by saying when we were not together she would go to a local bar with friends and meet other old friends also. She loves to dance and she can dance so erotically that a man would get hard watching. She danced with various men and accepted the rubs and touches as they danced. Two of her school friends were there and danced with her quite alot, both were black and she had never dated or much less done anything with a black man. They each would grind into her pussy when dancing was slow and she said she could feel their hardness when they did that. They all kept drinking and dancinguntil the bar closed. They asked if she wanted to party with them and she said "no maybe someother time. " then she drove home.
After she got home she changed into only a tee shirt and sweat pants, she put the stereo on and then heard a knock on her door.

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   She answered the door and it was the two men, Russell and David. David said she had dropped her wallet in the parking lot and they brought it to her. She was relieved and they asked for a drink and that was the least she could do and they came in.
   She was curled on the couch and they enjoyed some small talk and drank a few more drinks. David asked if she would dance again with him and she thought okay . They danced to a really slow song and he was grinding into her abit more daringly and the alcohol caused her to respond to the feeling she was having. He reached around to cup her breasts and bent to kiss her. She responded to the kiss quite unexpectedly and he rotated her right nipple as they danced. She has always been easy to arouse with her nipples. The song ended and Russell yelled "my turn" and he took her in his arms and pulled her to him and began dancing and grinding into her. She said she could feel the hardness between them and he wasted no time and began kissing her. She responded also to Russell's kiss.  She said then his hands entered the rear waisthand of her sweatpants and was massaging her ass and would drag his finger up and down the cease of her ass. She could feel her pussy becoming very wet, her nipples burning for touches and she reached around to feel her first Black cock. It was erect and she massaged it forgetting David being there.

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   David came up behind her kissing her neck and shoulders as his hand entered the front of her sweatpants finding a hot wet pussy inside. She said she was moaning, dripping pussy juice and hot as she had ever been. Russell then took her hand and led Daivid and her to the bedroom. He stopped her at the foot of the bed and told her to wait. She watched as he and David removed their clothing and she was in awe of both cocks before her, they laid on the bed, Russell told her to come and taste her first black cock. She crawled up between them and took his cock in her hand and slowly licked the head and tasting the precum. She then took the cock into her mouth and moved up and down it's length.
Daivid was tweeking her niplles and his other hand found her pussy and would funger fuck her as he watched her suck his friends cock. This went on for a time and David laid down to recieve his cocksucking. Russell got behind her and entered her with the entire length and wide of that cock. David let loose a moan and began sprewing hot cum into her mouth which she couldn't swallow enough of. Russell then emitted a moan and washed her pussy with his load. He excused himself and left the room while she and David kissed and she stroked his cock. Russell came thru the door and said "I forgot to tell you that 2 friends were waiting in the car" and they walked right in the bedroom. She stared to rise and he said :No I don't think you want to leave", and pushed her back onto the bed.

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   The other two whom she also recognized from High school started removing their clothing. Russell got on the bed and two lifted her and sat her down onto his cock, she getting fucked and seemed to like it so one of the other men got on the bed and slowly entered her ass, she was being fucked by two cocks, David kneeled beside her and the other did the same. One of the men said "Well I guess little white girl likes black meat" The double fucking was driving her nuts and she rotated sucking the other men cocks as she was being fucked.  Each man cummed in her and she swallowed the others load. Thru out the night she was fucked, she sucked and ass banged by all. .

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