a heavenly backrub


It was just like any other saturday night, i came home late and everyone who was home was asleep.   what I didnt know was that it was just me and my mother who were home.   my father had gone on a buiness seminar that weekend, and i knew my sister was out for the weekend but my brother had made last minute plans with a friend to have an overnight.   so when i came in i went straightfor the couch in the TV room.
I must have fallen asleep because my mother came down for her usual midnight glass of water and woke me up by rubing my chest.   i looked at her and said
"hey mom, what are you doing up?"
"oh you know me, i never sleep through the night, but thats besides the point, you need to go to sleep in your bed, in your room. "
"but mom, i was really comfortable, but i'll make you a deal. "
"oh yeah, whats that?"
"if you come rub my back then i will go to sleep in my room. "
"fine, if that's what it takes then i will. "
"i knew you would, you could never tell me no when it came to that subject. "
So down we went, into the dungeon that was considered my room.   i layed on my full size bed and my monther sat next to me.   she had long nails and it was heavenly the way she rubbed backs.   i have always loved it, but today was different.   it may have been because everyone was gone or that i was becoming a man in his sexual prime, but while she was rubbing my back i got the biggest hardon that i ever had.   i decided that i was going to try and make a move on my mom, i was going to try and seduce her.

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    it turned out to be fairly easy.   i guess that my mom had not been sexually pleased in many months.   but it all started when i adjusted my arms and "accidentily" placed my hand between her legs.   the great part was that she tried to move and only put my hand further in to her pussy.   it was starting to get warmer and she was starting to make a few noises that should have been reserved for my father.   but just then i think she freaked herself out a bit because she said goodnight.   i decided that it was now or never.   i leaned in for a goodnight kiss and placed a hand back into her crotch.   i placed the other behind her head and shoved my tounge into her mouth.   at first she resisted, but after rubbing her tounge a few times she was more than willing to kiss me back.   when she moaned i knew i had her, she was mine for the night
"mom, should we stay here tonight or go upstairs to your room and continue?"
"it doesnt matter, but pick fast or i might lose interest. " she said with her eyes closed and her vagina rubbing furiously against my hand.
"if we go upstairs can we play with some of those toys you have too. "
"ohhh yeah.   but lets go, now.

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    get that butt up into my room now.   mommy needs some lovin. "
off we went.   it was like a new person had entered my mothers body.   i mean how could i have imagined that my mother would be so easy to seduce.   we reached her room, but before entering i spun her arround, grabbed her ass, and began to massage her tounge with mine.   i picked her up, walked over to her bed, laid her down and stripped her clothes away.  
"mom are you sure you want this? because i know that i do, but if you dont then its not worth it. "
"mark i hope this answers your question. " with that said, she took my trobing cock into her mouth and sucked me to a state of insane euphoria.
i knew that my dad must have loved it whenshe did this because i could not believe how it felt.   she paid such attention to my testicles that i could not tell which was more unbelievable.   she must have thought of my cock as a candy cain because she sucked and licked it like it was about to dissapear.   she know exactly where the spots were, and how to hit them to get the response she wanted.   i knew that there was no way i was going to pass up the opportunity to cum in her mouth now.

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    i knew that she wanted me to cum in her mouth by the way she tried to suck the cum out.  
"oh my god mom, you are unbelievable.   i have never had head this good before.   i mean no girl my age can even compare. "
"i'm glad you approve, and just so you know i have practiced on you father enough to know how to give perfect head. "
"it shows, but i want you to finish me off so that i can get you feeling like i do right now.   ooooh god mom, keep sucking it, milk it baby.   you have no ideeeaa how goooood that feels. "
she began to jerk me off while sucking on my testicles and that had to be what pushed me over.   but she must have sensed it and knew to take my cock back into her mouth just in time to catch my load.   as i squirted load after load she massaged the head of my dick with her tounge.   i was spent, i had lost everything that made me horny until my mother decided to take action and she just sat on my face.   i had eaten out my fair share of women, some even older than my mother, who was 40, and some younger than my 16 year old sister.   however i think that my mom had the best pussy i had ever been in.   once i got a taste i could not stop, i had to have more.

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    i started to get hard again which caused my pussy sucking ability to skyrocket.   i would lick everywhere except her clit which was driving her mad.   she was begging me to get some attention to her clit.   it was just like earlier.   i knew i had her, i knew she was mine tonight.   i pushed her off of my face and turned her over.   i went to work on a nipple with my mouth and with my hand i searched her pussy for the g spot.   i knew when i found it because her whole body jerked.   i used that to my advantage after that,  i would tease her by getting her body wiggling and spasming but then i would back off and let her feel deprived.
      then in one swift motion i moved my mouth to her clit and my fingers to her g spot.   my mother went wild, i couldnt have imagined the reaction i was gonna get from her.   the way she was humping my face i thought she was posessed.   i kept applyin the same pressure until all at once her body tightened up and she came in my mouth.   it was the best taste i ever had.   sweet and it came in exess.

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        i continued to lick her and after another three orgasms she started yelling
    "fuck me, stick that massive thing inside of me and ride me hard!! i need the cock, i need the cock in me now!!"
    "ok mommy, here it comes.   i got her on all fours and slid my stiff rod into her pussy.   at first she whimpered but once we got goin she was moaning and groaning  and thrusting back at me.   she was a crazy woman.   she was so beautiful, seeing her from this angle was nothing i ever expected, but now that i had it i was loving it.
    "i love you mom"
    "oh baby, oh yeah, i love you too.   keep riding momy.   spank me.   fuck me harder and spank me.
    i did as she asked.   i fucked harder.   i put all the force i could into each thrust and it felt great.   i slapped her ass a few times and then the thought came to me with her first orgasm since i had licked her.   i wanted to ass fuck her.   i didnt ask, i just did it.

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        she was so wrapped up in the aftermath of her orgasm that i had no protest to getting in her ass.   i slowly pushed my way in and suddenly she screamed in pain.
    "are you ok mom?"
    "yeah, just give me a second your a bit thicker than your dad. "
    "ok just tell me when to keep going. "
    "ok, try to push deeper. "  i started to sink all the way in and i heard my mother start to moan, but it was a pleasure moan.   all i heard her say was "oh yeah, pump it, pump it deeper. yeah baby keep makin me feel this way. "  then suddenly there was nothing but heavy breathing from me and the extreme moanin of my mother.   then i felt her tense up again and i knew this would be my only chance to cum with her.   i let her orgasm subside a bit and then i let it rip wich drove my mother to her most intense orgasm of the night.   i collapsed once my cock had softened.   our bodies became entangled in a pretzle type hug and that was how we stayed for a long time.   we mad love a few more times that night, but the really exciting thing that came was my relationship with my sister.   but for that night my mother and i were lovers and nothing could pull us apart.

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        when we were not making love we were making out and stimulating eachother to the next session of fucking.   we did not leave that bed for two days.   and the only reason was that my father was on his way home and we had to stop.   but i will never forget the night i made my mother feel like a teenager again and the night that my mother mad me a man.  
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