A Crazy Night With Mom


It was a Friday night. I was hanging out with three friends of mine. We were all sixteen but we were all broke and none of us had access to a car so we were hanging around my basement playing pool and drinking my mom’s beer.
Suddenly I heard a car pull up and the door open and close upstairs. My mom was home from her date way earlier than usual.
“Jimmy? Are you home?”
We quickly stashed the beer behind the furnace.
“Down here, Mom!”
Mom came down the stairs. She smiled and waved to us. “Hey guys!”
I had to admit, my mom was hot! All my friends said so and I secretly agreed. She was only 34 and had a killer body. She was wearing a short skirt and a very tight top with a lot of cleavage. I could tell she was kind of tipsy.
“You’re home pretty early. ” I said.
“Yeah, I’m through with that idiot. ” She said with contempt.

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   She picked up a cue. “Wrack ‘em for an old lady, Steve!”
It’s cool when my mom hangs out with me and my friends. In a lot of ways she’s more like a big sister. They all like her and we always have a good time.
Tonight Mom was looking especially good and damn, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass as she bent over that table. I could see the other guys felt the same way.
After a while she said. “I’m getting a beer. You guys want one?”
I was shocked. She’d never offered us beer before. We all said yes hesitantly.
“Just don’t tell your parents about this. ” She grinned mischievously. “And absolutely no driving!”
“It’s cool, Misty. None of us have a car tonight.

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She went up to the kitchen.
“Man, your mom is so cool!” Matt said.
“And hot!” Tony added.
I jabbed him with my cue and went to take my shot.
We all drank and played a while longer. Mom was sitting on the couch when she held up her empty beer bottle and shook it.
“Would you get me another one, Sweetie?”
“Sure. ”
I came back down and what I saw made me jump back in surprise. My mom was on the couch making out with Matt! I couldn’t believe this was happening! And I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on!!
I peeked around the corner again. They were really going at it! He had her tit out of her shirt and was squeezing and stroking it. I had a hard-on and started to rub it through my pants almost unconsciously looking at my mother’s bare breast.
Tony sat on the other side of my mom with his mouth hanging open. Steve was across the room at the pool table with a similar expression on his face. I didn’t think this could possibly be any crazier but then mom reached behind her and unzipped Tony’s pants! She pulled out his dick and started stroking it while kissing Matt.
I just stood and watched and rubbed my dick.

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   What else could I do??
“Hey Jimmy! You get lost up there?” She called.
What the hell?? I assumed she had forgotten all about me!
I walked the rest of the way down the stairs. I couldn’t believe this! I couldn’t believe she was okay with me just seeing this!
She let go of the other guys and took the beer from me.
“Thanks, Sweetie. ”
She pulled me forward and kissed me. Her mouth opened and her tongue slipped into mine. This could not be happening! My mom was French kissing me with her tits hanging out right after kissing my buddy!
She stopped and took a drink of her beer. I just stood there in front of her, too stunned to move.
“Hey Stevie! Come on over here!” She giggled. “How would you boys like to do something else we shouldn’t tell your parents about?”
Steve came very slowly. Mom reached out and unzipped my pants. She pulled them down along with my underwear and my hard dick sprang free. She took it in her hand.
“Wow! You’ve really gotten big, Jimmy!”
What in the hell was I going to do here??? The other guys had already made up their minds not to let this opportunity pass. They were already pulling mom’s shirt off.

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   What choice did I have but to go along with it?
I made up my mind when my mom’s incredible tits bounced free. I got down on my knees and started sucking one. Matt had the other one.
She grabbed us both by the back of the head. “Oh, good boys! That’s right!”
I was going to hell! I was down on my knees sucking my mother’s tits. I’d done this before, I realized, but pushed that thought out of my mind. She started stroking my erection with her bare calf. We’d certainly never done that before!
Her skirt was pushed all the way up and somebody’s hand, I couldn’t tell who’s, was down in her panties rubbing her pussy. I wanted to get my hand in there too, my tongue, my dick!
“Come on, boys. Let’s go over here. ” She stood up and went over to the rug. We all trailed behind her. She dropped her skirt and panties as she walked and then my gorgeous mother was completely naked.
She quickly undressed those of us who were still wearing clothes then she got Tony down on the floor on his back. She got down on top of him and told Steve to get behind her.

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She took them both inside her cunt and all three moaned with ecstasy.
“Fuck! You boys are so big!” She gasped.
She grabbed my dick in one hand and Matt’s in the other and pulled us toward her.
She started alternately sucking our cocks while fucking the other two guys. God, this felt great! I couldn’t believe I was getting a blowjob from my mom!
She continued to fuck and suck. Our hands were all over her and I could tell she loved it.
She took my dick all the way down her throat just as she moaned in orgasm. I shot my load right in my mom’s mouth and Matt’s cum sprayed all over her face a second later.
Mom got off the other guys’ dicks and pushed me down on my back. She had mine and Matt’s dicks in her hands again. She stroked them for a few seconds. We were both still rock-hard.
She took a lick of Matt’s. “Mmm, I love teenagers. Always ready!”
She straddled me and guided my cock inside her.

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   She was so hot and wet and still so incredibly tight after fucking two guys at the same time!
She looked down into my eyes as she started to slowly and sensually fuck me. For a moment it was just the two of us. Just me and my mom having sex.
Then she looked over her shoulder. “Are you waiting for an invitation, Matt?”
He quickly dropped to his knees and awkwardly inserted his dick into her cunt with mine. Gross. I didn’t want to think about that. She started fucking us both hard and reached out to grab Tony and Steve’s dicks.
I lay there under my mother watching her suck dick and caressing her tits. Everybody who’d ever called me a motherfucker was suddenly right!
Suddenly I thrust up into mom’s cunt. I felt it clamp down hard, grinding my dick and Matt’s against each other. Above me she had both the other guy’s heads in her mouth. I saw them both tense up and then cum dripped out of her mouth. I squirmed underneath her to avoid being hit in the face with it but she eagerly lapped up every drop she could get.
After the exhaustive five way fuck my friends all left quickly, mumbling goodbyes and not looking anybody in the eye.

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   Soon I was alone in the basement with my still half naked mother.
She yawned and stretched, thrusting out her fantastic tits.
“Well, I’m beat. Come on, Jimmy. Sleep with mommy tonight. ”
She took my hand and dragged me up the stairs.

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