A different birthday present...


It started yesterday, but I didn't at ALL think it was gouge to end up like this.

Oh, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself first. My name's alex, I'm 16, i'm 5'9, with medium length blonde hair, a nice muscley body and a six-pack most guys would kill for, which is surprising, seeing as i eat a lot more than I should. I have a sister called Hannah, two lovely parents and a pair of cats. But I suppose Hannah is my main focus of this story.

You see, Hannah is my younger sister. She is about 5'5, with beautiful red hair, and an amazing body. I never really noticed her like that, but come to think of it, she is a very pretty girl with an amazing figure. She matured into last couple of years, her face matured into one you just wanted to jizz all over and her ass and tits grew, and now sit high and pert on her gorgeous body.

It was her 15th birthday yesterday, so after she went out to a restaurant a large group of her friends,her and her two bestgirlfriends came back to out house. Her two best friends were Jessie and Chloe, and they too were gorgeous to look at. Jessie had neck- length jet black hair and bright blue eyes, which drew your eyes away from her hugepert breasts. She was part Italian, so her skin was a little dark in contrast to chloe's and hannah's.

Chloe had shoulder-length auburn/brown hair and dark brown eyes, which although she was stunning to look at, did the exact opposite to what jess did, and brought your eyes to her round peachy ass.

The girls made a formidable trio, any man would die to date any of the three of them. I was sitting in the main room, playing my xbox, when I heard the door slam quietly and the three girls start laughing and talking abbot their evening.

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"Hey Hannah. Mum and dad have gone out for a romantic evening". She looked at me and rolled her eyes, as she headed upstairs with the girls.

"you can stay on that as long as you want alex, were having a slumber party upstairs, but try to be quiet?" she said in a hoping tone of voice.

" I think I'm going to go to bed actually, I'm pretty tired. " I turned my xbox off and headed upstairs with the girls, where we parted at my room as I said goodnight and shut the door. I had a shower in my en-suite room, then clambered into bed with nothing on.

I had a very weird dream that night. I felt something touching my cock, but every time I looked down I could only see a huge mass of red hair. I shrugged it off and wentbro check my phone, and a text from mom saidthat she wouldn't be returning until tomorrow afternoon. I went back to sleep. And that's when it all began.

I awoke at nearly three am with a raging hard on. My eight inch cock was wiggling around in the air, and at first I thought that was what woke me up. Then I realised I was standing up with my hands tied behind my back, and Hannah kneeling down by my dick as jess and Chloe sat watching, amused.

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"Hannah, what the hell?!?!"

"Alex, could you do me a favour? I want another present for my birthday. " she proceeded to start sucking my cock again for a couple of seconds, and then looked up and smiled. "I want you to fuck me. Long and hard, and I want the girls to watch. "

Wow. That was a bit forward?" I mumbled, but when she realised I wasn't fully open to the idea, she stood back up and began to strip in front of me.

I glanced up at the two girls sitting my sisters bed, and I could tell they were enjoying it already. He'll, it had hardly started yet!

As Hannah stripped down to nothing but a lime green g-string that barely covered her pussy, jess put her hand on chloe's thigh and began to rub gently. They began to take their clothes off too. My cock was burning for pussy at the Sight infront of me.

" now alex, I promise to let you go only if YOU promise to not run off. This is what want as my birthday present. " she untied my hands, and I rubbed them where the string had chafed against my wrists. At this point, Chloe and jess moved to the sofa, and were completely naked. They began kissing and rubbing each others breasts, this drove me wild.

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   I glimpsed their perfectly bald pussies out of the corner of my eye.

At this moment Hannah pulled me onto he bed and layer down as I knelt next to her. She slid her g-string off and placed it on my cock, rubbing gently as it soaked up the Precum dripping from my glans.

"Lick my pussy alex. I've wanted you for so long, lick my pussy and make me cum. "

I positioned her on the bed in such a way that I could see the Chloe and jess aswell. By now, jess was fingering chloe's tight cunt as they both stared at my hard cock. I began to tease hannah's thighs, and then set upon her pussy. As I slid my finger into her wet slit, I could hear moans as jess licked chloe's Pussy. Hannah was dripping wet already, at the sight of her two friends.

"oh alex, your making me so wet!Keep licking my pussy!" she moaned as she watched her friends fuck away.

After a few minutes, hannah's pussy juice squirted over my face, and I lapped up the remain nectar. Jess and Chloe clambered onto the bed, and all three girls began to devour my cock like demons. I nearly came ate sight of this alone, but managed to hold myself off. I hoisted Hannah off the bed, bent her over the side and inserted my rock hard member into her dripping pussy.

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   Chloe then lay down infront of me, and jess straddled her face. I could hear moans from Hannah as I pounded my cock into her tight hole, and watched as jess's tits bounced up and Down. This was driving me crazy. I then began to pump hannah's pussy harder and harder until she finally screamed in pleasure and clambered back onto the bed, collapsing in a heap of extasy.

I wanted more pussy, so I jumped onto the bed and grabbed jess from above Chloe. She squaled a little as moved over to the sofa and sat down, placing jess on my cock as I sucked at her huge tits. She bounded up and down on my cock, and Ifocused on her breasts, completely ignoring Chloe and Hannah, but still hearing the occasional moan from them.

Jess's pussy juice ran down my shaft time after time as I made her cum again and again. I was so turned on by her screaming that I was ready to blow my load. I lifted her off me, and put her back on the bed with the girls, and she began to immediately rub her pussy with pleasure, her eyes crumpled with the thought of me.

"Who wants to taste my long cock now it's been in jess's tight cunt?"

Immediatley Chloe stopped servicing hannahs pussy and pulled me testes her head, gobbling my rod until it hit the back of her throat. She gagged, but I pushed her head further down onto my man muscle until my balls hit her chin. She was chocking on my cock, and her groat muscles were convulsing. I took it out of her mouth and tugged until m balls exploded over her cute little face, and then proceeded to cum over my sisters tight little arse that was waving about in the air. I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted as the girls sucked my cock dry.



"Thank you brother!" Hannah squealed as she hugged me, jumping onto my washboard stomach and wrappig her arms around my neck.

"That was fucking amazing girls. Any time you want to do that again, I will be glad to. "

I think you'll be be seeing one of us sooner than you think. . . " mumbled Chloe. And boy was she right.

Hope you liked the story, please leave comments here or email me at Alexrw44@live. co. uk saying what you thought of it, if I get enough then I may do another story. Suggestions are welcome :).