A day at my cousin's house


But somehow my mom confused them and they added on a 10 piece chicken nuggets for free. We drove off anyways, figuring that it helps make up for all the mistakes they made before. When we got to my uncle's house we all sat down and my mom started taking the food out of the bags. She handed Sarah her food then she handed me mine. Then she took out her Big Mac and said that Sara and I could share the 10 piece. I ate my hamburger as fast as I could so I could beat Sarah and get to eat more chicken nuggets than her. As I chewed my last bite, Sarah noticed what my plan was and she took the box of chicken nuggets and ran outside. I chased after her and when I got outside I saw her already eating chicken nuggets. I went up to her and she tried to hold the chicken nuggets close to her body so I couldn't get them. She turned around with her back to me and I reached my arms around her and grabbed for the chicken nuggets. My dick pressed firmly against her fine ass. All her moving around and rubbing caused it to get hard faster than usual, so I stopped pressing my dick against her ass so she wouldn't notice, but I guess it was too late. She gasped and stopped trying to keep the chicken nuggets from me. To my amazement she bent over more to press her ass on my dick which was almost hard all the way. She started to rub her ass on my bulging pants softly. Now my cock reached its 8 inch potential.

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   I was horny and the funny thing was, I was horny for my cousin. Sarah put down the chicken nuggets and faced me. She took my hand and led me to a play house that she had helped her father build. It was as big as a garage with plenty of room to move around. There was a bed for sleep overs with her friends and a desk and chair I guess was for drawing or writing. She opened the door and I walked inside. She closed the door behind me and walked over to the bed and sat down. "So what do you wanna do?" I asked her. "I don't care, you wanna do what we were doing earlier?""What do you mean, fight for chicken nuggets?" I responded. She laughed and said, "No, I mean do you want me to rub my butt on your dick like I was doing earlier?"The words coming out of my cousins mouth were turning me on so much. I didn't want to sound like a perv so I told her "Sure if you want to. "She told me that she did. "But can we do it without our pants on this time?"Oh my god, the more she said the more horny I got. I agreed and stood up to undo my pants. She walked over to me and moved my hands away and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants for me.

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   They fell down on there own and then she pulled down her shorts. She kicked them out from under her as did I with my pants. My half naked cousin reached over to hug me and while I had my arms around her I pulled her shirt up and over her head. The sight of my little cousin standing in front of me in just an A size bra and blue cotton panties made a drop of precum ooze out of my penis. I unbuttoned my boxers to reveal my throbbing penis to Sarah. "No not like that, all the way naked. " She begged. I pulled my boxers down and kicked them out from under me while she revealed more of her sexy body by taking off her bra. Her tiny A size breasts got me more excited than I would be if they were DD's. "There's just one thing keeping us from being all the way naked. " I said to Sarah, who was standing in front of me in her blue cotton panties that seemed to have wet spots from her juices seeping out of her virgin mound. She took off her panties and threw them on the desk. Sarah came over to me and turned around, pressing her bare ass on my erect member. I bent my knees just enough so that my dick could slide under her ass onto her pussy, and then my dick slid up her crack to her butt hole. It slid easily with my precum combining with her juices for lubrication.

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  "Do you wanna put your penis in there?" She said pointing to my dick then to her pussy. "How do you know about that?" I asked my little cousin. "One time at night I walked out to the kitchen and saw my mom and dad doing it on the couch. I watched the whole thing, I guess they didn't see me. " Sarah responded. "Ok if you want to baby. " I replied without thinking. I can't believe I called her baby. I wondered what her reaction would be. Hopefully it didn't affect the fact that she wanted to have sex with me. She answered me back by saying "Of course baby. " So I guess that she didn't mind me calling her baby. I grabbed her hand and led her over to the bed. She laid down on her back without me asking her to and automatically spread her legs as if she had done this before. Without hesitating I climbed on the bed hovering my sweaty body over her.

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  (I was all sweaty because the playhouse didn't have an air conditioner and it was in the middle of summer) A drop of sweat dripped off my chin onto her lips. The sight of her licking the drop of sweat off her lips was irresistible. I leaned towards her and pressed my lips against hers. To my astonishment she opened her mouth, inviting my tongue into it. Our tongues rolled around together for at least a minute. I pulled my tongue out of her mouth and started kissing down her neck. Despite the intense heat, the feeling of my lips against her sensitive neck caused Sarah to shiver. Not missing the opportunity I inched my way down her chest onto her pert nipples, switching back and forth from one to the other. At this moment I could hear a faint moan come from my cousins mouth. When I was satisfied with her nipples I continued kissing my way down. Down the center of her stomach, past her navel. I was now at the top of her little slit where I could see her clit ready for my attention. I licked and sucked around her slightly hairy pussy lips, flicking my tongue on her clit each time I passed it. With every flick of my tongue over her erect clit, Sarah would moan. I placed my lips around her clit and started flicking my tongue across it faster and faster.

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   I learned to move my head with her body as it moved up and down from sensation. I began to suck gently on her clit. This caused her to move her body even more. I could hear my Sarah moaning louder and more constant. As if she couldn't hold it anymore her juices started flowing all over my mouth. I lapped up the tasty liquid like a dog drinking water out of a bowl. She sat up and I asked her how it was. "Oh my god. That was the best feeling I have ever had in my entire life. I didn't want it to end. " She answered. "Well, now it's your turn to do it to me. You have to lick and suck my penis since I did it to you. " I told her. I could tell by the look in her eye she didn't want to but I guess it wasn't enough for her to object.

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   I sat down on the bed and she got off the bed and then went to her knees on the floor with her face just inches from my cock. I could feel her hot breath on my cock head. She took one look at my penis and started kissing the head. She started to lick off all my precum, which got her more into the moment when she started taking in my whole head and sucking on it hard. I could feel her tongue swirling around the tip of my head and her teeth grinding on my foreskin. She took almost half of my member into her mouth which seemed to be more than enough for her. I grabbed a handful of hair and started bobbing her head up and down. This felt soo good. I could hear her trying to say something so I let go of her head. She took her mouth off my cock and a string of precum was swinging out of her mouth. She licked her lips to get it off and it worked. "What I was trying to say was I wanna do it myself, stop moving my head" This almost made me cum right then and there. I agreed and she continued sucking on my cock like a 4 year old on a blow pop. The feeling kept getting better and better to the point where I had to come. Without warning I shot one load after another down my cousins throat.

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   She kept sucking as cum oozed out of the corners of her mouth. That was the first time anybody kept on sucking my dick after I came and the feeling was unbelievable. After about 30 seconds of her sucking and licking my cum off my shaft and balls, she sat up and wiped her mouth off. She stood up and leaned her head in towards mine. I knew what she wanted and we started kissing. Little did I know she still had some cum in her mouth and shared it with me. I always figured that cum tasted nasty and I was glad I wasn't a girl, but I actually enjoyed the taste of it. The texture was a little too thick but the taste was like no other. Despite just cumming I wanted to fuck my cousin so bad.
    "Have you been on you period yet?" I asked her. "What's a period" She responded. "It's when blood comes out of your vagina. Has that ever happened to you?" This was my way of finding out if I fucked her without a condom and cummed that she wouldn't get pregnant. "No, I don't know what you are talking about" She told me. Those words made my eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

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       I knew that no matter how much I cummed in my cousin's sweet young pussy, nothing would happen. This was a good thing because I didn't have any condoms with me and I wanted to fuck Sarah bad. She reminded me of what we were supposed to be doing. And she laid herself down on the bed while I stood up and faced her. She laid across the bed with her pussy at the edge of the bed ready for my cock. I got closer to her and maneuvered my cock into her pussy hole. I pushed it in with care making sure not to hurt my cousin. I could see the look of discomfort on her face. Once I could feel the resistance of her hymen against my cock I told her that I was going to push in hard and it was most likely going to hurt. I also told her that afterwards the wonderful feeling would make up for the pain. She nodded her head and with that I held her waist and pushed in deep. She squirmed with pain and was biting her lip to keep from screaming. I slowly pulled all the way out and saw the little bit of blood dripping out of her pussy and the little bit on my penis. I told her it was going to be all right and put my dick back in. This time she showed a face of less discomfort.

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      While pumping my cousin slowly I tried to imagine the feeling of having sex prior to this, with a condom. There was so much of a difference in feeling between wearing a condom and not wearing a condom, it made me want to never wear one again. In addition to my naked cock, the fact that this was Sarah's first time and her pussy was as tight as a knot hole made the feeling so intense I felt like I was going to cum right there. I decided to slow down from the rapid pace I was moving in and out of her, which happened so quickly I didn't even know I was fucking her so fast. As I looked at her face I could see that there was no more discomfort. Now there was pleasure and euphoria. She was moaning so loudly I was glad this wasn't being done in the house, because my uncle and mom would surely hear what was going on. Her body moved in sync with mine, as if we were two people joined as one. I noticed her legs bending at the knee and without hesitation I stretched her leg out and put it parallel with my body, resting against my chest and her heel against my shoulders. The moans began to grow louder so I did the same thing with the other leg. WOW, the feeling of this position was amazing. And the sight of my dick pumping in and out of my cousins soaking pussy was drawing me closer to my climax. I pumped her faster and harder, moving the bed in the same motion as me and Sarah. As I felt the tingle in my balls I knew what was coming. Me.

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       With a faint moan and a deep breath I starting filling my cousin up with cum. Shot after shot, I kept cumming for what seemed like forever. Sarah's pussy was overflowing now and cum was dripping out all around the outline of her pussy. As her moans got lower and her breaths slowed down I could hear a door open and close in the distance. I automatically thought it was my mom or uncle so I told Sarah to get up and get dressed quickly. I fumbled my pants in my hand after putting on my boxers with such ease. I guess I got more nervous as more time passed from the time I heard the door shut. Before I could get my shirt on I looked at Sarah and she was already dressed. I guess she wasn't nervous because she didn't know the severity of the situation. I quickly slipped my shirt over my head and put my arms through the sleeves. I notioned for my sister to just sit down and act normal. I decided to use the first thing that popped into my head for and excuse. I-spy. Me and Sarah were playing I-Spy. I whispered my idea to her and she agreed.


      "I spy something. . . . red. " I told Sarah, as I heard somebody turn the handle on the door to the playhouse. In my head I thought of her blood that was on the sheets, and hoped that whoever came in the playhouse didn't notice it. It was my mom who came to tell me that we had to hurry home. She was looking for me for at least 30 minutes, which was the reason we had to hurry home. I left Sarah there with only a good-bye since I had no time to talk to her about what happened. I looked forward to seeing her again and talking to her about what had happened that day. When I got home I went straight to my room to jack off. While jacking off I thought of what had happened earlier, and hoping it would happen again by visualizing different things me and Sarah could do together. When I cummed I cleaned up and went into the living room to watch TV. I had the feeling of guilt for doing what I did with Sarah but I didn't care.

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       I liked it and so did she. And I'd do it again if I could. .
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