A dirty obsession part 2


Gary awoke, still confused. Had last night really happened? Had his mother granted him part of his fantasy by sucking his cock, before offering herself up the day after?His thoughts started to make him aroused, thinking that if it was real, then his mum will have phoned in sick for work to spend the day giving herself up for him. He got out of bed and walked downstairs when he heard his mum moving around in her bedroom above him.
"so it was real" he thought to himself, his cock twitching at the thought of his mum upstairs preparing for him.
After he finished his drink in the kitchen and started to head back to his room, he got as far as the bottom of the stairs and when he looked up, he saw his mother stood at the top wearing a robe.
"good morning Gary, did you think i had forgotten what i said last night??"
"erm, to be honest mum, i was trying to figure if it was real or imagination"
"well then let me tell you that it happened and remind you that today, you get this!" she said as she undid and dropped her robe. There she stood, wearing a lacy black bra, with a matching slightly see-through thong.
Gary's jaw almost dropped as his mum stood before him, hardly wearing anything, with her seemingly huge breasts being pushed up by her tight bra. Even though his mum was a size 18, and her bum was bigger than the average woman, he found it very attractive. She turned and walked towards her room, letting him know to follow, his eyes fixed on her ass in that black thong. When they got in her room, she turned to face him again and said,
"now, you can have some fun with me, and don't worry about cumming inside me, i can't get pregnant again"
Shocked at this revelation Gary didn't stop to think about it before his mum pulled down his boxers and looked at the very cock she had sucked the night before. She took hold of his cock and gently played with it until it started gettin hard, before yet again starting to suck her son's cock.
"god mum thats so good, suck your sons cock!"
His words made her feel dirtier and hornier and she began to suck faster. He couldn't hold out any longer and released his first load of hot white love juice, into her mouth, deep into the back of her throat as she moaned with joy, tasting her sons  cum. She eagerly carried on sucking, getting every last drop of the stuff she had missed out on for almost a year, licking his cock head clean and licking her lips she looked up at Gary
"mmmm, i'd forgotten how much i loved cum. it feels like ages since i got to taste it before last night, now its your turn to do whatever you want"
Gary looked down at her and immediatly noticed the bulging cleavage he had noticed earlier, reaching behind his mum he unclasped her bra and took it off her, letting her large busom free to slightly sag but still look appealing.

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   He pushed her back gently onto the bed and took her left breast into his hand, squeezing it and flicking her erect nipple. He raised his head to her ample boob and began to lick and suck at the teet like he had as a child, except this time was different, this wasn't to be fed, this was to give his mum pleasure and get them both hornier than they alreaday were. He stopped with her left breast and moved to her right and began to do the same as before, lickin and sucking, listening to his mother's gasps of pleasure.
While sucking her tit, he slid his hand down under her thong and felt her trimmed bush, getting closer to her pussy lips to find them moist ready for him. He slid his middle finger into her slit, probing as far as his finger would let him. He built up a rhythm sliding his finger deep into her vagina and back out, occasionaly stopping sliding fully in and rubbing her clit in a circular motion. When he couldn't take it any longer he pulled off her thong and positioned his now fully erect penis at the entrance to the very hole he had come from. He pushed forward, parting her lips, followed by a short gasp from his mother. He pushed his cock fully into his mum amd he felt like he was in heaven, he was finally getting what he wanted and he wasn't going to waste his time.
"oh god its been so long since ive had a cock in me, even your six incher feels huge" she panted. .
"your pussy feels so good mum, im gonna fuck you so good today!" he replied, before starting to slowly fuck his mum.
6 years of waiting and imagining doing this finally caught up to himself and he picked up his pace, grunting softly as he thrust his cock into her vagina, enjoying and being encouraged by his mums soft moans of pleasure.
"ooo. .

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  . . yes. . . thats . . . so. . . good. . . Gary" she exhaled, "i.

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  . . need. . . this. . . badly, . . fuck me. . . . .

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  . harder. . . son!"
He placed his hands either side of her head as he got comfortable ready to start fucking her as hard as he could. He carried this on for as long as he could manage. His mum screamed aloud in ecstasy as sopping cunt tightened around her son's shaft, feeling her orgasm sweep through her body she shut her eyes and listened as Gary grunted loudly.
"aahhh. . . FUCK" he shouted as he shot his sticky white juice deep into her pussy. He collapsed on top of her exhausted, resting his head on her breasts, feeling her puppy fat around her belly rise and fall with her lungs as she breathed heavily.
He awoke later on, laying on his mother's bed. He looked over and saw her laying next to him and he knew he had to have her again, he still had much more he wanted to do to her. He turned and put his arm around her, kissing her neck as he slid his hand between her legs.

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   She woke with a smile on her face,
"well your definately your fathers son, he was just as eager to fuck as this years ago"
"what do you expect mum?" he asked rhetorically, "i am desperate for more, and seeing you naked reminds me how bad i want you"
"thank you honey, its nice to be appreciated" she said as she parted her legs slightly to allow his hand easier access to her  puffy cunt lips.
He rubbed her pussy lips before once again parting them with his hand and sliding a finger deep inside her, but her pussy wasn't what he was after this time.
"mum" he said softly "you know you said i could do anything??"
"yes what is it honey" she inquired, enjoying her pussy being finger fucked too much to care what he asked.
"well, i've always wanted to have a tit fuck, and was wondering. . . "
"don't worry. . " she cut in, "i did say anything didn't i?? even if its something i've never done with your father"
With her permission he rolled her onto her back and he put his legs either side of her as he took his cock into his hand and positioned it at her big breasts.
"push them together like this" he said as he manipulated his mothers hands onto her own breasts just how he wanted them.
He looked down and could barely see his cock in those tits of hers. He was extremely aroused and knew his first tit fuck was worth waiting for. He moved back, watching as his cock head disappeared between his mums boobs and re-appeared seconds later as he slowly thrust forward. It felt good and from the sounds his mum was making she obviously was enjoying it. She looked down and admired her chest, pushed together wrapped around her son's cock and was very aroused seeing his cock head occassionaly poke out the top of her cleavage.

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"mmm mum, i love your tits so much, ive wanted to do this for years" he panted, feeling himself getting closer to cumming
"ahh i'm glad son, it feels quite nice, and i'm glad i'm trying it!"
She went back to looking down at her boobs while he kept on sliding his cock between them. She was pleasantly surprised when he moaned loudly and shot streak after streak of warm cum all over her melons and some of the first few streaks shot up as far as her bottom lip and her chin. She licked her bottom lip, tasting more of her son's cum. He got off her, as she used her fingers to bring the cum from her tits to her mouth and licked them clean, swallowing every last drop. She turned to him and kissed him, softly at first until they both slid their tongues into each others mouths, locking in a kiss more like lovers than mother and son. After minutes of kissing she broke it off,
"that felt so good, especially when you came on me, we're definately going to be doing that more often in future. "
Her words pleased him, he now knew this wasn't a one off day, he was getting this again, and hopefully again and again.
"your dad wont be home for a while, so why dont you shower while i go make us some lunch to get our energy back up"
"ok mum, ill be down as soon as im done"
He got up and walked round to her side of the bed, kissing her before he left, he then headed to the bathroom and climbed in the shower.

    While he was in there, his mum pulled on some revealing negligee and went downstairs to fix some lunch. She was just about done cooking when she heard Gary enter the kitchen. She knew the first thing he would notice would be what she was wearing and couldnt help smiling to herself. He walked over and put his arms around her waist.
    "smells good" he said, "whats for afters?"
    "just wait and see" she replied, pushing her ass back against his crotch, feeling a slight bulge. "anyway lunch is ready so you have to let go"
    He let go as she served up lunch and sat down opposite him, giving him a full view of her cleavage in her little negligee, noticing his eyes fixated on her chest as he ate. They finished eating and as she cleared away, Gary sat and admired her, feeling his cock growing hard in its prison within his jeans.

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       As she started to come back he stood and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her throat. She returned the favour and shoved her tongue into his mouth as they stood there, exploring each others mouths once again. After he broke off the kiss she joked,
    "my, someone is grateful for lunch, that or your horny again already!"
    "i can't help it mum, that sexy little outfit you're wearing is too much to handle, i need to have you right now!"
    "right now?? well i suppose the house is going to be empty until your father gets back much later on, why not have some fun down here?"
    He grabbed her and started pulling off her lingerie, as she unzipped his jeans, instantly freeing his cock, as he was going commando, and she grabbed hold of his member and started jerking it. He finally stripped her and got his mum sat down on the edge of the table they had just eaten from, he kissed her neck, and then her breasts as he worked his way down to her vagina, where he promptly parted her lips with his fingers and slid his tongue into her slit. He stuck it in as far as he could get it, tasting her sweet older pussy juices as the ran down to his mouth. She moaned loudly, enjoying every second of her son eating her cunt. After a few minutes of licking her pussy and sucking her clit, he stopped when he thought she was wet enough and told her to get on all fours on the table. She wasted not time in getting into position lifting her big ass into the air to allow him access to her moist pussy from behind.
    He slid his bulbous cock head into her vagina, before shoving the whole shaft in until his balls touched her ass. He pulled back until only the cock remained inside of her, before slowly gliding his whole cock back in. They both moaned with pleasure  as he built a steady rythym of sliding partially out and back in again, feeling her cunt juices all over his cock. He couldn't take it anymore and grabbed hold of her ass as he rammed his cock into her hard, feeling his balls slap against her ass, she gasped loudly in pleasant shock, loving every second of her sons cock penetrating her. His rythym had changed, he still had hold of her ass as he began to pound her like a wild animal, grunting as his cock had reached its limit inside of her and as her pussy walls contracted around his cock squeezing it as she blurted out more screams of joy as her second orgasm of the day shook her body. He carried on going, feeling his own climax approaching. They continued fucking loudly until Gary could hold it any he gasped

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      . . son. . . fill. . . me legs went weak for a moment as his balls tightened and his cock spurted its sweet white cream into his mothers cunt again, and again, spurt after spurt.
    His mum let out lots of moans as she felt his hot love juice fill her insides, her head hung low in exhuastion from that hard fucking she had just taken. Gary rested his head on his mothers back as he felt his cock soften and fall out of his mums sloppy fuckhole.
    They had both been too busy fucking to hear the front door open and close, and the footsteps towards the kitchen. Neither of them paid attention as the door to the kitchen opened and Gary's brother stood in the doorway, his face dropped when he saw his own mother and his brother naked on the kitchen table.
    "what the fuck is going on here?" he shouted as they both turned in shock, their faces also dropping in fear that they had just been
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