A Daughters Secrets


My daughter Angela and her best friend Tanya are practically inseparable. So I wasn't surprised when one night I was walking past her bedroom door and heard her and Tanya discussing sex and their sexual turn ons. I was however surprised to learn that my daughter was no longer a virgin and had enough experience to know exactly what turned her on the most. As I listened I begin to realize how much my daughter had grown and matured. I slowly opened the door to the bedroom and was a little shocked to see both girls naked and sitting next to each other on the bed. I begin to study my little girl as she talked and for the first time seen her as more than just a baby. I stared at her long dark hair and naturally dark skin 36c breasts and her silky long slender legs. Her pussy was neatly trimmed but not completely shaved and she was gently rubbing her clit as she told her best friend about how hot she got when someone sucked her earlobes and kissed her neck as they gently rubbed the inside of her thighs and brushed against her pussy thru her panties. As a single dad with no time for a relationship just watching this beautful 14 year old girl was almost enough to make me explode right there. I quietly closed the door and slipped back to my bedroom. As I lay on the bed with my cock in my hand and visions of my daughter,that wonderful body completely naked,rubbing her pussy it was no time at all before I was cumming like I had never cum before. I began to feel guilty and lay awake for sometime,but as I was dozing off a plan started to form in my mind.
 The next day I told Angela not to make any plans for the following friday night as we were going to be spending the evening together. She asked what we were going to do and I told her that she would have to wait and see what happened.
 When Friday evening finally came I took her to a nice dinner and then to have her hair and her nails done. After that we stopped at the local movie store and rented a movie we both might want to watch.

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  When we arrived home I told her she should  go change into some pajamas,knowing that she slept in her panties and a tshirt,and I would make some popcorn. She was already on the couch when I finished and entered the room. As I hoped she had put on an oversized t-shirt and panties. As I came around to sit down I told her I was sorry she didn't get a massage this evening along with the other stuff. She said that was okay she didn't mind,but I told her I had thought since she didn't get one earlier I would do it for her while we watched the movie.  I began masssaging those long legs as she lay on her stomach watching the tv. I moved very slowly massaging her calves and then begin to rub her thighs and slowly slid her t-shirt up as I went. When I began to rub the inside of her thighs she tensed for just a moment and then relaxing again allowed me to slowly part her legs. I slowly massaged her thighs applying gentle pressure and working my way upward . As I drew near her pussy I reached up and pulled her shirt past her hips telling her it was in my way and noticed that even in the pale glow of the tv I could see wetness starting to soak thru her white panties. Then gently rubbing along her inner thigh I accidentally brushed against the moist panties and heard a soft moan escape her. Brushing the increasingly wet panties with increasing pressure a few more times I then leaned down and started to lightly kiss the back of her neck and her ears. I was surprised when she didn't tense up and continued rubbing her thighs and brushing against her pussy. After several minutes of this I slowly began to slide her panties off to the side as I brushed up against them until I had exposed her now dripping wet pussy. With my cock ready to explode I abandoned any caution I had left and slipped the shirt from her body with one hand as I cupped her pussy in the other.

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  Feeling her press hard against my hand I began to rub her clit and slowly slipped a finger inside her tight hot pussy. Not believing how  wet she was I easily slipped a second finger into her I heard her moaning and beginning to breathe heavy as she pushed back hard against my hand. Doing this for only a minute or so I moved so I was between her legs and slid her panties down her legs and onto the floor. As I lowered my head towards her she raised her hips to meet me and I could smell the sweet scent of her 14 year old pussy. I inhaled deeply as I began to lick the folds of her pussy. Running my tongue up to her clit and back down several times before slipping my tongue inside her. She was so wet and hot I almost came right then thinking how it would feel to fuck her.
 I fucked her with my tongue for a few minutes and again felt her come to the brink of orgasm. I slowly started to lick my way along her cunt just grazing her clit and begin kissing my way up her back as I reached around and began to rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples. I moved my body up on top of hers and pressed my now painfully hard cock against her sweet teen ass. After several minutes of this I rose from the couch and undressing slowly looked a her beautiful teen body. I positioned myself between her legs and heard her moaning "yes please" and as I pressed my cock head against her dripping wet pussy. I slowly pushed into her and I couldn't believe how tight she was. I felt her pussy just wrap around my cock and grip it like nothing ever has before. I continued pushing into her slowly until my entire 8 inch cock was in her tight teen pussy. 

  I moved slowly in and out of her and as her moaning became louder and more insistent and turned into screams of "fuck me daddy"and "oh my god daddy your cock feels so good"  I grabbed a hold of her hips pulling tight against me and rammed my cock deep inside her as she came with one final screaming moan of "oh my god daddy". Feeling her tight pussy grip my cock even tighter was all I could stand as I blew my entire load of cum deep inside her hot teen pussy.
 After that we lay naked on the couch talking as I gently rubbed her thighs and occassionally brushed against her pussy. We decided that every friday night should be our time together and we had many fridays of fun. Then one friday morning she asked if her best friend could spend the night. Of course I said yes and now I can't wait for evening to get here.  
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πουτανες ιωαννινα - Ένας Εκπληκτικός και Φανταστικός Κόσμος Για Εσάς

Βυθιστείτε στα ακόλαστα βάθη ατελείωτης ικανοποίησης και παιχνιδιών άγριου σεξ με τις πιο σέξι καυτές γκόμενες με τη βοήθεια κορυφαίας κλάσης

Πληροφορίες για Άγιος Νικόλαος που πρέπει να ελέγξετε πριν την επίσκεψη σας

Η πόλη Βόλος είναι μια ελκυστική τοποθεσία της Ελλάδας. Έχει ένα κοινώς αποδεκτό ανεπίσημο όνομα «Το Μέρος Της Χαράς» και στην πραγματικότητα, αυτή η πόλη έχει αρκετούς ανέμους καθ’ όλη τη διάρκεια του έτους. Η πόλη Κέρκυρα είναι γνωστή στον κόσμο του τουρισμού παγκοσμίως χάρη στην διαφοροποιημένη νυχτερινή ζωή, τις παραλίες και τα κρυστάλλινα νερά. Αυτή η τοποθεσία έχει μια συνεχώς αυξανόμενη κοινότητα επίσης. Ως εκ τούτου, μπορείτε να μείνετε σίγουροι ότι η πόλη Ρέθυμνο σίγουρα θα κάνει όλες τις πρόστυχες φαντασιώσεις σας πραγματικότητα επειδή η τοποθεσία είναι το κέντρο όλων των συναρπαστικών πάρτι σε όλη την Ελλάδα και είναι διάσημη ως η τοπική Ελληνική έκδοση της Ίμπιζα. Αλλά μια πιο προσεκτική ματιά θα είναι αρκετή για να συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι η πόλη Λάρισα έχει περισσότερα να προσφέρει σε όλους όσους αναζητούν διασκέδαση.

Λόγοι για να κάνετε την ερωτικο μασαζ θεσσαλονικη την πρώτη Προτίμηση σας

Μην ξεχνάτε ποτέ ότι η πόλη Ιωάννινα είναι μια τοποθεσία που μπορεί να κάνει όλες τις βιτσιόζικες επιθυμίες σας πραγματικότητα. Έτσι, αν ψάχνετε για λίγη βιτσιόζικη δράση, αυτό το μέρος έχει όλα όσα αναζητείτε. Για αυτό, μόλις φτάσετε σε αυτήν την πανέμορφη Ελληνική πόλη, μην χάσετε την ευκαιρία να ελέγξετε τηνΠιστέψτε με, δεν έχετε δει ποτέ άλλη πόλη σαν αυτή που θα εξερευνήσετε ότι η δημιουργήθηκε ειδικά για όλους τους διεστραμμένους και αχόρταγους τυπάδες που αναζητούν πάντα το σεξ. Διαθέτουμε μια ευρεία συλλογή από διαφορετικές τσούλες οι οποίες είναι πολύ ανοιχτόμυαλες για ακόλαστη δράση. Οι πόρνες στην μπορούν να κάνουν σεξ όλη νύχτα και να προσφέρουν την υψηλότερη ικανοποίηση στον πλανήτη.

Πράγματα που Μπορείτε να Ανακαλύψετε στην σεξ χανια

Σκέφτεστε από πού να ξεκινήσετε; Ποια κυρία να διαλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας προσφέρει τα απαραίτητα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν ατελείωτο κατάλογο με πανέμορφες σκύλες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα καυτά σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Καυτές ξανθές, βρώμικες μελαχρινές, διεστραμμένες κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να διαλέξετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό όργιο; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι έμπειρες γκόμενες θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους εκπληκτικούς οργασμούς τους και την εκπληκτική δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε απολαύστε την.
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Diverse in culture and history, the people of Brazil share an infectious zest for life. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo may be the most well-known Brazilian towns, but the country also has the peaceful beaches of Bahia and the vivid Amazon jungle.
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