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Before Shannon could protest, Jenny picked up the only video that was lying on top of the VCR and put it in. "No, don't. . !" Shannon shouted out, while the TV switched on and the picture of two man simultaneously fucking a black woman appeared. The woman was about to orgasm and screamed out obscenities such as Fuck me!"Oh, I guess the VCR works'" Jenny said with a smirk on her face and pressed the stop button. "Ah, I just wanted to. . " Shannon started saying, but Jenny just smiled and said that they all had their needs and that there was no reason to be ashamed. Shannon had already turned red however, so that Jenny walked over and patted her on the shoulder. "Hey, its fine. I too love to get those little whores fucked really hard. "The image of Jenny watching porn added to Shannon's arousal and confusion, and wanting to return the nice gesture, she too touched Jenny's shoulder. Except that while trying to reach it she accidentally brushed Jenny's breast, realizing, with surprise, that Jenny was not wearing a bra. Shannon wanted to pull her hand away, but Jenny took it and firmly placed in on her large breast. "How do they feel? I often think they are a bit too big?" "Oh," Shannon could really think of what to say, while her fingers automatically found the by now perky nipple and started twitching it. "They are perfect.

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  " she finally mourned, bringing her body close to Jenny's. Jenny put her hands around Shannon's hips and gave her a passionate French kiss. Her hands wandered down Shannon's back and first grabbed her ass, then moving one of them right into Shannon's by now wet crotch! Shannon gasped with lust and continued kissing Jenny's wet mouth, while Jenny quickly unbuttoned Shannon's pants and pulled them down, exposing Shannon's neatly shaved vagina. Before Shannon knew what happened, she felt fingers parting her wet lips and entering her pussy. Soon Jenny had found the clit and Shannon shrugged violently, as it had been more than a week since another person had touched her pussy. She started dragging on jenny"s cloths and tore down her jacket, revealing a pair of perfect breast. Shannon immediately proceeded to suck on the left nipple, while putting her other hand into Jenny's mouth, so that the blond could suck her fingers. Now Jenny removed her hand from Shannon's pussy and kneeled down starting to passionately eat her out! This was too much for Shannon, her knees gave in and she sat down on the carpet. Her pants we quickly gone, and Jenny's tongue was soon sucking on her clit, while she spread her legs and tried to reach over Jenny's arched-up as to get hold of her rose asshole. Jenny's head was buried into Shannon's crotch, while the latter was probing Jenny's asshole with her middle finger. Suddenly the common room door opened and Chris walked in. The women immediately jerked their heads around and let go off each other. "Uh, Mom, what are you doing??" Chris shouted out in disbelief. "Does day know??""No, no, Chris," Shannon ran up to her son trying to calm him down, while at the same time covering her still dripping pussy. The thought of her husband discovering her lesbian tendencies horrified Shannon to death.

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   He worked together with her and was supposed to come back a day later. "Listen, listen," she tried to gather her thoughts together and come up with something to make her 17 year old son calm down. "Why are you back so early anyway?"Chemistry got cancelled, and since I forgot my basketball shoes,. I though I'd use the time to get them?" Chris said in a now calmer voice. "Honestly though mom, what is dad gonna do?""Nothing, cause he doesn't need to find out" Jenny said all of the sudden in a soft voice. She had remained naked on the floor during the whole scene, carelessly petting her pussy. She now stood up and walked over to Chris. "How did you like it seeing your mum getting eaten out, huh? I bet you got a hard on". With that, she moved past Shannon and started massaging the already visible bulge between Chris's legs. Chris was so surprised that he did not show any reaction what so ever, just looking at the beautiful young woman who was squeezing his now fully erect member. Shannon too was in a bit of a confusion. Still aroused, she was on the one hand very turned on by the scene, but on the other hand it was her own son of who was about to have sex in front of her!Jenny made the decision for her, and taking her hand, softly pulled her towards her and began to softly massage her crotch. She put her hand into Chris' pants and now was jerking off both, mother and son!Shannon tried not to lose control, but it had been since she and her husband were so busy during the trip, she had not been satisfied in a while and could not but get carried away. She closed her eyes and let her self go, pulling on her own nipples. Chris too was beyond the point where he could have stopped himself, and he silently begged that Jenny would not stop jerking him off.

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   He was now touching her breasts and face and slowly advanced to her pussy. he wanted nothing as badly as for this hot woman to take him into her mouth and when she finally bent down to suck him off, he had to hold on to his mom in order not to sack down. "No, Chris. don't touch me," Shannon exclaimed, feeling her sons hands on her breasts. But with his dick being sucked, Chris lost all control and was now pulling on Shannon's nipple with his left hand, while his right one pushed Jenny's hear closer to him. "Suck it harder," he exclaimed. He was almost about to come when Jenny took her moth away. "C'mon mama, I need some attention too," she said dragging Shannon down to her crotch. Before Shannon knew what was happening, she was sucking violently on jenny's clit, facing Chris with her gaping asshole. Chris first tried to get around to Jenny, but seeing that she was more than occupied with his mom between her legs, he decided he had no other choice but to focus on Shannon. He dropped on his knees and started fingering his mom from behind, while she was busy sucking off Jenny. Shannon tried to move his fingers away, but he kept hitting her clit, making her moan out loud. Shannon now was just too horny, so that she unwillingly started pressing her ass against him. Chris did not hesitate, and quickly slipped his penis into his moms wet cunt. Finally feeling a cock in her, Shannon forgot about Jenny's pussy and just started moaning loudly, resting on her elbows.

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   "Yeah, harder baby. ""C'mon, give it to mama!"Seeing that Shannon was not of much use, Jenny started fingering herself, while watching son fucking mom. Chris was too about to come now, and feeling his sack tightening, he pulled out his dick and came all over Shannon's back. Driven almost crazy with lust, Shannon did not pay any attention anymore to the fact that her son just spread his seamen over her. She reached back between her legs and grab his hand, sticking his fingers back to where they belonged. Chris helped her intentions, and soon felt her lips tightening around his fingers. Both, Shannon and Jenny came at the same time, screaming with lust. The EndMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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