A Fathers Downfall Chapter 3


My dreams were full of my baby girl. How her nipple had felt against my tongue. The silkiness of her soft skin. Her tiny moans and sighs as I kissed her tiny body. The wetness of her pussy against my fingertips. Oh, and the taste of her cunt. The way her virgin pussy juices gushed into my mouth as she orgasmed haunted my dreams. I tossed and turned all night, wracked with guilt over what I had done, but my cock was also rock hard for the whole night as I relived each delicious second in my mind. I awoke late after my fitful sleep, and found the other side of the bed empty. Fear gripped my insides as I instantly thought of who Abby could be contacting to spill the awful deeds her father had committed the night before. Surely the police were already on their way, and would be knocking on the door any second, ready to handcuff me and throw away the key. But upon entering the lounge room I found my baby girl curled up on the couch, an empty bowl of cereal on the floor, as she giggled at the cartoons she was watching. She smiled a good morning at me, and the relief that washed over me was all-encompassing. Abby still looked at me with love and trust, even if I didn’t deserve either. So as before, life continued as normal. Abby recovered from the tonsilitis and returned to school.

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   My own life was consumed with work and running the daily regimen of the house. The only new aspect of my life was how often I now needed to stroke my cock. The sight of Abby each morning in her short school uniform with the knee length socks would make me swell, and I had to hide the bulge in my pants beneath the kitchen table until she ran outside to meet the school bus. Within seconds I'd have my pants around my knees and my cock in my hands, stroking myself as I thought of eating her cunt out on the kitchen table. Or my mind would wander while I was at work and I would find myself in the men’s room wanking over the thought of how tight her cunt would be around my cock. I’d get hard if she climbed onto my lap at night while we watched TV, or I’d get hard at just the sight of her bedtime attire, hell it didn’t matter. Everything to do with Abby was making me hard and I hadn’t stroked my cock this much since I’d been 15. I couldn’t seem to get the taste of her cunt out of my mind. Or the way her tiny hips had jerked up against my face, pushing her pussy against my tongue. If she orgasmed with such fervor when she’d been drugged, just imagine how she would be when she had all her senses. I wracked my brain trying to think up new ways to get my face between her legs again, without her knowing. Which was just insane. Firstly, because I was damn lucky not to have been caught on the two occasions that I’d touched her. Surely, it would be strike three and I’d be caught. And secondly, because if I was truly honest with myself, I wanted her to be aware of what I was doing to her.

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   I wanted to experience the full effect of her orgasm when she wasn’t sleeping or chemically subdued. Mostly I was consumed with the thought of how tight her cunt would be, and what it would feel like to have her cum all over my cock. One day during the summer holidays, our air conditioner decided to die. After calling around to get somebody to come fix it, I’d discovered the earliest it could be seen to was the following week. Abby and I spent the day in the pool trying to keep cool, but that night was like being inside a sauna. With the barest of clothes on, we lay around the lounge room sweating profusely. Of course, I was also sweating from the sight of her lolling on the couch in her bikini. I had a few beers as we watched a movie together, and when it came time for Abby to go to bed, she asked if she could spend the night in my room as it had a ceiling fan over the bed. Even as I agreed, my cock was swelling at the thought of her being in the same bed with me. Abby pranced out of the room after giving me a kiss goodnight, and my mind started plotting her molestation, while my conscience ordered me to sleep on the couch. After half an hour and another beer, my lust won the argument. After locking up the house, I quietly entered my bedroom and saw that Abby had fallen asleep on top of the sheet, with the bedclothes pushed off onto the floor. She’d been watching TV with the lights turned off, and the flickering screen cast enough light for me to see that she was still wearing that miniscule blue and white bikini. As I watched from the doorway, I could see her tiny breasts rise and fall with each breath, straining the material stretched across them. One of the shoulder straps had fallen down her arm slightly, and my mouth watered as I imagined peeling the material away from her beautiful breast.

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   Even from here it looked like her little nipples were hard and begging for my mouth to suck on them. Her thighs were spread slightly, and that small scrap of nylon across her pussy was beckoning my swollen cock. As I walked towards the bed, my hands were busy unfastening my shorts. I dropped them to my feet and stepped out of them as I gently laid down on the bed next to her, being careful not to touch Abby in any way. I knew that I needed to get her aroused before she woke up if I had any chance of this happening. Luckily, Abby has always been a notoriously heavy sleeper, and I knew that it would take alot to wake her, especially after the exhausting day we’d had in the pool. I lay on my side with my head resting on my bended hand, as my eyes travelled over her small body. My fingers were itching to touch her, but instead I wrapped them around my swollen cock and stroked myself very slowly as I looked at my baby girl. There was going to be no going back now. Tonight I was finally going to have my cock deep inside her cunt. Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I released my cock and reached over to that tempting strap of her bikini. With agonizing slowness I pulled the material further down her arm, peeling the cup away from her breast. I held my breath as that perfect nipple came into view. Leaning forward slightly, I blew across the tip of her breast, watching in awe as her nipple hardened. She might be only 13 years old, but her body sure was responsive.

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   As my head lowered to her stiff peak, I groaned quietly at just the idea of her breast being in my hot wet mouth again. I slathered her whole breast mound with my tongue, revelling in the taste of her skin. Wrapping my lips around her rigid nipple, I sucked hard as my tongue brushed back and forth. I could hear Abby’s breathing start to quicken, and knew I had to progress quickly before she woke. As my mouth attacked her breast, I slid my hand down over her flat stomach and pushed my fingers beneath her bikini bottom. While my fingers parted the lips of her pussy and brushed back and forth against her slit, I heard Abby groan. My thumb rubbed at her clit as I felt her pussy begin to moisten, and I slowly pushed my middle finger into her tight cunt. Abby arched her back, pushing her tit against my mouth and pulling my finger deeper into her pussy as I began to slowly pump in and out, being careful to not push too deep as I didn’t want to take her virginity with my finger. As I finger fucked my baby girl, my cock was pushed up against her thigh, leaking pre-cum all over her soft skin. God, I was so fucking hard and she was becoming so fucking wet. I couldn’t wait to bury my cock deep inside her tight pussy. Hearing the words “d. . daddy, what. .

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  . ?” brought me back to reality. I released her nipple from my mouth and looked up into her angelic face, seeing the confusion in her eyes. But I didn’t stop sliding my finger in and out of her cunt. As I watched her emerge from sleep, I noticed that she didn’t stop writhing beneath my hand, didn’t stop pumping her hips up and down slightly. I whispered to her between each lick of her breast, “does that feel good Abby?. . . . . . God, you’re so beautiful. . . .

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  . . your pussy is so wet. . . . . . . do you like daddy licking your nipple baby. . . . . .

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  do you like my finger inside your pussy?” Abby groaned as my thumb moved her tiny clit in circles, her pussy muscles clenching tightly around my finger. “Oh yeah that’s it Abby. . . . let it go baby. . . . . daddy loves how wet you are. ” I knelt up beside her, pulling her bikini bottoms off with one hand as the other continued to rub her wet cunt. I was terrified that if I let up for a second Abby would put a stop to this. But she seemed to be in a daze, tossing her head back and forth on the pillow as she bent her legs up and pushed her pelvis off the bed. The panting and groaning each time I pushed my finger inside were driving me crazy.

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  I maneuvered around the bed, inching my way between her legs as my finger stroked in and out. My free hand pushed at her inner thigh as I whispered “spread your legs honey. . . . daddy’s gonna make you feel so good. ” I looked down as Abby pulled her legs wider, watching her tiny pussy lips open as I stared in awe at the sight of my finger disappearing in and out of her wet cunt. I slowly pulled my finger out of her pussy, hearing a tiny groan of dismay from my daughter, but I kept rubbing at her clit as I grabbed my rock hard cock with my other hand. I pulled my cock downwards, rubbing it against her pussy, feeling her virgin cunt juices sliding all over the head. Abby seemed to tense up when she felt something other than my finger rubbing at the entrance of her pussy, and I looked up into her eyes and moaned “it’s ok baby. . . . . daddy just needs to fuck you.

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  . . . it’ll feel good, i promise. ” I was so turned on that I was just blathering bullshit to her. All that mattered at this point was getting my cock inside that tight cunt. I felt her tiny hole and pushed forward slowly, feeling the head of my cock being shoved into this incredible tightness. The muscles of her cunt seemed to be fighting against me, wanting to push me out but there was no way I was going to be refused now. My hands reached for her hips and I pulled her upwards off the bed, pressing her tight against me as I pushed my cock inside her cunt. Abby groaned in pain but I was beyond caring now. It was all about my cock and that tight wet hole. I could feel the tip brushing against her hymen and I knew if I prepared her she’d be scared and tense up, so I pulled back slightly and then slammed my cock into her hard. Abby screamed but I was in heaven. I’d buried my full 7 inches inside her. She started whimpering “daddy.


  . . . no. . . . please, daddy stop. . . . it hurts” as she pushed her tiny hands against my chest, trying to escape from the pain. I didn’t even give my baby daughter time to recover as I began pumping my cock in and out of her hot, tight cunt. My balls were bouncing against her tiny arse as I grunted each time I shoved inside her. It felt like my cock was encased in a vice.


   The tightness was truly incredible. I looked down and watched as my massive cock seemed to disappear inside her tiny body. As I pounded her into the mattress I watched her little breasts bobbing up and down on her chest. One of my hands released her hip and found her swollen clit. I began rubbing it in circles again as I fucked the shit out of her. I don’t know when it started but suddenly I noticed that Abby wasn’t moaning in pain anymore. She was still moaning, but she seemed to be lifting her hips up and down of her own accord. I desperately wanted to feel her cum on my cock, but I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to last long enough. I started talking to her, encouraging her as my fingers rubbed at her clit, whispering “god Abby. . . . your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock. . .

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  . . you’re so tight and wet. . . . . that’s it baby. . . . do you like having your daddy fuck your cunt. . . .

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  . . oh god yeah. . . . . that’s it baby. . . . fuck your daddy’s cock. . . .

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  . cum for me Abby. . . . cum on my cock. ”Suddenly Abby tensed up beneath me, then began grunting as she slammed her hips up and down, moaning “oh daddy. . . . . . oh that feels so good. . .

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  . . don’t stop. ” Her cunt muscles gripped my cock even tighter as her pussy gushed with juices, and I began slamming my cock into her faster and harder than before. I felt my balls tingle and tighten as I drilled her into the mattress, grunting as I began to babble nonsense in her ear. “oh fuck yeah. . . . that’s it Abby. . . . cum on my cock. .

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  . . . oh fuck you’re so fucking tight. . . . oh god. . . . fuck me baby. ” My cock exploded, squirting stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her virgin cunt. I don’t think I’ve ever cum as much or as hard as I did inside Abby. Her pussy milked my cock, squeezing every last drop out of it.

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   Her pussy was overflowing with our cum, dripping down onto my balls and onto her ass. My face was buried against her neck, and as I tried to recover my breath I covered her in kisses. My baby girl was the fuck of the century, and I knew I’d never feel so complete and satisfied as I did at that second. As I slowly pulled my softening cock out of her cunt, Abby moaned and as I looked up she whispered “I’m so sore, daddy. ”As I moved down the bed, I smiled at her and replied “Don’t worry baby, daddy’s going to kiss it better. ”Thanks for the overwhelming response to this story. All comments and criticisms are welcome at intentional. malice@hotmail. com Love Megan. has a huge list of honeys and escort services in Mykonos!

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